25 August 2014

Uber Opens Up API to Developers (video)

Uber Opening Up API to Developers with Launch Partners: Video - Bloomberg:
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Uber SVP for Business Emil Michael discusses Uber opening up API to developers with multiple launch partners. He speaks with Emily Chang on “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg Aug20)

Cheap Windows laptops: One area they can't compete with Chromebooks | ZDNet: ""The affordability and easy maintenance of Chromebooks clinched the deal – we could buy three Chromebooks for the price of a single desktop computer and the district’s small IT team wouldn’t have to struggle to keep up with the repairs and updates on aging PCs.”"

The Microsoft Store: A wretched hive of scams and fake apps | ZDNet: "And remember, Microsoft also gets a cut from every sale made."

How Microsoft will ride Android hardware to save Windows Phone - CNET: "Specifically, Microsoft has tweaked its Windows Phone 8.1 software so that hardware makers can lean on the hardware and reference designs they're already using to build devices for Android-based phones in order to build a Windows Phone device."

Amazon Preps a Challenge to Google's Ad Business - WSJ: "Retailer Developing Ad Sales Program in a Challenge to Google and Microsoft"

BBC News - NSA and GCHQ agents 'leak Tor bugs', alleges developer: "...British and American intelligence agents attempting to hack the "dark web" are being deliberately undermined by colleagues, it has been alleged. Spies from both countries have been working on finding flaws in Tor, a popular way of anonymously accessing "hidden" sites. But the team behind Tor says other spies are tipping them off, allowing them to quickly fix any vulnerabilities...By fixing these flaws, the project can protect users' anonymity..."

Delivery Start-Ups Are Back Like It’s 1999 - NYTimes.com: "Of course, the couriers still need to be paid. “The complicated part is not getting customers, it’s getting the product to the customers"...."

The Ivy League, Mental Illness, and the Meaning of Life - The Atlantic"William Deresiewicz explains how an elite education can lead to a cycle of grandiosity and depression. "

Google Buys Product-Design Company Gecko for X Projects - Bloomberg"Gecko, which is based in Los Gatos, California, will join Google’s X lab, the startup said on its website. The company helps design products for clients including Hewlett-Packard Co., furniture maker Herman Miller Inc. and wearable-device provider Fitbit Inc., according to its website."

Execution of U.S. journalist reveals the changing business of war coverage | Reuters: "... On the evening newscasts at the major U.S. networks ABC, NBC and CBS, the number of minutes dedicated to overseas coverage is less than half of what it was in the late 1980s, Pew reported. But a new crop of smaller and less resourced news outlets, such as GlobalPost, Vice Media and BuzzFeed, are stepping into the breach and reporting from conflict regions. There has also been an influx of freelance journalists who can now report with a smart phone or hand-held camera and post their stories online, all without the backing of an established media organization...."

I will not be returning to Ferguson | Ryan L. Schuessler: "...We should all be ashamed, and I cannot do it anymore. I am thankful for my gracious editors who understand that."

British man sentenced to nearly three years in prison for movie piracy | Ars Technica: "Authorities caught Fast and Furious 6 uploader via his profile on a dating site."

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