04 August 2013

Amazon's "Your Collections" Resembles Pinterest

Jeff Bezos rarely misses a trick--now just sign into your Amazon Account, under "your account" go to "your collections"--

Amazon unveils feature resembling Pinterest
San Jose Mercury News
The company quietly unveiled Collections, which it calls a "test feature," where customers can add pictures or products from Amazon's vast catalogue to show off their style taste, the types of books they like, and the goods they hope to someday own ...

Apple's Dumb Penny-Pinching
Daily Beast
But, Dan Gross argues, the tech giant would do better to increase employee pay. Like · Tweet. Only in America can a company with $145 billion in cash sitting on its books cry poverty. On Friday, a Wall Street Journal article on Apple's retail ...

Tech Week That Was: Suspicious Searches, Def Con And Moto X
OPB News
Each Friday we round up the big conversations in tech and culture during the week that was. We also revisit the work that appeared on this blog, and highlight what we're reading from our fellow technology writers and observers at other organizations ...

Wall Street Beat: Tech shares up as Internet stocks rise
Tech stocks had an upbeat week as industry watchers appear to be looking at the positive side of earnings from Internet, consumer electronics and networking companies. IT industry bellwethers have reported mixed results for the quarter ending in June.
U.S. News & World Report
Rhonda McEwen, an assistant professor with the Institute of Communication Culture and InformationTechnology at the University of Toronto Mississauga in ...

Apple E-Book Case: Cure Will Hurt
Apple cannot be pleased that that DoJ wants to punch a hole in its walled garden, which is already under siege from Amazon: The online retail giant recently ...
Washington Post
It is a new phone that will go on sale sometime in the next few months, and Google hopes the model will allow it to compete with models from Apple and ...
Computerworld - Microsoft must rename its SkyDrive online storage service after ... Analysts and legal experts said that Microsoft's blunder would cost it dearly, ...
Apple competitor Google requires users of its Play Store to be at least 13, and for those ages 13 to 18 to obtain parental permission before using the service.
Apple Insider
While Apple is actively recruiting for scores of new full time jobs related to... The release of OS X Mavericks, which brings Apple's Maps to the Mac, will also ...

Apple Insider

Apple tells some iCloud users: 'Pay up, or lose'
Computerworld (blog)
Apple [AAPL] is writing to former MobileMe subscribers to explain their free 20GB ... Apple offered MobileMe subscribers free use of the 20GB plan when it ...

Computerworld (blog)

Hey Google, find my Android phone
IDG News Service - Google is bringing a "find my phone" feature to Android later ... the U.S. Pushed by law enforcement, Google, Apple, Microsoft and Samsung ...
Google, in a court filing today, asked a federal judge to throw out a lawsuit brought by Microsoftthat accused the U.S. Customs and Border Protection of failing to ...
Microsoft's U.S. patent application for a multiplayer gaming head-mounted display. ... Microsoft may be getting its augmented-reality game on for the Xbox.
I just got the 4.3 OTA notification on both of my Google-suppled GPe phones. ... Seems as though Google made good on its promise for speedy updates to the ...

Iphones and other Apple devices can be compromised with ...
Cory Doctorow
Billy Lau and Yeongjin Jang from Georgia Institute of Technology have presented a demo at Black Hat of a way of stealthily compromising Iphones and other Ios ...
Boing Boing 
Sean Ludwig
Following Netflix's own Emmy nominations, Amazon has announced that its .... to set-top boxes to Apple TV, Google TV; and the emergence of social media as a key ... VentureBeat tracks include Google, Yahoo, Amazon.com, Microsoft and its ...
Melanie Pinola
Amazon is offering a free 30-day trial for its Prime membership, plus a $10 gift card if you subscribe after the free trial is over.
Killian Bell
The ongoing iBooks antitrust case between Apple and the United States Department of ... It also wants the company to start selling e-books from rivals like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. ... Steve Ballmer Admits Microsoft's iPad-Killer Is A Flop.
Cult of Mac 
Bruce Houghton
The battle against piracy appears to have moved from the court to the search engine. The number of takedown requests that Google receives weekly has grown ...
Paul Constant
Yesterday, Metro announced that the beta version of their Trip Planner was open for business. It features a clickable map, routes that feature more than...
The Stranger, Seattle's Only Newspaper 
As expected, Apple has started offering free content in the Apple Store app. ... Launch the app, tap on the Stores tab and navigate to any Apple retail store, you ... DOJ tells Apple to let Amazon and other e-book retailers to add links from their ...
iPhone Hacks | iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone Blog 
Jake Smith
Apple updated its Apple Store app for iOS on Wednesday with several ... Google's new City Experts program doles out free swag in exchange for reviews.

How To Get Microsoft Office Mobile Free - Business Insider
By Julie Bort
All The Cool Things Google's New Moto X Phone Can Do · Apple's Craziest, Most Futuristic Patents Show How Insanely Ambitious... These Are The Games To Play If You Want To Actually Earn A Living As A... Here's Another Way To Get Microsoft Office On Android And iPhone For Free .....

Technology And The Ruling Party | TechCrunch: "“Power tends to corrupt,” said Lord Acton, “and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”"

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