23 August 2013

NSA trashed the Fourth Amendment in its Internet Surveillance

NSA illegality -- where was the "Congressional oversight" or Obama? Oh, never mind, they really don't care about the US Constitution -- nor apparently does the NSA -- and but for Edward Snowden, none of this would be coming to light!

NSA illegally collected thousands of emails before Fisa court halted program | World news | theguardian.com: "The secretive court that oversees surveillance programs found in 2011 that the National Security Agency illegally collected tens of thousands of emails between Americans in violation of the fourth amendment to the US constitution."

NSA's Reach: 75% of U.S. Internet Traffic
The NSA's surveillance network covers more Americans' Internet communications than officials have publicly disclosed, reaching roughly 75 percent of all U.S. internet traffic. Siobhan Gorman reports on the News Hub (source: Wall Street Journal)

US intelligence director's office launches a Tumblr in response to surveillance concerns | The Verge: "The US Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), the highest intelligence agency in the country, just unveiled its "IC On the Record" Tumblr, promising to post newly unclassified documents about various government surveillance programs. The ODNI is the organization in charge of all the other big US spy organizations, including the NSA and CIA."

LEAKED: German Government Warns Key Entities Not To Use Windows 8 – Links The NSA | InvestmentWatch: "LEAKED: German Government Warns Key Entities Not To Use Windows 8 – Links The NSA"

Microsoft: Analyst Says Forget Fundamentals For The Next Six Months
The analyst cites conversations with shareholders who are frustrated by Ballmer's failures, chiefly being outflanked by Apple and Google in the mobile device world, which has cannibalized the bread-and-butter PC business that Microsoft is tied into.

Microsoft turns Scroogled into 'Schoolgled' in new anti-Google attack ad
Along with the usual blizzard of marketing copy and statistics, Microsoft posted examples of the likely ad placements on Google for searches of "chemistry" and "stock market," then compared them to ad-free pages on Bing. A 30-second television spot was ...

Ubuntu Edge misses its target by $20 million, Canonical founder vows 2014 release regardless | NDTV Gadgets: "Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, which had announced a crowd-funding campaign to build the first batch of Ubuntu Edge phones, has failed to raise a target funding of $32 million to manufacture a limited batch of 40,000 devices. The Indiegogo crowdfunding service which was being used by Canonical for the campaign, was only able to raise $12.8 million ($12,809,906 to be precise) before meeting the campaign's deadline ...."

Apple said to be eyeing HBO, Viacom, ESPN as TV partners
Apple has been holding talks with ESPN, HBO, Viacom, and several other major networks to ink deals that would see those firms bring their programming to apps on its rumored television, the Quartz news site reported on Thursday, citing people who claim...

Google's Startup Brings Sightseeing App to Glass
ABC News
Google Glass, a spectacle-like computing device drawing lots of attention, can serve as an automated tour guide with the help of a new application from a little-known startup hatched within the Internet's most powerful company. The app, called "Field ...

Apple reports issue with iMessage, iCloud services
Washington Post
Apple reported that some of its users are unable to use iCloud services such as Documents in the Cloud, Photo Stream, iPhoto Journals and backup services, as well as problems with its iMessage service. Some iMessage users may not be able to send or ...

Apple CEO Tim Cook profiled as a tough, no-nonsense leader
Tim Cook doesn't like to talk about himself or reveal any of the inner workings of Apple'soperations. There has been a rumor of late that the Apple board of directors is concerned about the pace of change at the company. After a year, Apple is about ...

Microsoft Bribe Probe Reaches Into Pakistan, Russia Deals
Wall Street Journal
A U.S. investigation into Microsoft Corp.'s relationships with business partners that allegedly bribed foreign officials in return for contracts includes activity in Russia and Pakistan, a sign that the probe is wider reaching than previously known ...

Apple invention would let you check the status of another iPhone user
To accomplish this feat, a person's iPhone would talk to Apple on the backend to report its status and call preferences. Such settings as location, signal strength, battery life, and mode (Normal, Airplane, or Vibration) would be sent to Apple's ...

Yahoo Overtakes Google in Monthly Traffic Stats
ABC News
According to ComScore's Media Metric, which ranks the top U.S. web sites, Yahoo's web properties edged ahead of Google's in unique visitors during the month of July. Yahoo notched 196.6 million uniques, while Google trailed behind with 192.3 million.

Visit lion, tigers and (panda) bears - Oh, my! - Google Lat Long Blog
By Lat Long
You can now use Google Maps and Street View to preview the must-see spots at zoos around the world before heading there in person, or take a virtual trip to some of the most famous zoos and animal parks, right from your living room.
Google Lat Long

Google Keep Adds Reminders, Google Now Integration - TechCrunch
By Frederic Lardinois
When you walk into a grocery store now (and your grocery list is tagged with the store's location), you will get a Google Now alert to remind you of all the milk and cereal you have to buy. To make this easier, Keep now also auto-completes ...

