15 August 2014

Windows Phone Losing, Badly

If You Haven't Seen A Windows Phone Lately, It's Because They're Practically Disappearing"Neither Microsoft nor Nokia can hide from the very, very ugly truth. Windows Phone is failing miserably to gain any important traction despite tremendous marketing support. It’s true that globally, Nokia’s Lumia line set a record with 7.4 million units sold in the quarter. But those numbers mask the grim reality. First, North American sales actually fell to just 500,000 units. Second, average selling prices actually fell almost 20% from the prior quarter. To boost sales, Nokia has become a low-end smartphone maker..."

Lenovo first quarter net profit climbs 23 percent as smartphone sales surge | Reuters"Lenovo's core PC business, which still accounts for roughly 82 percent of sales, continued to tighten its grip on the market despite a prolonged decline in the broader industry. Lenovo's laptop sales rose 12 percent over the year while global laptop shipments fell 3.7 percent, the company said. The company this year struck agreements to acquire IBM's low-end server unit and Motorola's handset business from Google Inc. Both deals hinge on U.S. regulatory approval, which analysts say could come as early as the third quarter of 2014."

Do You Really Need Microsoft Office Anymore? - WSJ"Word, Excel and PowerPoint Alternatives From Google and Apple Have Many of the Same Features...."

Wall Street Journal

Amazon Unveils Mobile-Payments Service for Local Shops
Wall Street Journal
Amazon unveiled Local Register, a new mobile-payment service that could threaten rivals like Square and PayPal. WSJ's Scott Thurm explains on ...


Apple Bans Use of 2 Chemicals in iPhone Assembly
ABC News
Apple is banning the use of two potentially hazardous chemicals during the final assembly of iPhones and iPads as part of the company's latest ...
Apple Bans Two Nasty Chemicals From Being Used In iPhone - TechCrunch


Google goes DARPA
Google goes DARPA ... the Defense Department's prodigious technology research organization that gave .... user interface, only to see them commercialized by Apple and Microsoft.

Yahoo Travel

Stalk the Reefs With Google Maps for Under the Sea
Yahoo Travel
The basketball-shaped, triple-lens SVII cameras use the same technology ... Thetechnology also records GPS data and quickly stitches the images together into panoramic views or 360-degree views. ... Follow us on Facebook and Twitter so that we can inspire you every day. ... Yahoo Travel Editors ... https://www.google.com/maps/views/streetview/oceans
Google 'street view' goes undersea to map Florida Keys, reefs - Florida Today


Facebook to Track Users Across Devices to Study Shopping Habits
Facebook Inc. (FB) will let advertisers know where a promotion was first viewed and when it led to a purchase by tracking users between their ...

Daily Mail

The Real Reason Facebook Is Forcing You To Download Messenger
Huffington Post
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has spoken about his strategy to ... bought in the past,Facebook incorporated their technology into existing products ...

The Guardian
Orwell estate hits back at Amazon's corporate 'doublespeak'
The Guardian
George Orwell: 'If other publishers had any sense they would combine against [Penguin] and suppress them.' 

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