01 September 2014

Alibaba IPO Launch, Week of Sept 8, Shares Trading Sept 18?

Alibaba Group Plans IPO Launch Week of Sept. 8 - WSJ: "Shares Could Begin Trading as Soon as Sept. 18 or 19" (read more at link above)

The Real Reason Companies Are Spending Less on Tech - Justin Fox - Harvard Business Review"Corporations have been spending relatively less on IT and getting dramatically more for the money. Their biggest area of capital investment, thus, has been something of a free lunch. The result: big profits, low capital spending, and big piles of cash that executives and boards don’t quite know what to do with."

Inside Apple Inc.'s spin machine
According to Mark Gurman's 9-part profile of Apple's public relations operations, it was Steve Jobs' idea to assign an adjective to each of its products.


Why I Am More Excited About Google's Project Loon Than Project Wing
Google announced some of the specs behind its secret project to develop drone-delivery services on Thursday. Project Wing, as we all know now, has ...


Apple Has Considered $400 Price for Wearable Device
Pricing has yet to be finalized for the forthcoming product, which is expected to begin shipping next year. Sources say consumers should expect a ...
Report: Apple Pondering $400 Price Point for 'iWatch' - PC Magazine

Times of India

Apple Partnering With American Express On New iPhone Payments System
Apple has reached an agreement with American Express to work together on its new iPhone payments system, according to sources familiar with the ...

Daily Mail

Look, no hands! I'm in Google's driverless car (and it could be finding its way to YOUR street)
Daily Mail
And, just like that, I've fallen in love with Google's self-driving car. .... There is something instantly addictive about it – plus it allows technology to ...

Crave Online

Amazon Reviving The Tick with Patrick Warburton?
The Tick would be brought back as a test pilot which, per Amazon's current ... Amazon'slatest round of pilots - from the likes of Whit Stillman, Steven ...

Times of India

Microsoft refuses to comply after judge revives overseas data search warrant
ZDNet (blog)
A US judge has lifted a stay on an order that will force Microsoft to hand over ... How one judge single-handedly killed trust in the US technology industry ... Apple, AT&T, and Cisco also threw their weight behind the software giant. .... Obama taps ex Google engineer to head government tech overhaul.

Twitter Redesigns Signup Process to Entice New Users - Digits - WSJ: "... Now, it first asks users to identify their interests. Twitter’s list of options include photography, fashion, entertainment, news and popular accounts. Based on those choices, Twitter offers suggestions. For example, users who chose “funny” might see a recent tweet from actor and comedian Aziz Ansari, while fashion mavens would be shown designer Marc Jacobs’s account and shutter bugs would see the Historical Pics accounts...."

10 Tips and Tricks for Google Docs
Chris Hoffman
Google Docs doesn't have the cluttered ribbon full of features you'll find in Microsoft Office, but it does have quite a few useful tricks up its sleeve.

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