11 August 2014

iPhone 6, Bigger Screens, Improved Battery Life (video)

iPhone 6: Bigger Screens and Improved Battery Life: Video - Bloomberg:
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ISI Group Senior Managing Director Brian Marshall and Bloomberg’s Cory Johnson discuss the demand for bigger screens and more improved battery performance on Apple’s iPhone. They speak with Emily Chang on “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg Aug6)

Obama on net neutrality: My administration is against Internet fast lanes - The Washington Post: "What Obama seems to be opposing is the idea of paid prioritization, or the notion that companies should be able to pay for better, smoother access to consumers. The remarks also seem to contrast with the FCC's current proposal on net neutrality, which would tacitly allow for such commercial deals so long as the agency didn't consider them "commercially unreasonable.""

As Google acquisition looms, Twitch becomes just like the YouTube beast it tried to distance itself from | ExtremeTech: "It’s been several months since YouTube and Twitch reportedly reached an agreement for the former to acquire the latter. While the rumor remains unconfirmed, recent changes to Twitch’s functionality and copyright policing imply that there’s truth to the idea — and the end results aren’t particularly good. First, there’s the loss of archival broadcast footage...."

Amazon, Facebook, Google, And The New Tech Conglomerate
Google Google and Facebook's acquisition spree has received much press and ... That may be true but thetechnology conglomerate era will be different from ... Aspiring conglomerates, such as Amazon, Google, andFacebook are ...

Wall Street Journal

Amazon Halts Some Disney Movie Preorders
Wall Street Journal
It is a tactic Amazon has used several times this year, including with Time Warner Inc....
Disney And Amazon In Fight Over Captain America And Maleficent Blu-rays - Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movie, TV News


Report: Apple to unveil wearable device next month
NEW YORK — Most observers expect Apple's upcoming September 9th event to focus on one or more new iPhones, with the long awaited Apple ...

Slate Magazine (blog)

Slate Magazine (blog)
Amazon has a new target in its ongoing war with publisher Hachette: that book-hating, totalitarian, anti-democratic English author George Orwell.

Is Barnes & Noble Competing With Amazon? Perhaps Not
Barnes & Noble is fighting Amazon by teaming with Google Google Shopping Express to enable same day delivery of books. There are two important ...


Android Users Flip Out Over New Facebook Messenger Privacy Rules
Users have been denouncing the Facebook's forced migration to the ... for the mobile app's liberal access terms; those came straight from Google. ... Facebook claims it has more freedom to shape policies for Apple's mobile ... governed by Facebook, Yahoo, AOL, or Hotmail's Terms of Use and Privacy ...

Daily Mail

Very easy rider: Now Google plans driverless robot motorbike - and wants permission to start ...
Daily Mail
Google has begun lobbying the state of California to allow it to test ... The technology giant has caused controversy over its driverless vehicle testing in ...

Amazon jabs Hachette in e-books dispute: 'We will never give up'
In a letter to readers posted online, Amazon again made its case for why .... Website distribution is becoming more generic with new web technology ...

Express Lane: Google's Challenge To Amazon Kicks Into A Higher Gear"While Amazon is spending fortunes to expedite packages to you — negotiating for Sunday deliveries with the U.S. Postal Services, offering same-day service in more cities, and even experimenting with drones – Google’s Shopping Express has been built on the cheap. Using an army of contract workers, the company lets people order from more than a dozen brick-and-mortar merchants and then delivers the purchases usually the same day. With Whole Foods, Target and Costco as partners, Google is able to offer thousands of products while warehousing none of them...."

Amazon Fire Review: Innovative Features That Seem Humdrum | MIT Technology Review: ".... Firefly is off-putting because it seems like little more than a way to get people to buy more products from Amazon. Whenever Firefly recognizes an object, the first thing it asks is whether you want to buy it. Even when the object isn’t really a product, Amazon turns it into one... "

Google to recruit through coding competitions - The Economic Times: "MUMBAI: Google India has changed the way it recruits from engineering colleges, trashing paperbased tests in favour of Google Jams or coding competitions. Candidates will now have to crack coding puzzles online to clear the first few rounds of the placement tests at the coveted firm...."

How hackers used Google in stealing corporate data | CSO Online: "...The service allowed anyone to register a DNS zone, which is a distinct, contiguous portion of the domain name space in the DNS. The registrant could then create A records for the zone and point them to any IP address. In addition, Hurricane did not check whether newly created zones were already registered or owned by other parties, FireEye said.  Google and Hurricane were notified of the malicious use of their services, Moran said. Both companies had removed the attack mechanisms...."

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