18 August 2014

Smartphones, Ultra Cheap, Ultra Chic

Infographic: Apple and Samsung Lose Ground to Chinese Vendors | Statista

source: Statista

Ultra Cheap Mobile Phones Will Upset The Industry Apple Cart - Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) | Seeking Alpha: "...The pressure from lower priced phones is having its effect already. IDC reports that while over 300 million smartphones were sold in Q2, a 25% rise over 2013, both Apple and Samsung lost market share in the period. Worse for both in some respects, Bloomberg reported that China Mobile has slashed subsidies for higher priced devices. Samsung had already seen its profits suffer a decline as its smartphone shipments stuttered and average selling prices fell in the second quarter causing a 10% drop in revenues and a profit drop. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to calculate what happens to Apple profits if its volumes drop 10% and its prices drop 10% in parallel..."

Lenovo Takes On Apple, Samsung in Smartphones - WSJ: "Chinese Firm's Net Climbs 23% Amid Strength in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America"

Uber car service twists sharing economy into ‘sucker’s economy’ - Therese Poletti's Tech Tales - MarketWatch: "According to Gawker’s ValleyWag , some customers in San Francisco paid the equivalent of a flight to the East Coast to take the Uber car service after the city’s big music festival Outside Lands, in Golden Gate Park. Some customers tweeted they were charged from $290 to as much as $470 to go from Golden Gate Park to other destinations in the city...."

Amazon launches credit-card processor for businesses
The Desert Sun
Businesses must buy Amazon's card reader for $10 and download the free mobile app from the Amazon app store, the Apple app store or Google Play ...
How Mobile Payment Providers Can Beat Back Amazon - Forbes


Why did Yahoo post photos of Ferguson cop?
Atlanta Journal Constitution
We know some details about Wilson, but Yahoo News made the curious decision Saturday to post a Facebook photo it claims is Wilson receiving a ...


Amazon looks to gain liftoff for drone delivery testing
Amazon is going on the offensive as it seeks federal approval to test its ... of thetechnology, said Ben Gielow, general counsel for the Association for ...

The Guardian

Amazon's Russell Grandinetti: Kindle champ takes on the books trade
The Guardian
But in less than six months, Amazon's mood has soured. ... "Books compete against mobile games, television, movies, Facebook, blogs, ... Apple, Google and Microsoft are all looking to compete in the ebook market. ... Technology.


Facebook offers Zambia free Internet access
Count Google as one of them. The Mountain View search giant is testing technology that uses balloons that float 12 miles above the Earth's surface to ...


5 myths: Facebook's message app
Omaha World-Herald
NEW YORK (AP) — Facebook's recent effort to force people to adopt its standalone mobile messaging app has privacy-concerned users up in arms.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Takes Ice Bucket Challenge, Puts Dr. Dre in the Spotlight
The celebrity and business world has been swept up in taking the ALS ice bucket challenge, and the latest entrant in the star-packed list of challenge ...


Look, no hands! Test driving a Google car
It's actually high praise for the car in question: Google Inc.'s driverless car. ... Googlepublicly disclosed its driverless car program in 2010, though it began the previous year. ... his mission is to perfect the technology, after which the business model will fall into place. .... 

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