05 August 2013

How Cory Doctorow Gets Around Airport censorship and NSA snooping

Cory shares his recommendations--

Tech Essentials: How Cory Doctorow Gets Around - WSJ.com: "Airport Wi-Fi is costly, slow and often heavily censored. I get around this by setting up my Android phone to share its cellular data connection as a Wi-Fi hot spot. Some wireless carriers around the world block this capability, but EasyTether ( mobile-stream.com ) circumvents this. . . . I rely on a proxy service called iPredator ( ipredator.se ), which routes my connection through an uncensored server in Sweden. . . .Lenovo Thinkpad X230 . . . I use Ubuntu ( ubuntu.com ), a free operating system . . ." (read more at link above)

Google removes multiple stops feature from Maps
That's a huge upgrade by itself, putting Google's Webmail service on a par with separate programs like Apple's Mail or Microsoft's Outlook in allowing you to catch up on old messages while offline. (Google Docs got a similar upgrade last summer, which ...

Apple is target of attorneys general
The government alleged that the publishers colluded with Apple to move the e-book industry away from the wholesale model employed by Amazon.com Inc., which had unnerved publishers by selling e-book versions of popular hardcover titles for as little as ...

Apple import veto risks undermining patent protection push
Financial Times
... regimes around the world. The office of the US trade representative announced the decision on Saturday, reversing a ruling by the International Trade Commission, a government agency which in June had found that Apple had infringed a Samsung ...

Google Launches 'City Experts' Program in Select Cities
PC Magazine
The City Experts program, which quietly launched just yesterday, "brings together the most active users on Google Maps who write reviews and upload photos of local places," describes Google. In return for their contributions, Google suggests that said ...

Workers of Amazon Divergent
New York Times (blog)
“It puts Amazon out in left field.” Amazon is hardly out there alone, however. Large American technology companies are increasingly running into obstacles as they expand in Europe. For Facebook and Google, the running issue is privacy. Google was fined ...

Google Chromecast Review: Hands-On With The $35 HDMI Streaming Dongle
International Business Times
Since the offer was canceled, the Chromecast does not seem to be losing steam -- it is sold out on Google Play, Amazon, Best Buy's website and most of the company's retail stores in the U.S. ... It does not use a remote, like Apple TV (pictured ...

REVIEW: Google Made A Tablet That's Better Than The iPad Mini (GOOG)
San Francisco Chronicle
It's still tough to think of Google as a hardware company. But in the last year and change, it's been ... Even if you want to double the Nexus 7's storage to 32 GB, you only have to pay an extra $40, not the $100 Apple charges you. That's an incredible ...

Microsoft cuts Surface Pro tablet prices by $100
Microsoft reduced the price of its Surface Pro tablet this weekend by $100, a few days after revealing that it has spent more money on marketing the in-house tablet than it has generated in revenue. The reductions, which were first reported by The ...

Chromecast Makes Your TV Smarter
CIO Today
Chromecast's compatibility with both iOS and Android provides an advantage over the AirPlay technology used in Apple TV, which in its current iteration only supports iOS devices or Mac computers. But Apple TV (which costs $99) and Roku (which starts at ...

Apple iPhone 6 Rumors: Release Date To Precede iPhone 5S On ...
International Business Times
We believe Apple will first release its newest and perhaps riskiest smartphone, the iPhone ... Kuo believes Apple will release its low-cost iPhone 6 alongside the ...

He told the Amazon warehouse workers, “we should be doing everything we can ... But he chose Amazon, according to the Times article, because the company ...


Apple entering dashboard market
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
LOS ANGELES – While Steve Jobs regretted not making an iCar, Apple for years was ... Now it's vying for dashboard space held by Microsoft, BlackBerry and ...
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
SAN FRANCISCO – Apple Inc.'s Bob Mansfield, whose $85.5 million ... “Bob will no longer be on Apple's executive team, but he will continue to work on special ...
Las Vegas Review-Journal
Microsoft announced it is bringing a pared-down version of its Office software to ... competing offerings such as QuickOffice from Google and iWork from Apple.
Often, such people are found on Xbox Live, and Microsoft Microsoft is rolling out a pair ... A community like Xbox Live is simply too big to be policed by Microsoft ...
The Detroit News
While Steve Jobs regretted not making an iCar, Apple Inc. for years was ambivalent about the auto industry. Now it's vying for dashboard space held by Microsoft ...

Angry Apple makes hollow threat to bar Kindle, other e-book apps
Several months later, Amazon caved to Apple and removed links in its iOS apps that took customers directly to its Web-based store. Since then, Amazon's ...
Chicago Daily Herald
The downside is that, at the moment, only YouTube, Netflix, and Google Play support ... I can already hear Apple partisans hissing at me for failing to mention the ...
Mike Isaac
Samsung was wrong to abuse the patent system in this way,” an Apple ... Apple was involved in an ongoing appeals process to overturn the ITC's June ruling, ...
Laura Hazard Owen
The government's injunction seemingly forces Apple to abandon its in-app purchasing restrictions, at least for digital bookstores, by “allowing Amazon, Barnes ...
Robert Scoble
Google Glass could have a transformative effect on journalism, especially as we watch Tim Pool from VICE use Google Glass to report on Turkish protests.
R. Elgin
Samsung copied Apple products and then tried to use patents in an illegal way ... But for Apple, which used wireless chips from companies that had already paid ...
The Marmot's Hole 

10 Charts to Explain Apple's Massive Retail Success | Wall St. Cheat ...info@wallstcheatsheet.com (Damien Hoffman)
Although Apple's third-quarter retail sales decreased slightly from the year-ago quarter, there is no question that the Cupertino-based company's ...
Wall St. Cheat Sheet
Google's privacy rules must be changed – Europe | HumanIPO
Privacy watchdogs in the UK, Germany and Italy have told Google it needs to rewrite its ... The firstMicrosoft Technology Centre (MTC) in Africa has launched in ...

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