05 September 2013

Microsoft Should Just Fork Android for Nokia Smartphones

Story after story on the purchase of Nokia by Microsoft just parrot the corporate PR -- at the heart of the matter is that the "relationship" between Nokia and Microsoft wasn't working, and Nokia was going to have to pivot and start making Android smartphones starting in 2014, to survive and compete in the global marketplace. Windows Phone sales, a far distant third to Apple iOS and Google's Android OS smartphones, will never catch up nor be truly competitive. Microsoft needs to take a page from the Jeff Bezos playbook, abandon the Windows Phone OS in favor of a Microsoft branded version of forked Android, enabling full access to Google and Android apps and services, while developing its IE browser to be cross-platform on all Android (smartphones, tablets) and Windows devices (PCs, tablets, game consoles).

Nokia buy can't fix Windows Phone biggest hurdle: Itself | Smartphones - CNET Reviews: "Making Nokia's celebrated design aesthetic the vanguard of a new hardware-focused Microsoft brand may give Redmond all sorts of cachet. But that hardware cred won't mean much so long as Microsoft's Windows Phone OS trails behind Android and iOS. That's a chasm Microsoft won't be able to close until the company can successfully turn Windows Phone into a truly competitive operating system -- something that has nothing to do with Nokia's hardware or software assets."

Rosenthal: Microsoft deal for Nokia a lifeline to both
Chicago Tribune
The just-announced $7.2 billion pickup may do little but enable the lumbering software giant to tread water while it tries to come up with a new strategy to try to compete with Apple's and Google's mobile operating systems. But even Diana Nyad would be ...

Apple doesn't need to copy Samsung
Fortune (blog)
The smartphone market Apple (AAPL, Fortune 500) spent the past seven years dominating has matured, and there's increasingly less to differentiate an iPhone from the competition. Apple is now looking up at the competition that passed it by. It has ceded...

Google's Next Android Called 'KitKat'
Google's Android operating system has surpassed 1 billion activations, an increase of 100 million since Google last disclosed activation figures, on May 15 during its annual developer conference. The milestone is more or less consistent with the ...

Microsoft, Head-to-Head With Sony, Announces Xbox Launch on Nov. 22
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Microsoft's new videogame console will be arriving on store shelves just a week after Sony's own videogame product arrives, bringing the intense rivalry between the two companies to a head just before the holiday shopping season. David Dennis, a ...

Microsoft Made a Pretty Good Smartwatch, Back in 2004
Before Samsung's product is official, now might be a good time to travel back to 2004 to see the beginnings of the modern smartwatch because in some ways, Microsoft had the right idea, as evidenced by modern takes on the concept. I remember my ...

Google co-founder Sergey Brin looks on during a news conference at Google ...
ABC News
The uncertain status of the marriage of Sergey Brin, Google's co-founder, today became clearer, when a spokesperson for Brin and his wife confirmed to ABC News that the couple has separated. The 40-year-old father of two has separated from his wife of ...

Microsoft's Haswell-based Surface Pro 2: The leaks begin
ZDNet (blog)
He added that the new Surface Pro will look identical to the current Surface Pro -- which makes sense, given Microsoft is expected to allow the same keyboard/covers to work with the new Surface models. And as far as the "refined" kickstand goes ...

Microsoft to launch Xbox One on Nov. 22
Microsoft says 23 titles will launch with Xbox One, including original games Dead Rising 3 and Ryse: Son of Rome as well as familiar names such as Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed. "We built Xbox One to bring you the best games, unrivaled multiplayer ...

Amazon unveils MatchBook to pair print, digital books
The program, called Kindle MatchBook, will let consumers who as long ago as the Clinton administration bought a physical book from Amazon snag the Kindle version for $2.99 — or less. Amazon opened its online bookstore in 1995. BAIG: First read on new ...

Apple, Intel, Micron lead techs higher
MarketWatch (blog)
SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Product news from Apple Inc. and Intel Corp. and a fire that disrupted operations of a Micron Technology rival sent the three companies' shares higher, highlighting Wednesday's tech sector rally. Micron (NYSE:M) climbed ...

