21 August 2014

Twitter Censorship?


Twitter blocking 'graphic imagery' of James Foley beheading
Twitter says it is blocking accounts related to "graphic imagery" after the Islamic State released a video that shows the beheading of American ...
Twitter removes images of James Foley's death - CNNMoney
Twitter suspends accounts tweeting graphic images of James Foley beheading - Telegraph.co.uk
Twitter Tries to Block Images of Foley Killing - ABC News


Twitter to delete images of deceased family members on request
Policy revamp comes a week after Robin Williams' daughter abandoned Twitter after gruesome images of her late father were sent to her on the social ...
Twitter Will Remove Images Of The Deceased At The Request Of Family - Gizmodo

How Facebook and Twitter control what you see about Ferguson
Washington Post
Social media is controlled by algorithms – a mathematical formula that dictates what you see and when. In the past week, people have noticed ...

Foley video, photos being scrubbed from Twitter
Washington Post (blog)
Shortly afterward, Radio Sawa's Washington correspondent Zaid Benjamin, who seems to have broken the news of the execution, had his Twitter ...
Twitter Is Suspending Accounts For Sharing Beheading Images - TechCrunch

Should Twitter and YouTube remove images of James Foley's beheading, or do we have a right to ... - Gigaom

Daily Mail

Why CSIS' Twitter faux pas was worse than that time the Red Cross got slizzerd
Washington Post (blog)
As police and protesters clashed in Ferguson in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, theTwitter account for the Center for Strategic and International ...


Your Twitter Favorite Button Just Got a Lot More Powerful
If you've noticed tweets from people you don't follow popping up on your Twitter timeline, you're not going crazy. Twitter has updated its help ...
Twitter To Start Showing You Tweets From People You Don't Follow - Search Engine Journal

Twitter Has Changed A Core Function Of How It Works, And Users Are Freaking Out
Jay Yarow
Twitter has opened up the possibility of changing how its core function works. Dan Frommer at Quartz saysTwitter updated the page that defines its ...

Twitter is suspending accounts of people sharing journalist beheading video
Mark Sullivan
Twitter sprang into action today to prevent its users from sharing a graphic and disturbing video of Islamic militants beheading American journalist ...

Twitter to add "tweets from accounts you don't follow" to timelines
Rob Beschizza
So far, this has meant tweets favorited by people you do follow, but the idea is clearly to get users accustomed to feeds made of all sorts of things you ...

Twitter Suspends Accounts of Users Posting Execution Images
Twitter is "actively suspending accounts" of users posting images related to the apparent execution of journalist James Wright Foley, CEO Dick Costolo ...

Why Facebook is for ice buckets, Twitter is for Ferguson
Facebook's aspires to be a veritable news provider, but Twitter remains the hard-news king.


News and ads to appear on Snapchat
The Australian
SNAPCHAT, the mobile app for disappearing messages, could soon be a service for disappearing videos, news articles and advertisements. The start-up has held talks with advertisers and media companies in recent weeks about a service called Snapchat ...

Nature World News

Falcon 9 gracefully lands in SpaceX released video
Tech Times
Commercial spaceflight outfit SpaceX releases new video of successful soft ocean landing of Falcon 9 rocket. Test was third meant to lead to recoverable, reusable launch vehicle. (Photo : SpaceX). Commercial spaceflight company SpaceX has released a ...

Economic Times

Apple shares close at all-time high weeks before iPhone 6 launch
The stock closed above $100, which marks a record for the electronics giant when accounting for June's 7-for-1 stock split. by Shara Tibken · @sharatibken; August 19, 2014 6:00 PM PDT. comments. 0. facebook. twitter. linkedin. googleplus. more. more +.

The New Yorker

Daily Cartoon: Tuesday, August 19th
The New Yorker
Strongbox is a new way for you to share information, messages, and files with our writers and editors and is designed to provide you with a greater degree of anonymity and security than afforded by conventional e-mail. To help protect your anonymity, ...

Tumblr Partner Will Now Scan Photos for Clues About Brand Affiliation"Every day, users post about 130 million photos on Tumblr. Starting this week, the Yahoo-owned media brand will start to parse all those images for clues to users' brand affiliations."

Tech Times

NASA's Mars Rover Curiosity Stalled By 'Hidden Valley' Sand
Huffington Post
This image, taken by NASA's Mars rover Curiosity in August 2014, looks across the northeastern end of sandy "Hidden Valley" to the lower slopes of Mount Sharp on the horizon. | NASA/JPL-Caltech. Share · Tweet. Email. Comment. Share on Google+ ...

Fox News

Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano rumblings prompt orange alert (+video)
Christian Science Monitor
When Iceland's Grimsvötn volcano became active in April 2011, its explosive eruption sent ash plumes into the sky, disrupting flights in northwestern Europe for three days. Bardarbunga is another under-ice volcano.

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