20 August 2013

Amazon cuts ties with Missouri "associates" - website outage

Hey Washington Post -- here's a story for you: Jeff Bezos doesn't like to do business (or partner with "associates") in states that tax Amazon transactions --

Amazon severing ties with online associates in Mo. - KansasCity.com: "Online retailer Amazon is severing ties with its online associates in Missouri because of a new state law that subjects their transactions to sales taxes...

Amazon.com briefly unavailable; cause not immediately clear: "Amazon.com's website was widely unavailable for approximately 30 minutes Monday afternoon, but the cause was not immediately clear. Calls to the Internet retailing behemoth have not yet been returned, and there was no mention of the outage on Amazon's official Twitter feed."

Google patent hints at monetizing Glass, tracking user engagement
Google has been granted a patent which may give us a glimpse at the future ofGoogle Glass eye-tracking sensor use -- in the form of advertising. In the patent ...

New Zealand Herald
Matt Jenke carries the Google Trekker camera as it debuts in New Zealand. ... Google Street View went off-road on the Abel Tasman Coast Track today for the ...
Cape Town - Microsoft's no-show at gamescom 2012 was notable simply because it showed a lack of confidence in the company's own Xbox 360 line-up for the ...
CIO Today
Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps people connect with these customers."Microsoft · Relevant Products/Services will roll out the next version of Dynamics CRM ...
But there are now signs that Apple's once seemingly irrepressible growth is stalling as rivals such as Google Inc., Samsung Electronics and Amazon.com Inc.
For Amazon, it's the reality of investment in an endless array of e-commerce ... The tale of what went wrong is a cautionary one for Apple because Microsoft has ...
Apple Insider
Apple's anticipated plastic "iPhone 5C" is reportedly on track to outship the high-end "iPhone 5S" this quarter, as the latter faces apparent production issues ...
Meron Gribetz wants to build a version of Google Glass that doesn't make you look like ... GoogleGlass — the web giant's computerized googles project — has ...
Huffington Post
You'll enjoy 1080p video on a 1920x1200 HD display at 323 pixels per inch (ppi) - twice the resolution of Apple's iPad mini. It's made of what Google describes ...

Barnes & Noble Undercuts Amazon, Kobo By Dropping NOOK ...
Matt Burns
Amazon tends to wait until the Fall to announce new models and drop prices. ... As Court Releases Files In Case Alleging Google Tracked UK Safari Users, ...
Matthew Frankel
Over the past year, Apple (AAPL) has made a complete transformation in the way it is perceived by investors. Specifically, the stock has gone from a growth play ...
Thorin Klosowski
In that space, you have two obvious choices in the form of Google Docs and Microsoft's Office Web Apps, as well as other more specialised tools. Those options ...
Lifehacker Australia 
Jake Smith
Redmond-based Microsoft announced over the weekend that one of the last ... Google+ for iOS updated: Replaces Messenger with Hangouts, adds Google ...
Harrison Kaminsky
We always knew questions like this were going to eventually come up as the technology used inGoogle Glass became more and more prominent— in a Reddit ...
Android News, Rumours, and Updates 

Apple Rumored To Be Working On 'iTV' Yet Again | UbergizmoAdnan Farooqui
Over the last few months there have been many rumors suggesting that Apple might be involved in the production of a full fledged HDTV set. The company ...

Result Details - a Google Search ExperimentAlex Chitu
There's a new Google experiment that annotates search results with information about the sites. Most of the information is obtained from Wikipedia articles, but ...
Google Operating System

Climate leaks are 'misleading' says IPCC ahead of major report
BBC News
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has warned against drawing too many conclusions from the latest leaked version of its upcoming, and eagerly awaited Assessment Report 5 (AR5). This massive tome will be published in four stages ...

Newly discovered planet Kepler 78b orbits its star every 8.5 hours
Los Angeles Times
Astronomers have discovered a planet that circles its star once every 8.5 hours, giving it one of the shortest orbital periods ever seen. It's an exciting find, but not for the usual reasons. Much of the search for exoplanets focuses on seeking out Earth-like worlds ...

Microsoft targets iPad with new back-to-school ad
ZDNet (blog)
Summary: Microsoft news roundup: New iPad focused ad; Microsoft Tag phase-out; new markets for Skype for Outlook.com and more news of the week. Mary Jo Foley. By Mary Jo Foley for All About Microsoft | August 19, 2013 -- 20:18 GMT (13:18 PDT).

Supplier to Ship Two Apple iPhones in September
Wall Street Journal
Apple Inc. has asked assembler Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. to begin shipping both a new high-end and low-end iPhone in early September, people familiar with the matter said. The shipping plans suggest that two new iPhone models could be launched ...

New 6.3-inch Samsung phone approaches tablet size
SHARE 73 CONNECT 21 TWEET 6 COMMENTEMAILMORE. NEW YORK (AP) -- Smartphones are getting bigger as people use them more to watch movies and play games. A new one from Samsung is beyond big. With a screen measuring 6.3 inches ...

'White hat' hacker breaks into Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook account
Christian Science Monitor
Where you were last week, what you ate for dinner last night, and those vacation photos from spring break, all of this information – and all of your friends' comments on your postings – make up a breadcrumb trail of your life. Skip to next paragraph. Related ...

Beats Electronics May Give HTC The Boot In Favor Of A New Investor
Whether you like the company or not, people are snapping up Beats Electronics' wares left and right. It's no surprise then that Beats is looking to branch out into some new frontiers, and it may not want to do it without getting rid of some old baggage first.

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