17 September 2013

Working Without Microsoft Office

Businesses, Schools, Consumers -- moving away from Microsoft ecosystem poisoned by Windows 8 and new schemes to gouge users of  Microsoft products and services --

The Best Way to Work Without Microsoft Office - WSJ.com"....Google Docs, Quip and free software called Kingsoft from Kingsoft Office Software Corp. are options for people who are happy with fewer features. The newest version of Office to install on your computer costs $140 or more; Microsoft recently started selling a Web-friendly subscription edition for about $100 a year. And the stripped-down Office Web Apps is free...."

Box goes after Microsoft Office with new productivity tools | Business Tech - CNET News: "In addition to unveiling its integration of the recently acquired HTML5 document tool Crocodoc, Box boasted a ''dramatically improved" iOS app that allows for working off line, new photo-viewing abilities, a new way to capture and share ideas, and a way to add context "to get more out of your information.""

The Best Way for Companies to Stay Secure Without Passwords - WSJ.com: "Here's the fundamental problem with passwords: They are most effective in protecting a company when they are long, complicated and changed frequently. In other words, when employees are least likely to remember them...."

The Best Way to Set Up Video Conferences - WSJ.com" . . . . Some of these software services are free, including ooVoo's service of the same name, and Google Inc.'s Hangouts, part of its Web-based Google+ suite that includes Gmail. As many as 10 devices can link up using Google Hangouts, and 12 using ooVoo. Both have screen sharing that shows documents on your device to fellow video chatters, and both can be used on Microsoft Corp.'s Windows, Apple Inc.'s Mac and mobile iOS, and Google's Android platforms. Skype, now a Microsoft division, has been synonymous with video calling for a decade. It offers free video sessions for two people, but a session between three or more requires that one person subscribe to Skype Premium. . . Other popular software video programs include the free iChat and the 99-cent FaceTime for Mac for Apple fans....

Microsoft updates display 'worrisome' decline in quality
Computerworld - Microsoft on Friday acknowledged it had rewritten four of its security updates issued just three days earlier after customers reported never-ending demands that they be installed, even though they had been. The flawed updates were just ...

Apple stays mum on iPhone 5C preorder numbers
For the first time since the 2009 introduction of the iPhone 3GS, Apple appears to be keeping quiet on just how many devices it presold in the first 24 hours. In the past, the company has published the first-day figures in an early-morning press ...

Microsoft+Nokia -- Everyone wins in the user experience stakes
Ecosystems are strange things. They're completely necessary for the user experience of post-PC computing (smartphones and tablets), but they're hard to define, relatively nebulous, and probably don't work in the way they think you do. Start with Apple ...

Happy Birthday Google (again)!
Irish Independent
Search trends in Ireland over the last decade have been analysed and compiled to create an interactive site showing the stories that have evolved since Google set up shop on Irish shores. From a workforce of just five people in a cramped office on ...

Apple, Burberry show off iPhone 5S photo, video technology
Last week Apple made big claims about the photo capabilities of its new flagship phone the iPhone 5S, and Monday was one of the first chances to see it in action outside of Apple's press event. Fashion brand Burberry used the phone...

Could Apple's next 'special event' be Oct. 15?
Los Angeles Times
Apple could also announce a handful of new Mac computers and release OS X Mavericks — the latest version of its computer software — next month. For now, the focus is on ... Microsoft will pay iPad users at least $200 to switch to Surface...

Google Nexus 7 (2013) review: Improved spec, great screen, top value
ZDNet (blog)
Summary: The 2013 Nexus 7 is a sleeker, lighter and better-specified device than last year's model. There's still no Micro-SD card support, but good all-round performance and battery life, plus a competitive price, add up to superb value for money.

Google's Bet On Native Client Brings Chrome And Google+ Photos ...
By Frederic Lardinois
Indeed, most of the innovation on the company's social network so far has been around photos, including the #AutoAwesome launch at I/O. Last week, Google stepped up its efforts and launched a set of new photo-editing tools, including the ability to fine-tuneGoogle+'s Auto Enhance feature, apply new ... Microsoft, on the other hand, is betting on hardware acceleration (and WebGL) in IE11 to make web apps run faster in its browser. ... Apple's M7 Motion Coprocessor's Potential.

Apple Clearly Doesn't Care At All About Winning Smartphone ...
By Jay Yarow
I think there are two reasons people are so fixated on Apple's smartphone market share — they believe Apple is about to be destroyed by Android like it was destroyed by Windows and they see Apple has $145 billion in cash, so it shouldn't be trying to protect its profits. ... Google gives away its operating system, and has always made its products free. ... In an era of economic instability, and income disparity, Amazon's willingness to redistribute its wealth seems breathtakingly fresh.
Business Insider

Report: Sprint to launch early smartphone upgrade plan
Starting this Friday, all four major wireless carriers in the U.S will reportedly offer plans to customers seeking to upgrade their smartphones early. Sprint becomes the final carrier to join with its ...

Did life on Earth come from a comet?
Christian Science Monitor
An icy comet collision billions of years ago might have spurred life on Earth, a new British study suggests. How comets may ...

Google buys Bump for app to share content with a tap
The Android operator picks up a 5-year-old startup that makes a smartphone app for exchanging files, photos, videos, and contacts with a bump...

Major Belgian telco targeted by a foreign state, Brussels says
Ars Technica
Belgium's largest telecom, Belgacom, was hacked for at least a few years, according to national newspaper De Standaard. The paper wrote on Monday that “everything suggests” (Google Translate) that the culprit was the National Security Agency (NSA).

Get ready to provide iOS 7 support
Summary: iOS 7 is coming, and if you are the sort of person who friends and family turn to for support, or support is your job, then you need to get ready....

Tropical Trees 'Fix' Themselves After Being Logged or Cleared: Capturing Nitrogen
Science World Report
Tropical forests may be making a comeback, and it could be their own doing. Scientists have discovered that trees "turn up" their ability to capture nitrogen from the air and release it into the soil as the forest makes a comeback after being logged or cleared for ...

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