13 August 2013

BlackBerry for Sale; Mega to fill secure email gap left by Lavabit

Kim Dotcom developing a NSA nightmare --the more NSA tries to "control and snoop," the more technology will be developed for "workarounds"--and "ways to subvert"-- 

Mega to fill secure email gap left by Lavabit | ZDNet: "Kim Dotcom’s “privacy company” Mega is developing secure email services to run on its entirely non-US -based server network as intense pressure from US authorities force other providers to close. Last week Lavabit, which counted NSA leaker Edward Snowdon as a user, and Silent Circle both closed. Lavabit’s owner, Ladar Levison, said it he was shutting down to avoid becoming “complicit in crimes against the American people”. Last week Mega chief executive Vikram Kumar told ZDNet the company was being asked to deliver secure email and voice services. In the wake of the closures, he expanded on his plans. Kumar said work is in progress, building off the end-to-end encryption and contacts functionality already working for documents in Mega. . . ."

BlackBerry has a problem--it needs to find a buyer, and unfortunately, the most logical buyer(s) are from China (and probably would not be allowed by the Canadian government to buy)--
BlackBerry Puts Itself Formally Up for Sale - MoneyBeat - WSJ: "Almost 15 months after first announcing it had hired bankers to help hunt for “strategic alternatives,” BlackBerry Ltd. announced Monday its board of directors has formed a special committee and added a more explicit possibility of a sale to the list of “strategic alternatives.”"

Microsoft's bet on touch PCs fails to pay off - Buyers reject touchscreen notebooks, spooked by higher prices and concerns about value of Windows 8's touch UI
Computerworld - Microsoft's bet that touch would propel Windows 8 has run into a major snag, an industry analyst said Friday: Consumers see little reason to ...

Apple expected to show next iPhone on Sept. 10
Since its first iPhone made its debut in 2007, Apple has faced an endless parade of smartphones running Google's Android software intended for consumers.
ABC News
To many, Google Glass seems like an unnecessary, very expensive, odd-looking smartphone accessory. To Aleksandra Blaszczuk, Google'sconnected glasses ...

ABC News

Microsoft adds Java to its Windows Azure cloud service
Microsoft will offer the Java Standard Edition (Java SE) by the end of the year, ... CloudBees, Cloud Foundry, Amazon Web Services and Google App Engine.

Apple Inc. (AAPL:US) asked a U.S. appeals court to force Samsung Electronics Co. stop using unique features and designs of the iPhone that were found by a ...
Even without the Hongmi, Xiaomi sells more smartphones than Apple Apple in China. The Canalys Q2 rankings put the Cupertino-based company in seventh ...
Washington Post (blog)
But because no scientist this side of Pavlov is so closely and popularly associated with a domestic pet, Google celebrates the anniversary of Schrodinger's birth ...
In a bid to consolidate its presence in the Indian market, Amazon.in has now ... Dell, Sony ,Lenovo, Acer, Sony, Samsung, Logitech, Microsoftand Belkin among ...
Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal
At the moment, the programming choices are severely limited compared with competing devices, notably the Apple TV and Roku 3 set-top boxes. But the Google ...

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