20 October 2013

Windows 8 point whatever consensus: FAIL, #FAIL, FAIL!

Windows 8.1? It is now obvious that without a sea change, Microsoft is going to sail the Windows 8 disaster ship, and the faulty vision it was founded upon, to the same graveyard where BlackBerry is, of once upon a time great tech companies -- unbelievable! --

Windows 8.1 is here: Can it win over skeptical PC buyers? | ZDNet: "Windows 8.1 is here: Can it win over skeptical PC buyers?" Short Answer: No

Windows 8.1: New features, but same problems | Microsoft - CNET News: "Microsoft fixes some complaints about Windows 8, such as the lack of a  Start button, but the features likely won't change buyers' opinions. . ." (read more at the link above)

Editor's Note: In other words, if you have any sense, and/or you are a knowledge worker (you actually use your PC to get work done) STAY AWAY from Windows 8 point whatever -- either find a Windows 7 PC or RUN to a Chromebook (I would recommend the Pixel or the new HP Chromebook 14 with Intel Haswell (and preferably 4GB of RAM), $299+) or an Apple Mac.

Apple warns of SSD failures in MacBook Air, offers free replacements | PCWorld: ". . . Users can determine if their drives are affected through firmware available at the Mac App Store. Users can click on Updates at the Mac App Store and choose “MacBook Air Flash Storage Firmware Update 1.1,” which will check the drive. Apple is recommending users back up their data and that they not install any new OSes or applications . . ."

Ubuntu 13.10: A desktop tour (Slideshow) | Page 13 | ZDNet"When day is done, Ubuntu makes it easy to turn the system off. -- Last, but not least, Ubuntu 13.10, unlike some other recent operating systems I could name—cough, Windows 8.x, cough—makes it simple to restart or turn off your computer."

Microsoft pulls Windows RT 8.1 update from the Store
Summary: Microsoft has temporarily pulled its recently released Windows RT 8.1 update for ARM-based devices due to an unexplained issue. By Mary Jo Foley for All About Microsoft | October 19, 2013...

Why I Returned My iPhone 5s - Mobility - Smartphones - Informationweek: " . . . The biggest reason I returned the iPhone 5s is because it didn't offer a different experience from the iPhone 5. Aside from the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, there was no obvious change in how the device performed. Sure, the 5s has a slightly better camera and faster processor, but the difference in performance is hardly noticeable. If you look at it from this angle, I spent $900 to get a fingerprint sensor. Let me tell you something: I don't need a fingerprint sensor on my smartphone. At least, not right now. . . ."

Redesigned Google Play Store for Android revealed in leaked images | The Verge: "Android users may soon see a redesigned Google Play Store, judging by newly leaked screenshots of an unreleased update. . . ."

Apple decks out venue for iPad event next week
The company is decorating the windows of San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center to match the design on press invites sent out for an event on October 22....

“I wanted to let you know that going forward, I won't be joining every earnings call,” the Google co-founder and CEO said after introducing Google's third-quarter ...

Washington Post (blog)

During development, Apple's gold iPhone 5s was jokingly called the 'Kardashian'
Apple Insider
Apple employees had a humorous nickname for the gold iPhone 5s as they were planning to release the new color option: They called it "The Kardashian Phone." Style. The nickname, in honor of socialite Kim Kardashian, was first revealed by New York ...

Los Angeles Times
Apple and the city of Cupertino, Calif., took a moment to catch their breath this week ... Microsoft's Windows 8.1 upgrade adds more multitasking, customizing....

Microsoft Office fends off open source OpenOffice and LibreOffice ...
Office 365 leads on 14 percent against Google Apps' nine percent. Forrester attributes Microsoft'slead to Office 365's support for hybrid deployments....

Google gets friendly with Facebook, will sell ads on Facebook
Los Angeles Times
The search giant announced on Friday that advertisers who buy ads across the Web through Google's DoubleClick service will soon be able to buy ads on ...

Wall Street Journal (blog)

Google stock poised to hit all-time high
Christian Science Monitor
Among top gainers in premarket trading was Google Inc , which surged 9.2 percent to $969.50, a day after reporting better-than-expected quarterly results as the ...

Christian Science Monitor

Google surpasses $1000 for first time on mobile-ad optimism
The Seattle Times
On Friday, Google's share price jumped above that price for the first time, marking ... Starbucks, Nike and Amazon, another technology-oriented stock that traded ...

San Francisco Chronicle

Illinois Supreme Court strikes down 'Amazon tax'
Chicago Tribune
An Illinois law aimed at leveling competition between online and brick-and-mortar retailers while collecting more state sales taxes is unconstitutional, the state ...

Sky News Australia

Microsoft Just Edges Sony in ABI Research's Game Console ...
--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Microsoft just edged Sony for the top position in ABI Research's game console Competitive Assessment, based on expectations for the ...

1.8 million-year-old skull gives glimpse of our evolution
Sydney Morning Herald
A "time capsule" from 1.8 million years ago, located in Dmanisi, Georgia, shows variations among five human skulls from that period that suggest long-debated distinctions about early human development may be overblown. The differences between the skulls ...

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