12 August 2013

Asus Dumps Windows RT, Surface RT is Microsoft "vanity hardware" for its out-of-touch CEO

It's become increasingly clear that Microsoft made disastrous mistakes with its Windows 8 project (e.g., forcing PC users to use touch screens, "Metro" tablet-like interfaces, 2 operating systems built-in, etc.)--including Windows RT tablets which nobody wants, and upon which it recently wrote off about a billion dollars. But hey, Microsoft is into making "vanity hardware" to please Steve Ballmer who is under some kind of delusion that Microsoft can compete with Google Android/Chrome and Apple iOS devices. You better watch out Ballmer, Jeff Bezos might buy Ubuntu and start selling Linux/Android laptops, tablets, and smartphones on Amazon! The irony of all this is that Microsoft shot itself in the foot when it decided to "dumb down"  Windows 8 for PCs and force everyone to touch-screens (hello gorilla arm), not thinking about "knowledge workers" who actually need a keyboard and mouse to do exacting work such as edit excel sheets etc. So now Microsoft has alienated its huge base of PC users, and nobody wants Windows phones or tablets (excepting the tiny market of graphic artists who can use the Windows Surface Pro with a stylus). In any other company, Ballmer would have been "long gone" as CEO. Microsoft is just another BlackBerry--a company that got fat and arrogant and trapped in its own success.

Asus Dumps Windows RT: " . . . Last month, Microsoft surprised a lot of investors when it announced that it had to write off $900 million mostly because of poor Surface RT sales. It seemed like out of the few people who actually bought a Windows tablet from the company, most opted for the full Surface Pro, running Windows 8. Still, Microsoft has reaffirmed its commitment to Windows RT and plans to keep shipping updates and new versions of the lower OS version aimed at ARM processors. However, in the end the decision may be forced onto it. In the biggest Asian computer show, Computex Taipei, not a single company showed off a new Windows RT tablet. And now, it appears Asus is the latest device maker to officially announce that it would no longer be making tablets with this version of Windows on it. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Asus said that it had lost money with its Windows RT tablets, and so it had to discontinue any new product in those lines. Instead, it will focus on Intel tablets running the full Windows 8. . . ."

Microsoft's tablet OS isn't liked but lives on
Microsoft's tablet OS isn't liked but lives on. Windows RT is in product purgatory. Not popular and nowhere to go. The problem is, ARM is everywhere.
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Sci-Tech Today

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