07 August 2014

Android passes Apple in Web Usage, Chrome overtakes Firefox

Android Is Beating iOS In Web Usage - Business Insider: "Apple has lost yet another battle to Android.  According to the latest data from Net Applications (via 9to5Mac), Android usage is now higher than iOS, Apple's iPhone and iPad operating system. Net Applications measures web traffic across 160 million monthly visits...."Insight @Canalys | Smart phones, Worldwide, share of units (%) by platform, Q2 2014: "@Canalys: Android market share is strongest ever at 84% in Q2 2014."

Google Chrome Browser Market Share Tops 20%: Leaves Firefox In Its Dust
Its figures show Chrome overtaking Firefox as the second most popular Internet browser, behind Microsoft's Microsoft's Internet Explorer, as early as ...

Microsoft Surface Tablet - Business Insider: "... Microsoft is bleeding cash from its Surface tablets and may soon have to consider shutting down the business altogether, Computerworld’s Gregg Keizer wrote in a compelling piece against the Surface. Keizer did his own back-of-the-envelope calculation to estimate that Microsoft has lost $1.73 billion since the Surface’s debut in 2012. The total loss for FY2014 was $680 million, and it was $1.049 million for the year before, according to Keizer. His calculations also revealed that in the June 2014 quarter alone, the Surface had lost $363 million, the largest quarterly loss for the Surface since Microsoft started releasing quarterly revenue figures..."

Google is stealing away Microsoft’s future corporate customers - Quartz"...Among the Fortune 50, only one company—Google—had its mail records pointed at Google’s servers. Among the mid-size companies, almost 60% host their email with Google, including corporations like Twitter, Dropbox, Box, Airbnb, Square, Uber, and Etsy. And among the Y Combinator startups—mostly very small companies with some funding, but often tight budgets—92% host their email with Google."

Google shows off new Cambridge campus
Boston Globe
Google Inc.'s substantial presence in Cambridge gets even bigger Tuesday, as the ...Google opened a small advertising sales office in Boston in 2003 but ... But though it's only a few steps away from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, GoogleCambridge recruits ... Facebook · Twitter · Google+ ...


Google yanks BombGaza game for violating app policies
Google has removed a game from its Google Play marketplace that encouraged players to pretend they were Israeli soldiers bombing Gaza City.


Microsoft vs. Samsung, Explained
Though Android is a Google offering, Microsoft claims a wide range of patents related to the OS and has signed licensing agreements with many ...

Capital FM Kenya

Yahoo Now Ensures and Verifies Audience Delivery Using comScore
Yahoo is the first publisher to fully integrate vCE® throughout its ad buying and reporting platforms in an effort to unify all available data for advertisers.


Amazon Fans Stray From Script Regarding Bezos's New Phone
What's the boldest innovation leap from Amazon's new Fire smartphone? When the phone launched June 18, Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos ...

Facebook Data Privacy Class Action Joined By 11000 And Counting
On Friday the Europe vs Facebook privacy campaign group kicked off a new legal initiative targeting Facebook – in the form of a class action lawsuit ...

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