04 August 2014

Alibaba Invests In Array of US Tech Companies (video)

Alibaba Is Investing Huge Sums in an Array of U.S. Tech Companies - NYTimes.com: "In March, Alibaba made a $215 million investment in Tango, a messaging app. It recently contacted Snapchat, another messaging app that this year turned down a $3 billion acquisition offer from Facebook, about making a big investment that would value the young company at $10 billion...the recent investments aren’t just about size. Alibaba is also rubbing elbows in the sometimes insular world of Silicon Valley-funded start-ups, where a handful of plugged-in financiers can help the company spot the next breakout smartphone app or e-commerce trend before it hits the mainstream...."

Microsoft sues Samsung Electronics
Korea Times
Microsoft has filed a lawsuit against its longtime partner Samsung ... failed to payMicrosoft for the use of its technology in Android-based smartphones ... it would have been a better choice to do things the Google-Motorola way and ...

Dallas Morning News

Amazon Fire phone sure makes it easy to shop
Dallas Morning News
Heck, Microsoft has its own phone operating system, app store and OneDrive ... But until last month, Amazon was the only one without its own phone. With the new Fire phone,Amazon can now sell you a phone optimized to .... If you're fed up with Apple and Google, here's another phone OS for you to try ...

Interactive technology bringing SC museum alive
MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (AP) — From a simulated flight around the moon to the chaos in the gun turret of a destroyer fending off World War II ...

The Guardian

Microsoft digs in on digital privacy
The Hill
Microsoft is squaring off against the Justice Department in a case that could ... AT&T and Apple have all filed briefs supporting Microsoft's argument, ...

New York Times

Facebook's Gateway Drug
New York Times
Leading the charge for Internet.org is Facebook's chief executive, Mark ... His vision is ambitious: Facebook recently bought a small drone maker so that it ... pseudo-humanitarian rhetoric of rights espoused by technology companies.

Toronto Star

Facebook co-founder wants to replace email
Foster's Daily Democrat
Moskovitz is trying to turn that chronic headache into an afterthought with Asana, a San Francisco startup he runs with former Facebook and Google ...


Apple Leads in Accessibility, But Can Third-Party Developers Follow?
Editor's note: Steven Aquino is a freelance tech writer and iOS accessibility expert, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. His work has appeared in ...


Microsoft has a new NFL app for Xbox One and Windows 8
The start of a new NFL season is just around the corner, and Microsoft's been working hard to improve the experience for football fans on the Xbox ...

Gas 2.0

NASA says puzzling new space drive can generate thrust without propellant
A NASA study has recently concluded that the "Cannae Drive," a disruptive new method of space propulsion, can produce small amounts of thrust without the use of propellant, in apparent discordance with Newton's third law. According to its inventor, the ...

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