01 September 2013

Don't care about your privacy? Facebook is your friend!

Follow-up to lead story yesterday -- but just to make it perfectly clear --

Facebook Reminds Users: All Your Data Is Fair Game - Digits - WSJ: "Goaded by a court decision, Facebook just wants to make it clear: they really can use everything they know about you – including your face." (source: Wall Street Journal -- read more at link above)

Microsoft strikes deal with ValueAct Capital
San Francisco investment firm takes more active role as CEO Steve Ballmer plans retirement. windowspicture. Different editions of the Windows Vista computer operating system are on display at a store in Midtown Manhattan Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2007 in New ...

Another Smartwatch? Google Reportedly Acquired WIMM Labs
PC Magazine
There might be another smartwatch on the horizon. Google has acquired wearable tech firm WIMM Labs, according to GigaOm. "WIMM Labs not only gives Google the talent and technology to build a smartwatch, but actually an Android-based app platform ...

Apple launches trade-in program
Washington Post
With its new program, Apple steps into a crowded field of competing programs offered by companies such as Gazelle, Best Buy, GameStop, Amazon and others, all of whom accept older iPhones for money. The broader market for used smartphones has been ...

Microsoft pledges to move forward with NSA surveillance lawsuit
Los Angeles Times
SAN FRANCISCO -- Microsoft, Google and other major U.S. technology companies fighting to reveal more detail about the surveillance demands by U.S. intelligence say negotiations with the government have not reached an agreement “acceptable to all.”.

Google plunges deeper into smartwatch wars with WIMM
CNET (blog)
Similar to previous reports of a coming Google smartwatch, the latest says the company has the work on the product -- including WIMM's employees -- centered in the Android unit, rather than its X Lab. That could mean a Google watch comes to market...

Apple support personnel vacations blocked Sept. 15-28
Apple is gearing up for what will be a busy time for its retail stores and support staff. According to a report from AppleInsider, vacations for AppleCare employees are largely blocked from September 15 through September 28. Apple's new iPhones and iOS ...

Amazon Increases Kindle Refunds in Legal Settlement
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Amazon.com Inc. on Friday raised the estimate of the refunds that its Kindle customers are expected to receive as a result of legal settlements between book publishers and various state attorneys general. In a posting on its web site, Amazon said that ...

Google, eBay set sights on same-day delivery
San Jose Mercury News
Google and eBay are jumping into the hypercompetitive brick-and-mortar retail industry to fend off Amazon, the retail colossus that is forging ahead with its own same-day delivery tests. By offering their services to struggling retailers and capturing ...

With Ballmer leaving Microsoft, Bill Gates' reputation has a comeback
Los Angeles Times
... when he was actually in charge of Microsoft. Quiz: How much do you know aboutGoogle? ... Over the next decade, Gates and Microsoft outmaneuvered Apple by licensing the operating system to PC manufacturers. It became the dominant OS even if critics ...

Review: Google Docs vs. Apple iWork vs. Office
Microsoft's Office is the industry leader and a good option when you're working with others. The main drawback is the price — $100 a year for up to five computers and five phones. Google and Apple have free or cheaper alternatives that may fit your ...

Amazon Agrees To End Discount Price Bias In The UK ... Can The US Be Far ...
Seattle Post Intelligencer
American businesses who sell goods on Amazon will closely examine an agreement that Amazon just reached with the U.K. government to end its policy of requiring that sellers offer goods at their cheapest prices on Amazon, and reserve higher prices for ...

Google quietly acquired smartwatch maker WIMM Labs - Engadget
By Terrence O'Brien
While the Android-based WIMM One failed to set the consumer market on fire, it apparently caught Google's eye. In the summer of 2012, the company put a simple message up on its site declaring that it had entered an exclusive partnership ...
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Apple Expands iPhone Trade-In Program to Its Stores - NYTimes.com
Apple is trying to give people another reason to come to its elegant retail stores: Trading in old iPhones for a store credit toward a new phone. Apple has offered a trade-in program for years through its Web site, but on Friday the company ...
NYT Bits

Scoop: Google acquired WIMM Labs to bolster its own smartwatch ...
By Janko Roettgers
At the time, some publications speculated that Apple may have snatched up WIMM Labs to bolster its iWatch efforts, but GigaOM has now learned that the buyer actually was Google. The acquisition was facilitated by Woodside Capital Partners, and a source told me that at least some .... Strange bedfellows: Microsoft says it and Google will sue the government to speed up release of information... Ready for smartphones with a next-generation chip? They're right around the corner. Aug.

Microsoft and Google Will Sue U.S. Government over FISA Order ...
By Arik Hesseldahl
In their ongoing wrangle to win the right to disclose more information about government requests for user data, Microsoft and Google said they will sue the U.S. federal government. The move was announced in a Microsoft corporate blog post ...

How whooping crane youngsters learn from their elders
Christian Science Monitor
Enlarge. When it comes to annual migrations, young whooping cranes need old dogs to teach them new tricks – with refresher courses – to keep the rookies on track. Skip to next paragraph. In Pictures It's a wild life! The best of the Monitor's animal photos.

Twitter's Legal Chief Steps Down
PC Magazine
Twitter's general counsel, Alex Macgillivray, is stepping down as the micro-blogging service's legal chief after four years. "It has been my privilege to work and fight on behalf of great companies and their users over the last decade. A privilege and a lot of work ...

To avoid sunburn, whales get a tan
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
Researchers have found an unusual way in which whales and humans are similar: we both get suntans. Blue whales, especially, tend to tan to protect themselves from the sun's UV rays, reports the Canadian Press. Essentially, they tan during their summer ...

Why our galaxy's black hole is a picky eater
(CNN) -- You might think of black holes as indiscriminate eaters, hungrily gobbling up everything in their vicinity. But the black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy, Sagittarius A, is not exactly like this, new research suggests. Instead, this black hole ...

Greenland ice sheet secret revealed: a chasm rivaling the Grand Canyon
Los Angeles Times
While climate scientists fret over the melting of Greenland's ice sheet, a geographer using NASA data made it disappear, revealing a canyon as long as Arizona's Grand Canyon, buried a mile below the ice. At 460 miles long, the chasm bests the Grand ...

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