19 October 2013

Has Apple Lost Its Magic?

Problems with iOS 7, "cheap" iPhone 5C a flop . . .

Apple loses some of its magic touch with iOS 7
"It did feel more like a Microsoft release," Retzlaff said. "I've never had an issue like this with one of their updates, so it's pretty shocking." Apple's problems raise ...

CIO Today

Chicago Tribune
Second, the deep discounting is helping exposure to Apple phones to many low-end buyers who may have otherwise considered a Google Android phone as ...

Chicago Tribune

Apple Takes A Delicious Bite Of 64-Bit
Chicago Tribune
Samsung, Google or Nokia cannot price their best phones higher than a 5S, ... Microsoft and Intel have more experience with 64-bit computing than Apple does.

Aereo, which allows subscribers to watch local over-the-air television over their devices is launching its first mobile app on android. With the mobile expansion, comes cbs, nbc, fox taking them to court. I find it interesting you are watching on ...

Microsoft takes RDP to Android, iOS, but not Windows Phone
The single mention of the app says that its Remote Desktop application will be available on "Windows, Windows RT, iOS, OS X and Android," but makes no mention of Windows Phone. ZDNet contacted Australian representatives for Microsoft to clarify whether ...

This is a rather clever, even cute, move by Google Google. ... on Windows XP for a year beyond the support that Microsoft Microsoft is going to support browsers ...


Google And Android: Powering The Next Generation Of Internet ...
Chicago Tribune
While iPhones and iPads come in very few versions and only from Apple,... The BusinessWeek post also notes, "Android's rise is bad for Microsoft, which has ...

Chicago Tribune

While search remains the driver of Google's success, the company is focusing on flattening out the differences between desktop and mobile search revenue, and ...

San Francisco Chronicle

Apple, Google, Facebook don't pay the highest engineer salary
While big-name companies, like Google, Apple, and Facebook, tout their engineers as the best and the brightest, these tech giants aren't necessarily paying the ...

ABC News

Google's Q3 beats as ad volume grows, stock flirts $1000 level
Chicago Tribune
The market reaction put Google's stock within striking distance of $1,000, ... in running the company, noting that Amazon.com Inc's CEO Jeff Bezos does not ...

Mariella Moon
Sorry, anonymous Apple multitouch patent challenger -- your victory isn't only temporary, it's also short-lived. The US Patent Office has decided to uphold patent ...
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Microsoft Launches Remote Desktop App for Android and iOS
Emil Protalinski
In addition to the release of Windows 8.1, Microsoft today launched Microsoft ... You can download the free app now directly from Google Play and Apple's App ...
The Next Web

Researchers Claim Apple Can Potentially Access Encrypted ...
Juli Clover
The researchers emphasized they have no indication that Apple or the government is ... To encrypt iMessages, Apple utilizes public key cryptography, which means that every .... Microsoft Launches 'Remote Desktop' Apps for Mac and iOS.
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - Front Page
Sooooo, the Nexus 5 is now showing up on Google Play (name now confirmed). ... Update 5:Google appears to have closed up shop now. .... Microsoft Introduces Remote Desktop App, Access Your Windows Machines From Anywhere ...
Droid Life

Google Accidentally Leaks Nexus 5 Phone At $349 - Business Insider
Alyson Shontell
When Google's Nexus 5 is released in a few weeks, it will hardly be a surprise. The new Android device leaked again last night in the Google Play store, where ...
Business Insider

Rebutting Apple's claim of Imessage security: Apple can too spy on ...
Cory Doctorow
Ios jailbreaker and security researcher Cyril Cattiaux presented his work on Apple's Imessage software at the Hack in the Box conference in Kuala Lumpur.
Boing Boing
Greg Bensinger
Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page said he would be limiting the number of earnings conference calls he ... When the CEO Can't Stop Tweeting. Apple ...

Small chance a big asteroid could hit Earth in 2032
(NEWSER) – As far as chances go, it's a lot more likely that an asteroid named 2013 TV135 will smash into our planet in 2032 than it is that you'll win Powerball. But before you panic, know that the chances are still quite slim: one in 63,000; NASA says it is ...

Don't Dismiss Elon Musk's Submarine Car Idea Just Yet
ABC News
When Elon Musk confirmed this week that he bought James Bond's iconic submarine car to make a real, working version, the CEO of Tesla Motors added to his list of sci-fi inspired ideas that he alone seems to be able to execute. The movie prop car for 1977's ...

Scientists rethink humans' family tree
Los Angeles Times
In the humid foothills of the Caucasus Mountains, deep within a carnivore's bloody lair, an early human ancestor fought a life-or-death struggle, and lost. He had entered the den on a scavenging mission, possibly with several others. Their plan: Use a stone to ...

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