24 August 2014

Week Review: Google Turns 10, Ballmer Resigns, Apple Soars

Google's stock soars 1293% in first 10 years
Google's (GOOG) rise to power has been so swift and breathtaking, it's shaken up the world order of the advertising industry, disrupted the technology ...

New York Times

Steve Ballmer Quits Microsoft Board, Citing His Outside Duties
New York Times
Steven A. Ballmer, Microsoft's former chief, at a fan festival on Monday for the ... for devices made by Microsoft's competitors, like the iPad from Apple.
Steve Ballmer Steps Down From Microsoft Board - Forbes
Steve Ballmer Leaves Microsoft Board After Sealing Deal For Clippers - Forbes

How Facebook and Twitter control what you see about Ferguson
Washington Post
Johnson backed up her theory with a Georgia Institute of Technology study of how political content affects users' perceptions of Facebook.

Economic Times

Apple at $100: How much higher it can go
Apple (AAPL) stock finally pulled its head over the $100-a-share mark for the first time on a split-adjusted basis to a record closing price. But savvy ...
New record for Apple stock - CNNMoney
Have Apple's Shares Really Hit An All-time High? - Forbes


316 stocks expected to beat Apple
It's so tempting to buy Apple (AAPL) — everyone else is. But in the twisted reality of Wall Street, the most popular stocks don't necessarily have the ...


Facebook “satire” tag could wipe out the Internet's terrible hoax-news industry
Washington Post
The tag is still a “small test,” Facebook told The Post, and isn't terribly visible on the site. You'll see it only in Facebook's related-links box, which appears once ... proliferate onFacebook, ultimately finding — to quote MIT's Technology ...

Daily Report: Steve Ballmer Resigns From Board of Microsoft
Bits - Business, Innovation, Technology, Society. Search ... Steven A. Ballmer's era at Microsoft has come to a full stop, Nick Wingfield reports.

Google's Singhal Reflects on the Top Search Milestones Since 2004
Lisa Lacy
Google's Singhal thinks the roll-outs of universal search, voice search and the Knowledge Graph are amongGoogle's proudest moments since its IPO.

Google Turns 10
Eddy Elfenbein
The shares are currently at $597, so Google is up more than 13-fold since the ... To describe the share history a bit more fully, Google raced to $373.62 ...


Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 design and hardware
Since their breakthrough several years back, tablets have become an integral part of the consumer electronics market. Millions of people use them for all sorts of tasks, ranging from web browsing to Netflix to writing and more. Versatility and portability have ...

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