18 August 2013

Dell dumps $299 Windows RT tablet -- is it time to dump everything Microsoft?

As reported yesterday, Windows 8.1 is DOA (it doesn't fix the disastrous Windows 8), and we know all Asian manufacturers have dumped Windows RT tablets, and who wants a Windows Phone that doesn't even have a YouTube video app

Dell dumps $299 Windows RT tablet, now cheapest is $479 | PCWorld: (comment to the PCWorld article says it all) -- "This Windows RT and Pro crap are a disaster for Microsoft. Other manufactures are dumping RT tablets like stale cookies. Not too long ago, Microsoft was staging fake funeral for Apple devices when they released their stupid Windows 8 phone. Gees, how embarrassing. Tried to use Surface Pro and it was uncomfortably hot. Too heavy and wide for use as a tablet, runs only about 3 hours top with watching video. The RT is just simply awful to use with sluggish screen redraws when loading apps. Microsoft is a joke."

Is Windows 8 killing PCs? - The Week: ""Microsoft made a big gamble in designing Windows 8 as an operating system" better suited for "tablets and touch than for traditional PCs," says Preston Gralla at Computerworld. The software has dueling interfaces that are only confusing people and making them reconsider whether they want to stick with PCs at all."

Microsoft is Playing Google | News & Opinion | PCMag.com: " . . . . Microsoft brings out apps that violate the YouTube terms of service, such as an app that strips YouTube advertisements. Microsoft gets blocked. It bring out an app that actually lets you download the videos. Blocked. It (Microsoft) does whatever it can to get Google to block them. Now Microsoft is not only wasting Google's time, but making the company look like mean spirited a-holes. This goes on and on, with plenty of press and Microsoft crying . . . ."

Firefox OS faces brutal road ahead
Mozilla may have figured out a way to get its shiny orange and blue Firefox phones into the hands of fans in the U.S. and U.K. But that doesn't mean that analysts are any less skeptical about its chances....

When You Can't Tell Web Suffixes Without a Scorecard
New York Times
ON the Web, there's no place like .home. Enlarge This Image. Boyoun Kim. Bits · More Tech Coverage. News from the technology industry, including start-ups, the Internet, enterprise and gadgets. But there soon may be, along with ...

Fossil of most evolutionarily successful mammal found in China
Times of India
WASHINGTON: A nearly complete skeleton that belongs to the oldest ancestor of "the most evolutionarily successful and long-lived mammal lineage" on Earth has been unearthed in China, researchers from China and the US said. Dubbed as " Rugosodon ...

GPU replacement program announced for 2011 iMacs, Apple to offer refunds for ...
Remember the 2011 iMac's HDD replacement program? It seems like the machine thought it was time for an encore. Apple recently announced that 27-inch iMacs sold between May 2011 and October 2012 may be eligible for a free repair, citing faulty AMD ...

Facebook Explains Vexing Developer Site Outages
Many Facebook developers had trouble signing into their accounts on Tuesday, and some even had their apps permanently disabled. Yesterday morning, Facebook responded saying the automated system they use to detect malicious apps began targeting ...

Motorola Moto X will be available in AT&T stores from August 23
Capital Technologies
The wait for Motorola Moto X is almost over. AT&T will start offering the Motorola Moto X starting from the 23rd of August. The carrier company will offer the 16GB and 32GB models of Moto X and will offer the smartphone in Black and White color options as ...

Microsoft Microsoft's Windows came in third place for the first time displacing ... Samsung outsold Apple by more than 2 to 1 with each one capturing 31.9% and ...
In a remarkably short time, Apple has gone from being a dictatorship to a democracy. What Steve Jobs could do as he moved the company from a modest maker ...
The Seattle Times
Microsoft purchased the video- and audio-calling Internet phone service in 2011. Skype has ...Apple and Google declined to comment on the issue. Ultimately ...
Apple Insider
It may not be a full-fledged television set, but Apple could announce some sort of TV-related product later this year with enhanced control functionality, a new ...

Apple Insider

Google engineers insist 20% time is not dead—it's just turned into ...
A lively debate among current and former Google engineers is raging on Hacker News about Quartz's piece on the death of 20% time at Google—that formerly ...
Summary: Microsoft's latest tack in trying to wean users off Windows XP is to warn them of a possible 'zero day forever' scenario in the post-April 2014 support ...
Salt Lake Tribune
Simply Mac, the Salt Lake City-based independent retailer of Apple products, has opened two new stores in Texas this month, the first of a planned national ...

Google went down today. The Internet went bananas. - The Next Web
Google.com, Google's search product (you may have heard of) went down between 23:52 and 23:57 BST according to Search Engine Land. Not since 2009 has ...
The Next Web 
Darrell Etherington
Apple is apparently stepping up its China operations, according to a number of new job postings found on LInkedIn by the Wall Street Journal today.
Mariella Moon
DNP ICANN blocks Google's dotless domain dreams ... Google had big plans to turn http://search into a service where users could choose among a number of ...
Engadget RSS Feed 

Lorraine Luk
Apple Inc. seems to be beefing up hiring in China. Among the more than two hundred openings in China on professional network site LinkedIn, some of the ...

Josh Lowensohn
Researchers have once again pulled a fast one on Apple's app approval process, getting malware onto the App Store to prove it's still a possibility. A group of ...
Jay Yarow
Here's What Being An Intern At Google, Microsoft, And The White House. ... Apple may be releasing a gold version of the iPhone 5S later this year. KGI analyst ...
Business Insider 
Jordan Kahn
After updating its Android app for Google+ earlier this week, Google has today updated ... Apple'snew App review guidelines strengthen protection for children ...
Brandon Russell
Rather than release a full blown HDTV, Apple is instead prepping a completely new TV product that's set to hit in November.

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