Apple Hires Former Levi's Senior VP for Retail Team - Mac Rumors
By Juli Clover
A source says that Atienza will be the director of all retail matters for many regions within the West Coast of the United States, and this role is one of the highest ranking retail positions inside of Apple. Several internal and external candidates were .... 12 hours ago on iOS Blog · Google CEO Larry Page has had informal discussions with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and other NFL executives that included talks about the NFL Sunday Ticket package that DirecTV currently holds.
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors...

Yahoo Climbs Back Above Google in U.S. Web Traffic - Liz Gannes ...
By Liz Gannes
Yahoo properties got more unique U.S. visitors than any other company's in July, according to comScore. They had 196.6 million, compared to 192.3 million for previous leader Google. What's more, Yahoo's numbers didn't include the new ...

ComScore crowns Yahoo over Google | VentureBeat
By Christina Farr
Vevo coming to Apple TV, attempts to free itself from sharing ad-revenue · Surprisingly, people spend more time reading books on smartphones than tablets · Mobile · Delectable brings cutting edge ... from Twitter to Facebook to Tumblr. Media companies which VentureBeat tracks include Google, Yahoo, Amazon.com, Microsoft and its Windows Live services and Bing search engine, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Gawker Media, Demand Media, and The Huffington Post.

Former Windows boss Steven Sinofsky lands at top venture capital firm
Steven Sinofsky, who exited Microsoft abruptly weeks after his Windows 8 brainchild shipped, has found a new gig at venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. Sinofsky has joined as a board partner, a role in which he will represent Andreessen Horowitz on ...

Lonely wolf? Wolves howl when they miss their friends
Researchers found that wolves tend to howl more frequently when a leader or a partner leave the pack, as opposed to a less valued packmate. Wolves are skilled and ferocious hunters, but when it it comes to relationships, they're real softies. When a ...

First thing on our Christmas wish list: MakerBot Digitizer 3-D scanner
Though the tech beat is all about the cutting edge, it's rare we actually get to talk about a totally new produce. MakerBot's Digitizer — a $1,400 turntable that scans objects so you can print them on a 3-D printer — may seem logical to any fan of sci-fi, but as ...

The Surprise Leader In Design Patents
Design is increasingly important in unlocking value in technology (think the iPhone) but the design patent is the battleground where this new value is defended (as in the Apple Apple vs Samsung patent dispute). Design patent grants are increasing in number ...

Requiem for the Ubuntu Edge: The phone is dead, but the dream lives on
We are gathered here today to mourn the death of the Ubuntu Edge. This ambitious project blurred the line between smartphone and PC, and while it burned but only briefly, it burned brightly enough that its legacy will live on in the hearts of future generation ...

Russian spacewalkers encounter faulty equipment
Marietta Daily Journal
In this image from video made available by NASA, cosmonauts Fyodor Yurchikhin and Aleksandr Misurkin participate in a spacewalk outside the International Space Station on Thursday, Aug. 22, 2013. (AP Photo/NASA). slideshow. In this image from video ...

PS4 release date: video
The launch date for the Sony console which will take on the Xbox One for a slice of the Christmas market was revealed at the Gamescom 2013 convention in Cologne, Germany. The PS4 will hit UK shelves on 29 November, two weeks after the US launch on ...

MERS virus fragment found in bat from Saudi Arabia
Scientists from Saudi Arabia and the United States have reported finding a partial match for the MERS coronavirus in a sample taken from a bat in Saudi Arabia. The fragment of viral DNA was extracted from a fecal swab from an Egyptian tomb bat — the ...

Low-Cost iPhone Could Be Risky for Apple
Sci-Tech Today
Putting lower-cost models out that can get iPhones in the hands of first-time users is crucial to Apple. The company could just focus on its existing, older models, the 4 and 4S for those users. But newer devices offer advantages, said analyst Gerry Purdy.

The Voice-Off - Android Vs. Siri - NYTimes.com: " . . . And that’s fine. That’s why there’s choice: two camps in this philosophical school. (Well, there’s also Windows Phone and BlackBerry, but their speech recognition is extremely rudimentary.) And so: Put down your swords, fanboys. Both systems are exceedingly useful, once you spend the time to learn them. (Here’s a site with a good list of Android voice commands: j.mp/12kEFDo. And here’s one for Siri: j.mp/16Yy4yy.) Though Siri has the edge, the gap has closed substantially, and both systems are rapidly improving. . . . "

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