23 September 2013

BlackBerry Today, Microsoft Tomorrow?

BlackBerry is done, is Microsoft going to follow? --

Microsoft Kill Shots: How IBM/Linux Deals the Latest Blow to Redmond Empire - Forbes: "...Once revered and feared, Microsoft is a shell of its former self. Far from the software and technology leader it used to be, the company now makes repeated missteps in emerging markets such as cloud computing, mobile, search and social. Still, Microsoft remains one of the most profitable companies in the world thanks to the cash generated by the huge install base for Windows, Microsoft Office and Windows Server technologies. However, even those moat businesses may be under siege. IBM Makes Enterprise Move - This week, perhaps smelling blood in the water, IBM fired a shot across Microsoft’s bow as it announced plans to invest $1 billion in Linux to unseat Microsoft in the enterprise. Microsoft has an estimated 45 percent of the server market, but Linux is coming on strong with nearly 21 percent market share, according to IDC. IBM’s investment coupled with Linux traction in the growing cloud infrastructure market and high performance computing (HPC) threatens Microsoft’s venerable $20 billion Server and Tools business...."

Microsoft to reboot tablet effort with new Surface
Microsoft, which is trying to shift its focus to "devices and services" to better compete with Apple and Google, barely made a dent in the sizzling tablet market ...


Surface 2: Everything that's wrong with Microsoft's model
Summary: Microsoft will unveil its latest Surface devices, which illustrate why the hardware fascination in Redmond may be the wrong path to take. Software anywhere trumps devices and services as a model....

Hackers Claim to Crack Apple's Fingerprint Scanner
Just days after making the iPhone 5S available to the public, a group of hackers claimed that they already broke the phone's Touch ID fingerprint scanner. The Chaos Computer Club (CCC), a Berlin-based group of hackers, announced the successful hack of ...

Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4: How do they measure up under the hood?
As the video game industry barrels toward the launch of next-generation consoles this November, the Internet has become awash with arguments pitting Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's PlayStation 4 against one another in a hardware-heavy fight to the ...

NASA's Comet Hunting Spacecraft Signs Off After Nearly Nine Years of Research
Nature World News
After more than a month of failed attempts at communication, NASA researchers have officially declared the comet-hunting spacecraft Deep Impact dead. (Photo : NASA/JPL-Caltech). After more than a month of failed attempts at communication, NASA ...

LinkedIn Customers Allege Company Hacked E-Mail Addresses
LinkedIn Corp. (LNKD), owner of the world's most popular professional-networking website, was sued by customers who claim the company appropriated their identities for marketing purposes by hacking into their external e-mail accounts and downloading ...

Software glitch forces private Cygnus cargo ship to abort first space station ...
The cargo ship will bring about 1,500 lbs. of cargo and stay connected to the ISS for 30 days before leaving with as much as 1,750 lbs. of disposal cargo. National Monitor, Lance Tillson | September 22, 2013 ...

Life on Mars: Down but not out says ...
Despite the disappointing lack of methane findings reported Thursday from NASA's Curiosity rover, Robert Zubrin of the Mars Society says that hope is not lost for finding life on the red planet....

Apple TV 6.0 Update Pulled After Users Report Bricking, Other Issues
On Friday, Apple launched its 6.0 software update for its Apple TV set-top box, but soon after, some users reported that the update bricked their devices while others were a bit luckier and just lost their connection to the Internet or had to restore their machines.

Amazon employees seek pay for security checks
Sacramento Bee
MURFREESBORO, Tenn. -- A group of employees for online book retailer Amazon have sued the company contending they should be paid for off-the-clock theft....
Google Fiber is partnering with US Ignite to seek the best ideas for building faster applications that can take advantage of faster Gigabit Internet systems such as ...

Judging from the long lines outside Apple's Apple's stores in the US and around the world, Apple's launch of new iPhone models continues to create buzz for the ...
Sydney Morning Herald
Apple makes it clear it does not want its distributors to advertise on YouTube, a site owned by its arch-rival Google, by banning YouTube in-stream ads. Google's ...

Sydney Morning Herald

Google Nexus 5 Rumor Roundup: Specs, Price and Release Date
Ostensibly, it's that time of the year when Google announces its new flagship Android ... Summing it up, in circa one month, Google will be on stage to show us its ...


Wilkes Barre Times-Leader
SAN FRANCISCO — While Apple's new iPhones have hogged the spotlight in ... people than any single version of the rival Google Android operating system...
It's not exactly man bites dog to find an Englishman complaining about the idiocy of the French but there really are times that they go well beyond just being ...


CrunchWeek: The iPhone 5s Cat Paw Test, Google's Calico And ...
Leena Rao
CrunchWeek: The iPhone 5s Cat Paw Test, Google's Calico And Bump's Exit ... sensor using a cat's paw, Google's new mad science project and health initiative Calico, and the search giant's acquisition of Bump. ... Apple iPhone 5s Review ... Microsoft May Pay Up To $200M For SF's Secretive Osterhout Design Group In A ...TechCrunch

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