31 August 2014

Jack Ma, Wealthiest in China (video)

Found Assets Make Jack Ma China’s Wealthiest : Video - Bloomberg:
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On "Movers & Shakers," Bloomberg's Betty Liu and Matt Miller report on discovered hidden assets that taken into account make Jack Ma China’s wealthiest person. They speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg Aug 28)

Motorola teases Moto 360 smartwatch, new phones for 9/4 event - CNET: "The company plans the unveiling of its eagerly anticipated smartwatch and possibly new versions of its Moto X and Moto G smartphones."

Apple announces special event for Sept. 9: "...It’s widely expected that Apple will introduce new iPhones at the event, which makes perfect sense—Apple has used the September event to launch new iPhones for a number of years now. Getting new products out in the fall sets the company up for a solid holiday shopping season, the busiest time of the year for consumers...."

Amazon: Not an E-commerce Company | stratechery by Ben Thompson: ".... Amazon is not an e-commerce company. No more pointing at the fact that e-commerce is only 6% of U.S. retail, or that Amazon’s multi-sided network of merchants and customer base are the key factors in determining their future success. No, the company is going for something a whole lot bigger, even as their foundation is being slowly watered down by the same Internet that made Bezos feverish nearly 20 years ago."

Google’s Smith Is Top Candidate for U.S. Chief Technology Officer - Bloomberg: "America is close to getting a new chief technology officer: Megan Smith, a longtime executive at Google Inc. and most recently a vice president at its secret lab, Google X...."

Broadcom's WICED Sense Is A $19.99 Developer Kit To Aid In Rapid Prototyping of Internet of Things Apps | The Digital Letter: "....With applications and devices centered around everything from retail, infrastructure, and transport to clinical health, medical devices, and biometric technology, and also to home automation, entertainment, and of course, wearables, the common thought is that soon everything we touch and look at will be connected to the Internet in some way...."

It's Over: The Rise & Fall Of Google Authorship For Search Results: "...In short, proper adoption of rel=author markup was extremely low. Google clearly went to extreme efforts to try and make the connection between author and publisher, even in the face of many challenges. From a broader perspective, this tells us quite a bit about the difficulties of obtaining data from publishers. It’s hard, and the quality of the information you will get is quite low...."

How to fix Google Play errors - CNET: "Thanks to XDA member mohamedrashad, there's a thread with the error codes and what they mean, along with ways to fix each issue. Here's a sample of that list with some of the most common error codes:"

US courts trash a decade’s worth of online documents, shrug it off | Ars Technica: "...PACER has long been criticized as a deeply dated system that already does too little and charges too much for access to things like judicial orders that are important public documents. Its inefficiency spawned a project called RECAP, which worked with the Internet Archive to make PACER documents available for free, instead of the 10 cents per page PACER charges. (PACER actually raised its charge from seven to ten cents per page, all while bandwidth and storage costs plummeted.)..."

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