14 October 2013

Google Maps APIs, Innovative Maps

Innovative and fun maps are always being built by creative Web developers using Google Maps APIs, and several discovered recently by eWEEK --
Cool Google Maps uses can also help you estimate taxi fares in many cities, as well as create your own online map-based travel blog. Innovative and fun maps ...(more at link above)


Apple Eyes 13-Inch iPad Hybrid? 8 Signs
As Mac sales fall, clues mount that Apple is prepping a 13-inch iPad-laptop hybrid. ... Last fall he characterized Microsoft's original Surface as compromised and ...


Microsoft, Ford chief Mulally make interesting fit
The Spokesman Review
While its lucrative enterprise-computing services rival its bread-and-butter Windows business in revenue, Microsoft is losing billions chasingGoogle with its own ...

Hot Hardware

Apple Store Employee Files Class Action Lawsuit over Lost Wages
Patently Apple
A full-time non-exempt Apple Store Specialist who worked at both Spokane and San Francisco stores over a two year period has filed a Class Action lawsuit ...
Online Athens
NEW YORK — Google is introducing a $279 laptop that runs its Internet-centric ... package and Quickoffice, a Microsoft Office alternative thatGoogle bought last year. ... online Play store and selected retailers, including Best Buy and Amazon. . . .


Ex-Google China Chief Lee Kaifu Under Propagandist Attack
Chicago Tribune
Referring to Lee as "a man of failure", Zhou also questioned the validity of Lee's former vice president role at Microsoft and the nature of Google's activities in ...

Chicago Tribune

Apple planning to launch all-new 12" MacBook, higher-res sixth-gen ...
Apple Insider
Apple has an all-new-design 12-inch MacBook with a high-resolution display, and a new 9.7-inch sixth-generation iPad with an even higher pixel count than the ...

Apple Insider

Can Amazon Shares Keep Going Up?
Wall Street Journal
Amazon.com shares have doubled in three years, to $319, even as profits have ... But the clearest case to be made on Amazon (AMZN) is to avoid shares of its ...

The Verge
In the days leading up to the Surface RT release last year, Microsoft had largely failed ... Now Microsoft has admitted its decision to drop the "RT" brand from its ...


Markey seeks Google plan probe
Boston Herald
A Bay State senator is calling for a federal probe of Google's new plan to use people's names, pictures and reviews of goods or services in its ads without their ...

Boston Globe

Life Of Google Street View Worker - Business Insider
Megan Rose Dickey
Google Street View Trekkers have the opportunity to explore the world. ... I Promised You Pictures Of Apple's 'Mothership' Headquarters... And Here. ... These Are The Sarcastic Things Amazon's Jeff Bezos Tells Employees When. ..... (Update: picts/video). 3. Why Microsoft Word must Die. 3. Facts About Debt And Deficits. 3.Business Insider 
Jake Smith
Google Nexus 5 shown-off completely in seven minute video. By Jake Smith ... Amazon wants YouTube producers to add their videos to Instant Video? By Elyse Betters ... Apple reportedly halves iPhone 5C production amid poor sales claims.Pocket-lint : Latest News 
Nathanael Arnold
It appears that Apple's iPhone 5S includes a surprising and unwanted Windows-like feature.
Wall St. Cheat Sheet 

Is Google Fiber One Big Ruse? (GOOG) - The Motley Fool
There's little reason to doubt Google's assertion that it intends to expand Google Fiber to ... Click one of these fan favorites to get started: Apple; Google; Ford.

Top 10 science and tech books for October: Amazon, sharks and the ...
The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon. Brad Stone. "We're never going to have sofas, we're never going to have lattes," Bezos told Business ...

Video of the day: Apple's own Blue Screen of Death - Apple 2.0 ...
The bug in Windows that Apple once mocked has come back to bite them. http://youtu.be/DNw457joq5I FORTUNE -- Nobody is calling iOS 7 the new Vista. Well ...
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