25 September 2013

Mobile Is Now A Mature Business

Mobile (smartphones, tablets) mature? Apple will slowly recede as a premium product enamored by users trapped in the Apple ecosystem, while Android (the free, open source mobile OS by Google) will form the basis for ever more commoditized hardware devices -- even in the US, your new smartphone in less than 18 months will most likely be made by Xiaomi or some other Chinese or Indian manufacturer -- and cost less than $150 off contract, unlocked!

BlackBerry Never Had a Chance: Mobile Innovation Is Over | Wired Business | Wired.com: "....A collective “meh” accompanied the unveiling of the iPhones 5s and 5c, which boasted only incremental improvements over the iPhone 5. And yet Apple says it sold 9 million of these devices upon their official release this past weekend. The total blows away the old record and promises more big profits for Apple. These customers didn’t flock to the phones because they wanted a fingerprint sensor or a slightly better camera. The reality is that Apple’s new models are synced with cell phone contract cycles. After two years, contracts have expired, and our two-year-old phones have taken a beating. A phone with slightly better features at the same subsidized price meets consumers where they’re living...."

BlackBerry Won't Be the Last Victim of "Disrupters"- BlackBerry Loses $1 Billion: Disrupters Win - Barrons.com: "...The future for BlackBerry now looks increasingly like an asset sale, a leveraged buyout, or sale to another tech firm, though no one can quite figure out who would want it . . . the company may have burned through $500 million in the quarter . . . The lesson of BlackBerry, and similarly, of Nokia (NOK), once the biggest smartphone maker in the world, is that when franchises are displaced by newcomers, those franchises never come back. That fact explains the lackluster performance of, for example, Microsoft...."

BlackBerry Buyout Offer Raises Array of Questions - NYTimes.com: "...Just as unclear is how a buyout would be financed. Fairfax did not say how much cash it was prepared to put toward the deal, or how much debt it might expect BlackBerry to take on in a buyout. BlackBerry is largely debt-free and had about $2.6 billion in cash at the end of the last quarter, leaving just a couple of billion dollars needed to conceivably strike an acquisition...."

Google adds remote lock and password reset features to Android Device Manager | The Verge: "...Android users can now remotely lock down a misplaced or stolen device from the web. Google has rolled this critical feature into Android Device Manager, which launched last month with location tracking and remote wipe functionality. Now the web tool lets you lock any Android smartphone running version 2.2 of the operating system and above. To do so, you'll simply need to set a new password to be entered once the device is recovered. . . ."

Nokia Admits Giving Misleading Information About Elop's Compensation - Forbes: Elop had "a major incentive to sell Nokia’s core business to Microsoft."

Microsoft Adopts Plan to Keep Executives During CEO Shift
Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) is altering its compensation plan so that the company can use special equity incentives to retain executives during a transition to a new ...

Times of India

Microsoft did not break antitrust laws in dealings with Novell, court ...

Deseret News
Microsoft Corp. did not violate antitrust laws two decades ago in its dealings with ... Microsoft Corp. did not violate antitrust laws two decades ago in its dealings ...

Deseret News

Microsoft Sets Up China Venture to Develop Games

Wall Street Journal
BEIJING—Microsoft Corp. and a Chinese company plan to invest up to $237 million in a joint venture in China to develop "family games and related services" as ...


Apple's a tasty phishing targets for scammers

Spam volumes took a usual seasonal drop in August, but phishing spiked, including a noticeable interest in hijacking Apple accounts. Spam averaged 67.6 ...


Google buys more buildings in Silicon Valley

San Jose Mercury News
MOUNTAIN VIEW -- Google (GOOG) over the last few weeks has struck deals to rent or buy more than 1 million square feet of offices in Santa Clara County, ...

Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablet gets a price cut in India

The tablet runs a highly customised version of Android 4.0.3, with apps available through Amazon's Appstore instead of Google Play store. Kindle Fire HD ...


Google's Native Client dilemma: A faster but fragmented Web?

Google wants a Web that looks very different from today's. ... and even Microsoft these days agrees that standards are the way to advance Web programming....

Apple Makes Good On Breaking Bad iTunes Season Pass Holders ...

Like a ton of other iTunes users, I was less than happy when I realized my purchase of Breaking Bad “Season 5″ Season Pass last year didn't actually include ...

BBC News

Apple unveils new iMac range

Summary: Apple has updated the iMac range with new improved processors, graphics, ... Apple has announced an updated iMac range complete with better ...

Apple Insider

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