26 September 2013

Surface, Surface 2, Surface RT, Surface Pro 2? Anyone?

How about "none of the above" --

Surface 2 branding, specs, and pricing: Wrong, wrong, and wrong | Microsoft windows - InfoWorld: "The prices on the new 2's are way, way, way too high. Surface 2 with 2GB of RAM and 32GB SSD costs $449. That's $50 less than the launch price of the Surface RT, but we all know how well it sold....The Surface Pro 2 pricing defies imagination as well; $899 for a 4GB/64GB Pro 2? You gotta be kidding me. All the way up to $1,799 for an 8GB/512GB model -- yes, still with an i5 processor, integrated graphics, and so-so screen. Add to that $120 for the cheapest keyboard/cover, up to $200 for the battery-supplemented cover, and you're looking at a cool $2,000 for an 8GB/512GB Surface Pro 2 -- with Office not included." (read more at link above)

Amazon unveils Kindle Fire HDX
The Hindu
Amazon is refreshing its line-up of tablet computers with new devices called... compared to 48 percent for Apple's iPad and 8 percent for Samsung's Galaxy line, ...

The Hindu

Google fixes lengthy, widespread Gmail glitch
Affected users endured email delivery delays and difficulties downloading attachments due to a still unexplained bug first acknowledged by Google at around ...

CIO Today

Google Chrome to block and banish plugins built using popular ...
Google Chrome to block and banish plugins built using popular NPAPI architecture ... supported by browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome,Apple Safari, ...


Google yanks sketchy iMessage clone for Android from app store
Computerworld (blog)
Google confirmed that it yanked the app for violating its store policies. ...The Android app was designed to let users piggyback on Apple's iMessage service to ...

Waterbury Republican American

YouTube gets the yuck out in comments cleanup
YouTube video comments can be a wretched hive of scum and villainy, butGoogle is arming uploaders with Google+ comment moderation powers....

Brisbane Times

Microsoft's SkyDrive stumbles, becomes latest glitchy cloud app
Microsoft's SkyDrive cloud storage service began malfunctioning on Tuesday afternoon, a day after Google's Gmail got tripped by a network breakdown....


Google lets you lock your lost Android remotely
Google's new feature can be found in the Android's Device Manager, which will ... Google's move provides users a service available from a number of mobile ...


Amazon to take on 15000 new seasonal UK staff for Christmas crunch
The Guardian
Amazon to take on 15,000 new seasonal UK staff for Christmas crunch. Online retailer to ... The Amazon distribution warehouse just outside Milton Keynes....

The Guardian

Microsoft's big draw for Oracle on Azure: Simplified licensing
Consequently, one way to simplify the costs of server products --Microsoft's included -- is to obtain them as a pre-licensed part of a machine image. Amazon ...

Economic Times

Google Science Fair wins include BC teen's body-heat-powered ...
Australian Viney Kumar, Canadian Ann Makosinski of Victoria, B.C., Elif Bilgin of Turkey and American Eric Chen, left to right, took home trophies at the Google ...

Vancouver Sun (blog)

Amazon Updates Kindle Fire Line - NYTimes.com
A day after Microsoft announced plans for its new Surface tablets, Amazon refreshed the Kindle ...Apple sold about $33 billion worth of iPads in the last year.
NYT Bits 
John Paczkowski
A 96-acre parcel of land adjacent to the site of Apple's Prineville data center has ... and Other Features Make New Kindle Fire Tablets Uniquely Amazon (Video).

How BlackBerry buyout could bear fruit | Technology | The Guardian: ""This is a break up story," says Benedict Evans, mobile expert at Enders Analysis. "There is nothing a new owner is going to do to make people start buying BB10 devices in enough volume to be viable. They should have built on top of Android two years ago.""

Exclusive: Google same-day delivery makes public debut Wednesday - SiliconValley.com: "The public launch makes Google's once-exclusive service available to everyone who wants same-day delivery from San Francisco to San Jose, and signals that the Internet company may have found the formula to solve one of the most challenging problems in retail. "

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