02 August 2014

Google Comp Values Facebook as $100 Stock (video)

Google Comp Values Facebook as $100 Stock: Nowack: Video - Bloomberg:
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Brian Nowack, senior analyst at Susquehanna Financial, talks with Alix Steel about second-quarter results from Facebook, their growing ad dollar base and offers his thoughts on the company’s valuation and rising stock price. He speaks on “In The Loop.” (Bloomberg July 24)

Google scraps plans for futuristic barge in Maine
A mysterious Google barge in Portland, Maine that was expected to become a new way to introduce consumers to technology such as Google Glass ...

CIO Today

Amazon Cloud Luster Fading? Look Closer
Some skeptics say Amazon's cloud dominance wears thin. I say Amazon's destiny in the cloud is in its own hands -- and you can't say that for IBM, ...


Facebook works to restore service after outage
Having trouble accessing Facebook? You're not alone. The social network says it is working to get users back online following an outage Friday.


Google details troubles it and others face meeting right to be forgotten requests
Google has outlined the complexities and costs it faces when handling European 'right to be forgotten' requests, throwing a spotlight on the difficulties ...

The Guardian

Facebook's Internet.org Expands in Zambia
ABC News
Facebook's own app, along with its Messenger service, is also included, as is Googlesearch, although charges apply if people click on search results.

Vancouver Sun

Facebook Hit With Privacy Class-Action Suit
PC Magazine
An Austrian privacy activist is calling on global Facebook users to fight the network's data ... "Our aim is to make Facebook finally operate lawfully in the area of data ... of American IT controversies: A judge this week ruled against Microsoft's bid to ... GoogleOutlines 'Right to Be Forgotten' Challenges.

Reuters UK

Microsoft is fixing IE11 on mobile because web developers aren't following standards
Web developers have been complaining for years about having to fix their websites to handle non-standard versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

The Guardian

Microsoft ordered to turn over customer data stored in the cloud
Computerworld - In a decision that could have broad privacy implications, a federal court in New York Thursday ordered Microsoft to comply with a ...


Microsoft Enhances Office For iPad
Earlier this month, Microsoft revealed that Office for iPad has been ... Unlike Apple and Google's competing offerings, however, Office for iPad isn't free ...

Google, Apple & The Battle For Your Ears
The titans of technology have spent lavishly for your eyeballs. ... Facebook dominates one form of social networking, but not all of social networking.

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