25 October 2013

Microsoft Rant, Apple Envy in Redmond

You can read more of the Microsoft rant at the link below --

Microsoft Bashes Apple's iWork Software, New iPads - Mac Rumors: "Microsoft's corporate vice president of communications, Frank Shaw, today took to the Official Microsoft Blog to denounce both Apple's revamped iWork software and the company's well-received decision to distribute it as a free upgrade for existing users. . . ."

Apple's Newest Strategy: Free
San Francisco Chronicle
Microsoft couldn't give Windows away. Not even Google gives away software like this. Apple's position as an integrated hardware/software company makes ...


Apple Targets Microsoft Office With Free Apps - NYTimes.com: "At an event meant to feature its latest iPad tablet computing devices, Apple on Tuesday took aim at one of the biggest and seemingly unassailable businesses of its rival Microsoft, its Office software for tasks like word processing and spreadsheets.Apple said iWork, a set of applications for Macs, iPads and iPhones that essentially duplicates what Microsoft’s Office offers customers, would be free to anyone who bought a new Macintosh computer or mobile device from Apple. Each Apple app used to cost $10 apiece. The latest version of the Macintosh operating system, Mavericks, will also be free. . . ."

Microsoft exec scoffs at talk that Apple's free iWork threatens Office
Computerworld - Microsoft's head of communications took shots today atApple's decision to give away its iWork productivity software, calling the move "an ...

Economic Times

Startup Cover bets on Android's market clout, ...
A trio of veterans from Google, Facebook, and Yahoo tries to make Android phones more useful by anticipating the apps you want the moment you wake up a device. Something they couldn't do on iOS. Stephen Shankland. by Stephen Shankland. October 24 ...

Apple Fixes The Two Worst Errors In iOS 7
There were two significant errors in Apple's Apple's first release of iOS 7. The first was that there's a minority of the population subject to motion sickness.


Amazon Exec Rebuts Book About Amazon In Amazon Book Review
Eating your own dog food is a bedrock tenet of tech industry religion. So if you're a longtime Amazon executive — and former high school classmate of Jeff ...

New York Times

Apple Wins Patent-Infringement Trial Against Wi-Lan
Apple Inc. (AAPL) won a patent-infringement trial in which Wi-Lan Inc. was seeking $248 million from the iPhone maker over an invention for wireless technology ...


TIME (blog)
Microsoft bundles it with the Surface 2 tablet, an offer which is reminiscent of what Apple is doing with iWork. But Microsoft is even less likely to start giving away ...

New York Times

Google Chromebook concept gaining momentum
Boston Globe
Chromebooks are designed by Google and a number of traditional PC makers, ... created by Google as an alternative to bulkier software like Microsoft Corp. ... An app for Amazon.com's Kindle e-book service lets you store your favorite titles on ... Full-fledged personal computers running Windows and Apple Inc.'s Mac OS X ...

Matt Brian
With the next-generation Surface now on sale in 21 countries, Microsoft probably needs to clear out whatever Surface Pros are still lingering in.
Engadget RSS Feed

Barb Darrow
The new 3.4 release enables management of private and Amazon public cloud ... Microsoft keeps building its hybrid cloud with Windows Azure updates. Oct. 22 ...

How Apple makes their high-precision computing machines
Jason Kottke
Even by Apple standards, the video showing how the new Mac Pro is made is a great little piece of cinema. ... What makes Apple fascinating is not that they are using some wiz-bang alien technologies to ...

Microsoft's Office oxygen supply problem - BetaNews
Sridhar Vembu
Google, OpenOffice, LibreOffice and my company Zoho have all offered free office ... Why do Apple or Google or Zoho all want to commoditize Microsoft Office?...

Thoughts on the Apple Event - The Loop
Jim Dalrymple
I've been asked quite a few times today which Apple announcement I thought was the biggest—the blockbuster release that people would be talking about for...
The Loop

Apple may have sold 15M (now old) iPads during the September ...
Ed Sutherland
Normally, selling 170 million of anything is cause for headlines, but everyone isn't Apple. When CEO Tim Cook said Tuesday the tech giant has sold 170 million.

Apple - Up-to-Date Program for Pages, Numbers, and Keynote
Find out how to get Pages, Numbers, and Keynote free for your qualifying new Mac.

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