Google Authenticator for iOS Update Wipes User Accounts
By Jon Russell
Google Authenticator, an app that generates two-factor authentication codes for services that offer the additional security layer, is coming under fire from users who claim that the latest update for the iOS version wipes all existing accounts ...
The Next Web

Google Authenticator for iOS updated, requires a fresh setup ...
By Richard Lawler
Two factor authentication is becoming an increasingly common part of keeping one's accounts secure online, and Google has just updated its Authenticator.
Engadget RSS Feed

New version of Apple TV likely on its way for a September 10 launch ...
By Om Malik
A report from a global shipping intelligence platform company suggests that a new AppleTV might be headed our way. I say, about time. ...

If Google Could Search Twitter, It Would Find Topsy - NYTimes.com
For a brief time, Google had a deal with Twitter that allowed it to index tweets. But after...
NYT Bits

The Next Chapter: An open letter from Steve Ballmer and Stephen ...
Microsoft to acquire Nokia Devices & Services, accelerating the Windows ecosystem. Nokia and Microsoft have always dreamed big – we dreamed of putting a ...

Microsoft's Make-or-Break Decision: Selecting the Next CEO
The Microsoft (MSFT) board faces the enormous task of finding the right chief executive to replace Steve Ballmer—not the most charismatic, tech savvy, illustrious, or even most accomplished leader, but the one who fits the precise needs of the company in the ...

Hands On With the Samsung Galaxy Note 3
PC Magazine
BERLIN–Samsung's next-generation Note smartphone is upon us, complete with some new, S Pen-enhanced features and an even bigger display. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 sports a 5.7-inch, 1,920-by-1,080 display, up from 5.5 inches, and gets a spec ...

Samsung to build Lookout into KNOX protection
If your business uses Samsung's Knox to protect its phones and tablets, Lookout's mobile security app will soon be helping to lock down your digital fort. Lookout CEO and co-founder John Hering announced the partnership on Wednesday.

Qualcomm jumps into wearables with Toq
The San Diego wireless chipmaker will sell the device for about $300, but what Qualcomm really wants is for partners to use its mirasol screen technology. Qualcomm's ...

Sony Introduces 'Lens Type' Camera for Smartphones
Wall Street Journal
The lens attaches to a smartphone using a bracket that sandwiches the sides of the phone. Sony. For the past few years, digital-camera manufacturers have wrestled with a conundrum caused by the advent of the smartphone: More people are snapping and ...

What Google risks with its KitKat name
Google, a company so popular that its name doubles as a verb, has forged a partnership with Nestle to boost name recognition. But it rubs many the wrong way. android kit kat. Google announced today the latest version of its Android mobile operating system ...

Rumor Has It: It's the end of the iPhone 5S rumors as we know it
CNET (blog)
Rumor Has It: It's the end of the iPhone 5S rumors as we know it. And who feels fine? I do, that's for sure. Also, the PlayStation 4 could make you look like a crazy person. Karyne Levy. by Karyne Levy. September 4, 2013 12:13 PM PDT. Follow @karynelevy ...

Sony Bets on Xperia Z1 to Surpass LG, Lenovo in Smartphone Race
Sony Corp. (6758) is betting its Xperia Z1 handset will propel it to No. 3 in the smartphone market, leaping from seventh place by vaulting past competitors such as LG Electronics Inc. (066570) and Lenovo Group Ltd. (992). The Xperia Z1, which comes with a ...

Xbox One will launch on anniversary of Xbox 360 release date
Christian Science Monitor
The Xbox One will arrive on shelves a week behind its chief competitor, the PlayStation 4. Skip to next paragraph. Related stories. Cable TV alternatives: Chromecast vs. Apple TV vs. Roku vs. Xbox 360 vs. PS3 · Microsoft Xbox 720 event scheduled for May ...

Jawbone's Mini Jambox: A tiny wireless speaker you'll take everywhere
Jawbone doesn't do simple upgrades. The gadget maker made a splash with its Jawbone wireless speaker back in 2010 — it was small, relatively inexpensive at $199, and best of all it sounded great for its size. Last year it unveiled the Big Jambox, a larger ...

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