28 August 2014

Twitch DDoS Attack, Alibaba Profit Triples (video)

Alibaba Profit Triples Ahead of IPO: Video - Bloomberg:
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Oberweiss Asset Management Senior Analyst Jeffrey Papp, Bloomberg’s Leslie Picker and Cory Johnson discuss Alibaba’s profit numbers. They speak on “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg Aug27)

Twitch hit by DDoS attack right after Amazon announced purchase - Pocket-lint: "This commercialisation of a platform that was built for gamers could be why it's now under attack. The thought of having to sit through lots of adverts or having items to buy thrown at you constantly might be too much for some."

PC market in 2014 a bit less dire than previously thought | PCWorld: "PCs with the older Windows XP OS are being upgraded in larger numbers, IDC said. Chromebook shipments are also growing, particularly in the education sector, which has contributed to the improved outlook."

Can Windows 9 Help Microsoft Win Back Lost Customers? - Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) | Seeking Alpha: "....those who work for a living don't want to be annoyed by apps that crave attention. They don't want to be WOWed by on-screen animations, or stare at screensavers on end. There may be some people who like these distractions. So, the company should give users a simple way to get rid of such annoyances. Another thing is the Windows app store. It's a mess in there. Microsoft's app store is infested with scam. Fake apps turn up frequently in popular searches. Microsoft will have to resolve these issues before people currently using Mac, Chrome or Ubuntu will even consider coming back."

Amazon Muscles In On Google Ad Dollars
Amazon's offering is expected to resemble AdWords, Google's engine that ... But Amazon is also reportedly developing a tool to enable advertising ... David Dorf, senior director of technology strategy at Oracle Oracle Retail, saw ... “Google and Facebook have different views of those shoppers based on ...

Yahoo Tech

9 Things You May Not Have Known About Google Now
Yahoo Tech
Google Now is known mostly as the search giant's Siri competitor. Available on many Android phones and as part of the Google app for iPhone, ...


Apple wearable rumored to debut with iPhone 6 in September
Apple will debut a wearable device alongside the September 9 iPhone ... similar to devices running Google's wearable-specific Android Wear OS.


New Google Nexus Leak Confirms 192-Core, 64-bit Apple Rival
Last September Apple Apple caused a stir when it announced iOS 7 and the accompanying iPhone 5S would support 64-bit operation. The move to ...

Wall Street Journal

Judge Denies Apple Request for Injunction Against Samsung Phones, Tablets
Wall Street Journal
Samsung smartphone Galaxy J SC-02F, left, and Apple's iPhone 5s are seen in ... Apple had sought a permanent injunction against certain Samsung ...

New York Times

California's Embrace of Anti-Theft Technology in Smartphones Puts a Squeeze on Thieves
New York Times
If the history of security technology is any indication, the kill switch could ... Since Appleintroduced so-called kill switch technology for its iPhone in ...

Business Insider Australia

​Google goes public with security audits to ease corporate concerns
Google is taking unprecedented steps to show its cloud, business, and ... Google, along with Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft, and others, has become ...

Cloud Storage Showdown: Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud and More
Mario Aguilar
Dropbox, MediaFire, Microsoft OneDrive, and Google Drive all offer 1TB for ... And if you're a hardcore Apple fan who revels in simplicity and doesn't ...

Time Warner internet outage affects millions of US broadband customers | Technology | theguardian.com: "The FCC is currently reviewing a deal for company to be purchased by Comcast – a cable and internet giant. The deal comes after Time Warner received a $60bn offer from smaller rival Charter Communications, but accepted Comcast’s offer of $45.2bn after Charter threatened to unseat the company’s board of directors."

Why Apple's next iPhone will be bigger than people think: "It's a big year for the iPhone, literally. At a choreographed coming-out party on Sept. 9, the entire tech world expects Apple to show off a device with a 4.7-inch screen, and possibly one with a 5.5-inch screen...."

Twitter Opens Its Analytics Dashboard To Everyone: ".... this page lurking in Twitter’s support base confirms it: the dashboard should now be open to every account that has been open for at least 14 days, isn’t restricted/protected/suspended, and (curiously) that primarily tweets in English, French, Japanese, or Spanish. You can find the newly unlocked analytics dashboard right here...."

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