25 August 2013

Google, Chrome, Business

Enough already about Steve Ballmer and Microsoft -- now back to the present (and future) -- Chrome for Business --

Google Chrome for Business (Free) was first launched in 2010 to provide IT administrators a way to centrally deploy pre-configured Chrome browsers throughout an organization. Chrome for Business was updated in April 2013, and Google added a number of new policies to configure Chrome (there are now 100), implement legacy browser support, and use cloud-based IT admin tools for organizations using Google Apps. The update makes configuring and pushing out Chrome to clients in a Windows domain quite easy because it integrates with Group Policy (GP) . . . However, if you want and need Chrome deployed to a significant number of users on a network, there is no more efficient way to deploy and manage it than with Chrome for Business. You can download Google Chrome for Business from the Chrome for Business site. Google's documentation instructs you to download the Windows Installer package—the .MSI file for installing the Chrome browser and placing it in a network share, accessible to users. (source pcmag.com )

Apple Loop: Colorful iPhones, Icahn's Buyback Push, Filling In Maps, New ...
It was a busy week for Microsoft, what with CEO Steve Ballmer announcing he'll leave within the next 12 months and the stock soaring on the news. Microsoft gets criticized for not being as innovative or clever as its rivals, including Apple and Google.

On The Symmetry Between Microsoft And Apple - NYTimes.com: Paul Krugman - "I am not a tech industry maven, so I am busy coming up to speed on the implications of the Ballmer resignation. And what I’m about to say may be obvious to many. Still, I think it’s worth saying: there is, once you look past the surface, a remarkable symmetry between Microsoft’s strategy in its heyday and Apple’s strategy today...."

Microsoft needs innovator-in-chief
Its lumbering pace stands in sharp contrast to the speed with which companies such as Facebook and Google update their services. "The tech industry, more than any other, is one full of fast change and new trends. ... Many were quick to point out that ...

Is Google Killing Cable?
But as cable companies and TV broadcasters are battling to increase the amount of dollars each gets from anyone who purchases a cable service subscription, companies like Apple and Google are quietly moving to replace the old system. Apple took the ...

Google Glass Patent to Watch What You Watch, Read Your Emotions
PC Magazine
Google turned quite a few heads earlier this month when it filed a patent for a "gaze tracking system" that obliquely refers to their wearable Google Glass devices. The patent at least appears to set the stage for a bold new way to gather information ...

Krugman: Apple might be in bigger trouble than Microsoft
For Krugman, there aren't so many differences between Apple and Samsung. He's disappointed with the iPad Mini too. He's tired of "fighting iOS in order to do simple things." He's tired, in fact, of fighting the controlling spirit of Steve Jobs. With ...

Apple's grip on China tablet market loosens as Android tablet makers surge
Washington Post
SEOUL, South Korea — Apple's grip on China's tablet market has loosened as Asian tech companies increase sales with cheaper Android tablet computers, a market report showed Thursday. Dickie Chang, senior market analyst at research firm IDC, said ...

Microsoft releases to manufacturing Windows 8.1: Sources
A third source close to the company confirmed Microsoft RTM'd Windows 8.1 on August 23, and announced internally that the quality metrics for Windows 8.1 were back in line with those of Windows 7. (The vast amount of changes in the Windows 8 code base ...

Google To Build Its Own Driverless Cars
Google Inc., which has been working on software to help major automakers build self-driving cars, also is quietly going around them by designing and developing a full-fledged self-driving car, according to people familiar with the matter. In recent ...

As Google Ventures Invests $250 Million In Uber, What's Next? Driverless Cars ...
Google Google Ventures, Google's supposedly early-stage investment arm, just pumped more than $250 million into the on-demand car service Uber, according to AllThingsD's Kara Swisher. Along with other investors, principally private-equity firm TPG...

Facebook Wilts Flowers and Tosses Teddy Bears in 'Gifts'
PC Magazine
Facebook is officially dropping physical goods from its Facebook Gifts program. Which is to say, Facebook is still keeping Gifts, it's just switching over to gift cards and digital codes instead of flowers, stuffed animals, and cupcakes. The reason for the switch is ...

iPhone 5S release dates, specs keep pouring in
It's up to Apple now to top or debunk the flood of iPhone 5S rumors, but many of the rumors seem credible. Brooke Crothers. by Brooke Crothers. August 24, 2013 3:55 PM PDT. Follow @mbrookec. Rendering of a champagne-colored iPhone 5S: It will be ...

Needed at Microsoft: A Catch-Up Artist
New York Times
TWO months ago, Bill Gates met with members of the New York Times editorial board and a few editors and reporters. Public health was on his mind, and he spoke eloquently about the progress being made to combat diseases like tuberculosis and malaria, ...

Arctic Ocean Losing Sea Ice At An Alarming Rate: NASA
International Business Times
The size of the minimum ice extent of the Arctic has been diminishing at a rapid pace over the last few years, and the trend continues. Reuters. Although the ice cover at the North Pole has rebounded from last year's record-breaking low with this year's summer ...

MakerBot Digitizer Pioneers 3D Scanning [Video]
Guardian Express
The MakerBot Digitizer is a revolutionary new way to scan 3-dimensional objects into your computer. Could this newfangled technology pioneer 3D scanning? 3D printing is certainly starting to gain considerable momentum. However, 3D printers require code ...

Pair of Atomic Clocks Set New Record for Stability
Science World Report
A pair of atomic clocks based on ytterbium atoms has set a new record for stability. The clocks are like 21st-century pendulums that could swing back and forth with perfect timing for a period comparable to the age of the universe. NIST's ultra-stable ytterbium ...

Instagram's First Acquisition Is Video Sharing App Luma
Instagram has just made its first acquisition, buying both the team and technology of Y Combinator company Luma (formerly known as Midnox). Luma created a video-capture, stabilization and sharing app, which will be shut down soon. In fact, one source ...

Motorola Droid 5 photos leak out — but will anyone care about a new physical ...
Let's face it, the era of smartphones with physical keyboards is just about over. Software keyboards like SwiftKey offer great typing experiences, and even the hardline physical keyboard fans are being swayed away. So it's tough to get excited for these alleged ...

DOJ Suggests Lighter Penalty for Apple
Wall Street Journal
The Department of Justice on Friday suggested revisions to the proposed punishments against Apple in a court filing that also shed light on Apple's alleged retaliation against Amazon in the electronic book market. Federal prosecutors suggested that a ...

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