28 September 2013

BlackBerry Loses Nearly $1 Billion in Quarter

BlackBerry has been talking "spin" for so long, it doesn't even recognize when it's "done" --

BlackBerry Loses Nearly $1 Billion in Quarter - NYTimes.com: "Facing an uncertain future and a highly conditional takeover bid, BlackBerry said on Friday that it lost $965 million on sales of $1.6 billion during its fiscal second quarter. . . ."

BlackBerry shares sink on bid doubts, T-Mobile stops stocking its phones | Reuters"Bernstein analyst Pierre Ferragu said he doubted financial sponsors would be comfortable with $3 billion of debt, given the only collateral BlackBerry could offer is its patent portfolio, which he valued between $800 million and $1.5 billion. "We believe the Fairfax initiative is unlikely to come to fruition and see the next valuation floor for the stock at $5," he wrote in a note to clients."

Google unveils major overhaul of its search engine
Google's changes are a big deal because so many other companies rely on ... Google unveiled a big revamp of its search engine Thursday that affects 90% of ...


Google must face suit over scanning of messages in Gmail, judge ...
Los Angeles Times
SAN FRANCISCO -- A San Jose federal judge has ruled that Google must face a lawsuit that accuses the tech giant of illegally opening and reading the contents ...


Microsoft wants to scan your JavaScript libraries
Microsoft wants to help web application framework developers tackle one of their thorniest problems, that of testing their libraries to ensure they work correctly ...


Apple updates iBookstore for authors with enhanced versioning ...
Apple Insider
Those who'd like to see the difference these file size limits make can download the free samples from Apple and Amazon. Keep in mind, though, that the ...

Apple Insider

Microsoft vows greater financial transparency with new reporting ...
Microsoft has said a new way of reporting its financial results will be better... The new structure under which Microsoft will now report its quarterly financial ...


Apple manager says job transfer to US tainted by 'butt' complaint
Irish Independent
WWII vet hired by Brad Pitt goes on google to see who he is ... A SENIOR manager at computer giant Apple said he was haunted by a complaint that he had ...
Apple's introduction of the iPad tablet in 2010 completely disrupted the PC market, and the subsequent onslaught of Google Android-powered models certainly ...


Facebook, Google seen dominating ad wars
SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Facebook Inc. and Google Inc. are poised to dominate a growing online advertising arena that's increasingly being defined ...

Business Insider

Is Apple ripe for another massive stock buyback?
FORTUNE -- In April, Apple (AAPL) announced what is apparently the largest share repurchase program in the history of capitalism: $60 billion before the end of ...

Apple Insider

Apple should be forced to conform to a standard charger, say EU ...
Apple should be forced to conform to a standard charger, say EU politicians. Apple may be forced to abandon its proprietary 30-pin dock charger (shown above) ...

Android Community

Jony Ive on Apple's Design - Voices - Voices - AllThingsD
Apple's Mission. September 26, 2013 at 11:59 pm PT ... Is Ford's Alan Mulally Now in the Lead to Be New CEO of Microsoft? Kara Swisher in News. Stir Kinetic ...AllThingsD

Source Of Space Weather That Spawns Northern Lights Discovered; Satellites In ...
Headlines & Global News
Researchers may have found the source of satellite-damaging space weather and the brilliant Northern Lights. Solar storms can cause extensive electrical blackouts and satellite failure. A new study suggests the phenomenon is caused by solar energy that is ...

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