07 September 2013

Google Chrome Web Apps

Chrome Web Apps ready to take on the world? --

Google Chrome Blog: A new breed of Chrome AppsToday we’re unveiling a new kind of Chrome App, which brings together the speed, security and flexibility of the modern web with the powerful functionality previously only available with software installed on your devices. (Think apps designed for your desktop or laptop, just like the ones for your phone and tablet.) These apps are more powerful than before, and can help you get work done, play games in full-screen and create cool content all from the web. If you’re using Windows or a Chromebook, you can check them out in the “For your desktop” collection in the Chrome Web Store (Mac & Linux coming soon). 

Google Debuts Chrome Web Apps - Software - Enterprise Applications -: "Chrome users visiting the Chrome Web Store can now install Chrome Web Apps that behave as if they were traditional, locally installed applications. These apps, written using Web technologies like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS, command their own windows, outside of Chrome. They have the ability to function offline, to work with connected devices and to update themselves automatically."

Google Launches 'Chrome Apps' for When the Web Falls Short
Ever since Google and its hardware partners launched the first Chromebooks in 2011, they've argued that a browser-based operating system could be enough to serve your computing needs. Now it's the fifth anniversary of the Chrome web browser, and ...

Google's Chrome Apps Have Finally Escaped Their Browser Prison
Up until now, Chrome's Web Apps have been trapped in your browser, living with the rest of your internet like glorified tabs. Well, Google's putting an end to that today. A new breed of Chrome Apps is here, and they live on your desktop. Like old ...

Google's Trojan horse: how Chrome Apps will finally take on Windows
The Verge
Today, on Chrome's fifth birthday, Google is announcing the rollout of what it's callingChrome Apps. Don't feel bad if you're confused by the name. Chrome has been serving up web apps since 2010 when the Chrome Web Store opened up alongside the ...

Chrome's Native-Like Packaged Apps Come Out Of Dev Preview And Head To ...
Google officially launched its Chrome Apps today, a “new” breed of native/web apphybrid for Chrome OS and Windows that isn't actually all that new. Google's Chromeoffered so-called packaged apps for quite a while now and today's “launch” is, for the ...

Google Unveils New Breed of Chrome Apps
Google continues to add new features and capabilities to its Chrome Packaged Apps, which can be used outside of a Web browser on Windows or Chromebooks. Google's Chrome Packaged Apps line of outside-the-browser apps for Windows and ...

Google Chrome Browser Celebrates 5th Birthday
We've been astounded by how far the web has come and are very excited to see what developers around the world will be able to do with the new generation of Chrome Apps."Chrome has had quite a ride since its birth. In June 2012, it surpassed Microsoft ...

Nitrous.IO's Packaged Chrome App Turns Chromebooks Into Full-Blown ...
This packaged app, the Nitrous.IO team tells us, is the “first Packaged App available in the Google Chrome Web Store that offers a full web-based IDE and linux terminal.” It's worth noting that you can always install the packaged app on Windows or OS X ...

Google Chrome apps become more meaningful thanks to native Windows ...
Google has released a substantial update to Chrome apps with a new "For your desktop" feature. First available on Windows and Chromebooks, Chrome apps will no longer feel like they're a web app, carrying a native feel instead, if the developer chooses ...

New Chrome Apps Are Google's Best Shot at Replacing Windows & Mac
Gotta Be Mobile
This new breed of Chrome App will allow users to work offline too and won't need to be activated through the Google Chrome web browser like Chrome web apps. These new applications are available from the Google Chrome Web Store today for users with ...

Where Nokia Went Wrong : The New Yorker: "In 2008, Nokia was said to have one of the most valuable brands in the world. But it failed to recognize that brands today aren’t as resilient as they once were. The high-tech era has taught people to expect constant innovation; when companies fall behind, consumers are quick to punish them. Late and inadequate: for Nokia, it was a deadly combination."

Apple hit with US injunction in e-books antitrust case
The injunction followed a July 10 ruling by Cote finding Apple conspired with five publishers to undermine e-book pricing established by the dominant retailer in the market, Amazon.com Inc. The five publishers, all of which have settled with regulators ...

Revealed: How US and UK spy agencies defeat internet privacy and security
The Guardian
Through covert partnerships with tech companies, the spy agencies have inserted secret vulnerabilities into encryption software. Photograph: Kacper Pempel/Reuters. US and British intelligence agencies have successfully cracked much of the online ...

Volcano the size of Arizona discovered
Scientists have made a surprising discovery in the Pacific Ocean about 1,000 miles east of Japan: Earth's largest volcano. Tamu Massif is a monster at 280 miles by 400 miles, or roughly the size of ...

Privacy Groups Criticize Facebook in FTC Letter on Policies
Privacy groups asked the Federal Trade Commission to prevent Facebook Inc. (FB) from changing its data use policies on concern with how the social-network operator handles user information for advertising. The proposed update would violate the ...

Apple Tests iPhone Screens as Large as Six Inches
Wall Street Journal
Apple has waged a public-relations campaign against Google Inc.'s Android software, which powers most Samsung smartphones. In March, just before Samsung's newest "Galaxy" device was unveiled in New York City, Phil Schiller, Apple's head of ...

Microsoft Buys Nokia: 6 Ways To Make It A Success Story

Does Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia really mean a serious competitor to Google'sAndroid and Apple in the Mobile game? Disclosure: I have long equity interests inApple, Google Microsoft and Nokia via direct or indirectly managed instruments. Nokia...

Microsoft Wins Trial on Google's Patent Licensing Tactics

Microsoft and Apple have both pledged not to exercise that power when it comes to patents on industry standards, though they have used other patents in their legal fights with competitors. Motorola Mobility and Samsung, two companies with long ...

Google argues for right to continue scanning Gmail

Boston Herald
SAN JOSE, Calif. — Attorneys suing Google say the firm violates privacy and takes personal property by electronically scanning the contents of people's Gmail accounts and then targeting ads to them. "This company reads, on a daily basis, every email ...

Apple Said to Near Deal With Japan's DoCoMo to Sell IPhone
Apple Inc. (AAPL), the world's most-valuable company, is near a final agreement to offer its iPhone through the largest mobile carrier in Japan, NTT DoCoMo Inc. (9437), according to people familiar with the situation. DoCoMo may begin offering the ...

Apple, Google, or Microsoft? Your platform will dictate your office app

Because the files were in Dropbox, I launched Quickoffice Pro, as it directly connects to Dropbox and other cloud services -- unlike Apple's iWork suite, which requires copying files from cloud services to the apps via Open In, then copying them back ...

Google Invests in Affordable Housing Near Calif. Googleplex

ABC News
Google has already invested millions in windmills and fiber-optic communication in Kansas City, Kan. Now the online search giant has expanded its real estate portfolio with $6 million in a housing development near its headquarters, saying it hopes to ...

Microsoft to patch dangerous Outlook hack-by-preview bug next week

That would put Microsoft's patch tempo between that of its chief browser rivals, Googleand Mozilla, which update their Chrome and Firefox applications several times monthly or once every six weeks, respectively.

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