22 August 2013

Apple and the Enterprise

This is the obvious next pivot for Apple, the Enterprise, because cheap smartphones and tablets running on Android are taking over the global consumer market --

Apple and the enterprise: A complicated relationship
Computerworld - When Microsoft shipped Windows 2000 and Active Directory, Apple didn't really have a solution for identity management or for linking Macs to an enterprise network. The company was just beginning the transition from its classic Mac OS ...

Apple's iPhone Battle Plan: 6 Factors
To an extent, Apple can afford for the iPhone to trail Android in market share. But research firm IDC said Android accounted for almost 80% of smartphone shipments in the most recent quarter, which means Apple's not just trailing -- it's getting killed ...

Google Glass finds fellow traveler in Field Trip
Self-guided smartphone tours just got a lot more hands-free, as the Field Trip app that overlays interesting and cool facts about your immediate surroundings scoots over toGoogle Glass. Already on Android and iOS, Field Trip's Glassware app offers a ...

Google seeks experts for its soon-to-launch Helpouts video service
Helpouts could provide an additional platform for Google to attract new users beyond its usual channels within the Google+ social network. It may also give Google a strong e-commerce business in providing users with more personalized expert information ...

'Google' fraud probe
New Zealand Herald
A Google spokeswoman told the Herald the company would not make a formal comment about the case because of the cases around the world where people have wrongly used the Google name. However, she confirmed the company had already begun its ...

Microsoft offers schools free Surface RTs as Bing search rewards
Read more. The new pilot program, currently for the US only, offers schools a search engine tailored for education, and to encourage interest in joining it, Microsoft is integrating its incentive program, Bing Rewards, which will let schools earn ...

Google Couldn't Kill 20 Percent Time Even if It Wanted To
The business website Quartz reported on Friday that Google had effectively killed its famously egalitarian company policy — which encouraged employees to spend about 20 percent of their time experimenting with their own ideas — and Silicon Valley has ...

Google gives Chrome mulligan button
Computerworld - Google on Tuesday shipped Chrome 29, patching 25 vulnerabilities and rolling out under-the-hood changes the company said would offer more relevant suggestions when users typed in URLs or search strings. The upgrade also sported a ...

Apple Said to Add Music Videos From Vevo for TV Content
Under that arrangement, Vevo shares advertising revenue with YouTube when its videos are shown through the Google service. Vevo is already available on Roku players and through apps for Apple's iPhone and iPad, as well as Android-based devices.

Microsoft Windows Defender Stumbles In Malware Tests
"The test results of these [six] products alone are all nearly five points higher than the overall result obtained by Microsoft's Windows Defender or Security Essentials when used together with the Windows Firewall," reported AV-Test. "This proves that ...

Facebook Leads an Effort to Lower Barriers to Internet Access
New York Times
MENLO PARK, Calif. — About one of every seven people in the world uses Facebook. Now, Mark Zuckerberg, its co-founder and chief executive, wants to make a play for the rest — including the four billion or so who lack Internet access.

Nextdoor Community App Launches on Android
PC Magazine
Today's app launch comes just 90 days after the service hit iOS devices in May, and satisfies one of the company's most-requested features. "Nextdoor has become the lifeline to the neighborhood. Neighbors rely on Nextdoor for straightforward things like ...

Google's mysterious Niantic lab unveils two mobile apps
Los Angeles Times
He's the brains behind Google Earth, Maps and Street View. Now John Hanke is searching for new ways to connect people to the world around them. He runs Niantic Labs, essentially a tiny startup inside Google. Google Chief Executive ...

Sony to launch PlayStation 4 on Nov. 15
We now have a launch date for Sony's upcoming PlayStation 4 video game console. During a press conference at the Gamescom event in Germany, Sony revealed the PS4 will launch in ...

Netflix introduces 'My List' feature
Netflix has introduced a new feature it says will make sorting through content on its streaming media service easier. My List, which rolls out today, is an upgrade from the Instant Queue, an option that ...

Stop the Madness: LG Announces 'Quad HD' Smartphone Screen
When 1080p displays started showing up in smartphones, I figured there was no way phone makers would try to push screen resolution even higher. Pixel density on smartphones is already well beyond the limit of what our eyes can see. Surely, phone ...

Water leaks into astronaut's helmet
Sydney Morning Herald
An Italian astronaut who nearly drowned in his helmet during a spacewalk has told of how he felt all alone and frantically tried to come up with a plan to save himself. Luca Parmitano described how he was unable to see as the water sloshed around in his ...

Blue moon makes a rare appearance
Toronto Sun
A blue moon shines bright in the sky in this file photo taken near Calgary....

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