22 September 2013

BlackBerry Going Down (video)

BlackBerry disclosed it is burning through half a billion dollars in cash per quarter, which shows the urgency of the crisis facing the company. BlackBerry also expects to report a hefty operating loss of nearly $1 billion in its fiscal second quarter due to an inventory buildup of unsold smartphones, and will lay off 4,500 employees.

BlackBerry announces a $1 billion loss and a doomed plan to dig itself out - Quartz: " . . . while BlackBerry was busy trying to compete with Apple, Google and Microsoft for everyday consumers, it missed opportunities to expand on its base of enterprise customers. . . . By now, it’s probably too late. Get ready for the dismantling of BlackBerry."

Why BlackBerry Needs a Sale Sooner, Not Later - Digits - WSJ: "There are different ways to look at that question, but here’s one particularly urgent factor: How much cash does it have left to burn through before simply running out of money to pay the bills? The answer is about 16 months worth, if the way it lost money in the last three months continues. When it reported results for the quarter ending on June 1, the company said it had $3.1 billion in cash and investments. By the end of August, according to the announcement today, that had been whittled down to $2.6 billion."

Google wages war on Microsoft's Office with free iOS, Android apps - Computerworld: "Computerworld - Google on Thursday released new Android and iOS versions of its Quickoffice app, a mobile-only alternative to Microsoft's Office suite, and announced they are now free for the taking. The move puts more pressure on Microsoft to offer Office on iPads and Android tablets, an analyst said. "Google's taking the opportunity to get people to use their technology and adopt it," said Al Hilwa of IDC, "so that when Office comes [to tablets] those people already have what they need with Google's apps.""

Microsoft expands buyback deal to goose sales of Surface, Windows ...
Computerworld - Microsoft has expanded a buyback program intended to boost ... for a wide variety of rival hardware powered by Apple's iOS andGoogle's Android. ... Gregg Keizer covers Microsoft, security issues,Apple, Web browsers and ... Sensitive Data within Amazon Web Services EC2 and EBS - Challenges and ...

Wall Street Journal

Apple Finally Dons Big Boy Business Pants With iOS 7
PC Magazine
Apple Finally Dons Big Boy Business Pants With iOS 7 ... Apple is finally serious about making iOS a plausible mobile business option, andMicrosoft in ...

Slate Magazine (blog)

Apple iPhone 5s, 5c hits stores worldwide, drawing long lines of ...
Washington Post
Customers around the world lined up Friday to pick up Apple's new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. Apple's new iPhone 5c is the company's answer to calls for a less ...

Washington Post

'Google Glass Could Help Rural Surgeons'
Wall Street Journal (blog)
India is the perfect place for Google Inc.'s wearable computer GoogleGlass, according to the first surgeon in the country to perform an operation wearing the ...

Wall Street Journal (blog)

Microsoft Loosens the Purse Strings
Microsoft (ticker: MSFT) will pay a quarterly dividend of 28 cents a common share, up 22% ... Apple (AAPL) spent $16 billon on buybacks in the second quarter, ...

CIO Today

Apple, AK Steel, Microsoft: hot stocks
SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Apple Inc. is expected to dominate tech news on Friday with two new smartphones arriving at stores, giving an early read of ...

Apple iOS 7's Biggest Design Problem
All of that combined means I feel welcomed into the bosom of iOS 7 in a way I didn't really feel with any of Apple's (AAPL) other operating systems. So I'm a ...

Comparing Apple iOS 7's Control Center with Android's Quick Settings
Comparing Apple iOS 7's Control Center with Android's Quick Settings. The highly ... Apple iOS 7's Control Center (left) and Google Android's Quick Settings....


Google to Keep Waze Separate During U.K. Antitrust Review
Google Inc. (GOOG), owner of the world's largest search engine, agreed to hold mapping-application Waze separate from its own business temporarily until a ...

Amazon's first CFO Joy Covey dies in bicycle accident
Amazon's first CFO Joy Covey dies in bicycle accident ... She served as Amazon's first chief financial officer and was instrumental in making the massive ...

New York Daily News

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