15 August 2013

Android Smartphones Replacing Dumbphones Globally

While Apple and Samsung fight over the high-end market for smartphones, Google, developer of Android, has been focused on having manufacturers use Android to make cheap smartphones that replace dumbphones -- and it looks like Google is winning --  IDC‘s recent market figures put Android on approaching 80% worldwide marketshare for Q2. Google’s mobile OS is clearly expanding its share by picking up former feature phone users.

Smartphones Finally Overtook Dumbphone Sales Globally In Q2, Android Now At 79%, Says Gartner | TechCrunchAnalyst Gartner has put out its latest smartphone market report, and the Q2 2013 numbers show the inevitable finally occurred: smartphone sales exceeded feature phone sales for the first time. Android has been strangling the life out of dumbphones for years, but it looks like the market tipping point is being reached.

Here’s Zynga’s New Executive Org Chart - Mike Isaac - Social - AllThingsD: " . . . Mattrick has split the management teams into three divisions — Studios; Functional; and Technology, Live Ops and Publishing — and will now have 13 managers, listed below, directly reporting to him in the new org structure. . . . Once the dominant force in online social gaming, the ailing company has been forced to deal with crises on all sides, including massive staff turnover, sunken employee morale and a strained partnership with once-close ally Facebook. Perhaps worst of all, Zynga has had to deal with the shock of a fleeing user base, which dropped to 187 million monthly active users from 306 million a year ago. This was caused, Zynga said, primarily by the massive consumer shift from desktop to mobile devices . . ."

Google Has No Plans to Update Failed Translation of 'Undocumented'

ABC News
On Monday morning I published an open letter addressed to the Google Translate team urging them to update their translation of the Spanish-language term for ...

Apple shares jump on tweets from Carl Icahn

Washington Post
Apple shares climbed more than 5 percent at one point in afternoon trading, ... Shares of Applehave fallen more than 30 percent from a September high of ...

Microsoft's New Ergonomic Keyboard Feels Good, Looks Good

I'm not exactly the ideal target customer for Microsoft's new Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop, a wireless keyboard/mouse combo. It's been about five years since I last ...

Microsoft promises "exciting news" at Gamescom next week

Microsoft has publicly detailed its plans for Gamescom next week, with the Xbox ... As confirmed yesterday, Microsoft Studios boss Phil Spencer will open the ...

Apple picks up video guide service Matcha.TV

Apple's bought another company -- one with a product that could end up in your living room. The iPhone, iPad, and Mac maker recently bought Matcha.

Apple's New iPhones, iPads: What to Expect

Aug. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Apple plans to introduce new versions of the iPhone and iPad in time for the holiday shopping season, seeking to entice shoppers who ...

GOOGLE: If You Use Gmail, You Have 'No Legitimate Expectation Of ...

Seattle Post Intelligencer
If you happen to be one of the 400 million people who use Google's Gmail service for ... In a motion filed last month by Google to have a class action complaint ...

Apple iPhone 5S Faces Tough Rivals

Apple iPhone 5S will arrive in a market that has spent this year showing consumers how inventive and thoughtful smartphones can be. Will Apple offer enough ...

Amazon offers mobile developers cross-platform push notifications

Mobile Push is compatible with Amazon's own Device Messaging platform as well as Apple's Push Notification Service and Cloud Messaging from Google.

Google's new Nexus 7 gets stellar reviews despite faults, jitters ...

Apple Insider
As a platform in competition with Apple, Android is often compared toMicrosoft Windows. But the primary reason why Windows became successful and ...

Apple Insider

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