11 September 2013

Who controls the US internet: Verizon, ISPs, or FCC?

Big case developing where Verizon (on behalf of itself and other ISPs) is trying to gut net neutrality and FCC governance -- 

The beast is back: The FCC’s net neutrality case gets its day in court — Tech News and Analysis: "SUMMARY: Verizon is arguing its net neutrality lawsuit Monday, and the case is important for consumers, web service providers and could even call the FCC’s ability to regulate the internet into question. This is big."

Look out Netflix and Google! An analyst thinks the court may allow ISPs to charge you — Tech News and Analysis: "SUMMARY: The judges hearing the lawsuit filed by Verizon against the FCC’s network neutrality rules seem inclined to let ISPs charge providers for delivering premium content– effectively creating a fast lane for the web and gutting network neutrality."

Apple Announcements Tuesday - 2 new iPhones -- iPhone 5S and 5C - At full price without a contract, which is how many overseas carriers make people pay for phones, the iPhone 5C costs $550 — only $100 less than the iPhone 5S. That is far higher than the $300 to $400 range that many analysts expected. The more expensive phone, the iPhone 5S, will be the first Apple device to feature a processor called A7, which processes information more quickly than the previous one. (source infra)

Apple Shows Off 2 New iPhones, One a Lower-Cost Model
New York Times
That is why Apple is releasing two new iPhones this month instead of just one, including a cheaper model aimed at less wealthy countries where new Apple phones have been desired but out of reach because of their price. “It has an incredible new design ...

Apple Releases Two New IPhones
Apple (AAPL) introduced new versions of the iPhone at an event in Cupertino, Calif., on Tuesday. The changes to the high-end iPhone were mostly incremental, aside from a nifty fingerprint scanner built into the home button. Apple also introduced a ...

Google encrypts data amid backlash against NSA spying - The Washington Post: "Google is racing to encrypt the torrents of information that flow among its data centers around the world in a bid to thwart snooping by the NSA and the intelligence agencies of foreign governments, company officials said Friday. The move by Google is among the most concrete signs yet that recent revelations about the National Security Agency’s sweeping surveillance efforts have provoked significant backlash within an American technology industry that U.S. government officials long courted as a potential partner in spying programs."

Google Refuses to Remove The Pirate Bay Homepage | TorrentFreak: "The Pirate Bay is one of the few torrent sites that doesn’t link to any infringing material on its homepage but that doesn’t prevent copyright holders from targeting it. In one of its recent DMCA notices music industry group BPI asked Google to remove The Pirate Bay’s homepage from its search results, marking it as infringing. Google disagreed, however, and refused to comply with the request."

Microsoft Wins Patent Case Against Motorola
CIO Today
Before the trial, Motorola, owned by Google, had sought rates that Microsoft... Apple and Samsung have been involved in a number of patent battles in venues ...

CIO Today

Review: Google, Apple Decent Contenders to MS Office
CIO Today
Depending on your sharing and syncing needs, Google and Apple offer free or cheap alternatives to Microsoft Office that may suit your business requirements.

CIO Today

Apple to Motorola: Mobiles getting fashion makeovers
Times of India
Apple and Google's Motorola are among those trying to score style points as... said Brunner, whose clients have included Amazon.com, Dell and Nike. ...Nokia's phone business, soon to be part of Microsoft, was one of the first to try color.

Times of India

Microsoft's Journey May Leave Too Many Behind
... for IT pros haven't helped dispel the notion that Microsoft is forsaking its historic dominance with business users -- many of whom will continue to use PCs for the long haul -- in its quest to compete with Apple and Google in the consumer mobility ...

Google Makes New Offer to Settle Its European Union Antitrust Case
New York Times
“We must hope after so much prevarication that this time Google's proposals represent a genuine attempt to address the concerns identified,” said David Wood, the legal counsel for Icomp, an industry group backed by Microsoft and a number of other ...

Google, Facebook ask FISA for permission to release information on government ...
Washington Post
The requests made in the petition are similar to those laid out in a letter that civil rights groups and firms including Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Yahoo wrote earlier this year to President Obama and other top administration officials ...

Amazon says it won't launch a free phone
Amazon is likely to refresh its line of Kindle Fire tablets later this year, in time for the holiday shopping season, when the company generates most of its sales. These devices undercut iPad on price. Such strategies aim at the heart of Apple, which ...

Apple's Latest iPhone Puts Focus Back on Fingerprint Security
Wall Street Journal
At least one new smartphone running Google Inc.'s Android operating system to be released this year will include a similar fingerprint sensor, though it is unclear if that phone will be sold in the U.S, a person familiar with the matter said. A Google ...

Microsoft launches Xbox Music on Web for free
based Microsoft Corp.'s move in June to release app versions of its Office software onApple's iPhone. Microsoft is also updating its Xbox Music interface by reducing the size of cover art but adding tabs to make it easier to create and manage ...

As Apple plays to the masses, the fanboys could grow restless
This undated photo made available by Google shows backup tapes stored at a data center in · After NSA encryption ... In recent years, though, the keynotes have felt a bit anti-climactic, like Christmas mornings in the age of the Amazon wishlist ...

Microsoft reverses course; releases Windows 8.1 RTM to developers
In fact, Microsoft is making the RTM versions of Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Pro available to those groups today, September 9, starting at 10 a.m. PST. Microsoft also will be releasing the RTM version of Windows Server 2012 R2 to MSDN/TechNet and ...

Apple iOS 7: 6 Reasons Enterprises Must Upgrade
Apple is known as a consumer-oriented company, but many of iOS 7's behind-the-scenes enhancements are aimed squarely at businesses. Thanks to new features that include more-granular IT controls and access to corporate content that is more convenient ...

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