08 August 2013

HTML5-Based Mobile Apps on Amazon (video)

Amazon: "Amazon's web app resources provide the tools you need to optimize your web apps for Kindle Fire to sell them on Amazon. Our web app resources includes a cookbook of sample code, resources for testing web apps, and documentation for our JavaScript implementation of Amazon's In-App Purchasing API."

Amazon Now Accepting HTML5-Based Mobile Apps
PC Magazine
The Amazon Appstore is now open for HTML5 business. Amazon today launched Web app support, allowing developers to submit URLs for applications and mobile sites that will be distributed to customers. This move cuts out the third-party middle man and ...

Google bets customization will be Moto's X-factor
Christian Science Monitor
"We would have expected magic from somebody like Google, and this is not ... Shut out of the Apple-Samsung battle, Motorola competes with other smaller ...

Christian Science Monitor

Google Glass to see fill of policy questions
Wide-eyed fascination induced by Google Glass is about to smack into a real wall of ... So far, Google has dazzled lawmakers with demonstrations at the Capitol ...


Google Seeks Court Reversal of Mobile Phone Import Ban
Google Inc. (GOOG)'s Motorola Mobility told a U.S. appeals court today a ... by Apple Inc. (AAPL)'s failed Newton personal digital assistant of the 1990s, ... In its filing, Google said it didn't use the Microsoft technology covered by those patents.

Google leaves your Chrome passwords unprotected to promote ...
The Verge
Justin Schuh, Google's head of Chrome Security, took to Y Combinator to clarify ... by default) and both Apple's Safari and Microsoft's Internet Explorer browsers ...

Google revamps search to feature in-depth articles
In-depth articles that pop up when searching for "censorship" in Google Search. ... Google is addressing this need by reconfiguring its search results to help ...

Apple, Samsung's next big showdown could reshape patent law
San Jose Mercury News
Apple (AAPL) and Samsung will take their global patent feud to a federal appeals ... including cases between Apple and Motorola and Motorola and Microsoft. ... Nokia has backed Apple in the Federal Circuit, while Google, HTC and SAP are ...

Microsoft lost its cool, says former company star Robert Scoble
The Age
Tech giant Microsoft has a leadership and cultural problem that is preventing it from being as innovative as Apple and Google, according to former Microsoft ...

Google, IBM, Mellanox, NVIDIA, Tyan Announce Development ...
6, 2013 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Google, IBM (NYSE:IBM) , Mellanox, NVIDIA and Tyan today announced plans to form the OpenPOWER Consortium - an ...


Amazon now offering games and other software for download in the ...
You can also buy extra in-game content or currency straight from Amazon. ... including MicrosoftOffice, Adobe Photoshop, anti-virus and security products from ...

Google's Moto X: What the reviewers are saying
FORTUNE -- The Moto X is Motorola's first phone since Google (GOOG) bought the company last year for $12.5 billion. It's due out in late ... Comparisons with Apple's(AAPL) iPhone, Samsung's Galaxies and the HTC One were inevitable. Walt Mossberg, Wall ...

Apple's iOS loses marketshare to Android, Windows Phone
Washington Post
The lull between iPhones has been Google and Microsoft's gain, research firm IDC said Wednesday, reporting that Apple's iOS mobile operating system has lost share to Android and Windows Phone. According to the IDC report, Apple's market share slipped ...

Google Glass to see fill of policy questions
The chosen few — handpicked from a national contest and willing to pay $1,500 — have showcased the new technology at parties, on the subway, during the NBA draft and at the zoo. A couple hundred Google employees also have modeled the device.

Apple, Samsung's next big showdown could reshape patent law
San Jose Mercury News
The appeals court has a number of cases headed its way that present similar conflicts, including cases between Apple and Motorola and Motorola and Microsoft. And how the courts resolve the issue takes on new importance in the wake of how the U.S. ...

Apple trickles out more iWork for iCloud invites
As the emails noted, the beta supports just three browsers: Apple's own Safari,Google's Chrome and Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE). Apple has promised to expand the list, presumably to Mozilla's Firefox and Opera Software's Opera, both of which run...

Apple loses lead in tablet market
Microsoft's own tablet business enterprise has been a disaster; the company recently announced a $900 million hit related to Surface RT "inventory adjustments." That news was followed by price cuts on Surface and Surface Pro tablets. ... With the ...

Can Amazon CEO Ship Online Savvy to Wash. Post?
ABC News
"The marriage between the newspaper industry and technology has never been consummated, but it could happen at The Washington Post now," said media analyst Ken Doctor of Outsell Inc. Although Bezos bought The Post with his own money, most ...

Amazon Enters Art World; Galleries Say They Aren't Worried
Local record and book shops have been disappearing as the market for music and literature moves online. In the past few years, there's been a growth in sites that sell fine art on the Internet. On Tuesday, Amazon joined that market. But in this case ...

Google Search Is Poised to Surface 'In-Depth' Stories, but How Will It Pick?
But I've also seen Google News label plenty of questionable material “in-depth,” and even that term has problems: A voluminous screed by an ideologue or baggy extrapolative speculation about the latest wild Apple rumor might technically qualify as “in ...

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