30 October 2013

Goodbye Cookies, Nokia sales plunge

One more sign of the shift to mobile --

Google, Apple and other tech giants look to a post-cookie era - San Jose Mercury News" . . . over the years, cookies have come under fire from privacy advocates who say their tracking is too intrusive. At the same time, advertisers say they've become increasingly less effective, in part because more consumers are using smartphones and other mobile devices that don't support cookie files. "Whether any of us likes it or not, cookies are going to disappear entirely or diminish to the point where they are not particularly useful," said Eric Bader, chief marketing officer at the online ad agency RadiumOne. . . ."

HELSINKI: Nokia in Q3 net loss as sales continue plunge - Technology - MiamiHerald.com: " . . . Although Nokia retained its no.2 position in mobile phone sales overall with a 15.5 percent global share, that was mainly thanks to its line of older, non-smartphones that still sell in some emerging markets. In smartphones, Nokia did not fare well. At less than 9 million units, its sales lag well behind Samsung's 88 million and Apple's 33.8 million. Even South Korean LG, with 12.7 million units, and China's Lenovo, which sold 11 million, surged past the former world No. 1 that once commanded a global smartphone market share of 50 percent."

Google's social network sees 37% jump in users
SAN FRANCISCO — Google said Tuesday that its social network Google+ has seen a 37% jump in users in recent months. Vic Gundotra, head of social at Google, said Google+ has 300 million monthly active users, up from 190 million in May. Google+ ...

Google shoots for simplifying photography
Mastering photography is hard, and Google wants to make it easier with new features for its Google+ social network like more image auto-enhancement features and on-the-fly splicing of multiple exposures. Google announced the new features Tuesday with ...

Motorola aims for do-it-yourself smartphones
Motorola wants to let consumers design their own smarpthones. The Google-owned manufacturer has launched Project Ara to create a free, open and ...

Facebook App Vulnerabilities Could Compromise Your Account
Tom's Guide
If you use the Facebook or Facebook Messenger apps on your Android device, be careful of downloading files through them. Two newly discovered vulnerabilities could give an attacker unrestricted access to your account. Information about the vulnerability ...

And it puts the ball in Microsoft's court for a response. "Apple's concerned about the enterprise and Windows 8, where software selection is still largely in the ...

Talkin' Cloud
San Jose Mercury News
A Delaware judge on Monday approved a settlement in a shareholder lawsuit challenging Google's (GOOG) plans to split its stock and issue a new class of ...


Microsoft shareholders advised to vote against director Thompson
Microsoft representatives did not immediately reply to a request for comment. ... way of radical reform at Microsoft, which has lost ground to Apple Inc and Google ...

The Australian Financial Review

Apple's iWork upgrade screwup has Microsoft laughing all the way ...
Computerworld (blog)
Apple might have thought it was doing Mac users a favor with its free upgrade of iWork last week, but Microsoft instead has been the recipient of the gift.

Apple Insider

Google's Irish tax affairs on the agenda again
Irish Times
As such, he predicts that Ireland will eventually prohibit companies like Google and Apple from setting up units in Ireland that don't owe income taxes there.

Irish Times

Can Amazon Flip A Switch And Start Making Profits?
An interesting discussion here about whether Amazon can just “flip a switch” and start ... He started with Blogger that was sold to Google Google, then got Twitter ...


Apple's profit concerns linger
The problem: Consumers are increasingly interested in a mix of older and less-expensive Apple products, and that weighs on profits. Apple's gross profit margin ...


Apple Scores Another Beat - John Paczkowski - News - AllThingsD
John Paczkowski
Back in September, Apple said it expected revenue and gross margins for its fourth quarter to fall “near the high end” of the range it had previously provided ...

Daily Report: Though iPhone Sales Climb, Apple's Profit Falls ...
But for the third consecutive quarter, Apple does not have more profit. ... Daily Report: AppleChallenges Microsoft, Offering Free Apps · Highlights and Analysis From Apple's Event · AmazonUpdates Kindle Fire Line ... Wired | With DARPA and Pixar alumni, Google is trying to change the way storytelling happens on ...
NYT Bits

Google's Authorship Project Dying?  
AJ Kohn, someone who focuses more on authorship and rich snippets than most SEOs I know, wrote a story named Authorship Is Dead, Long Live Authorship....
Search Engine Roundtable

Google lets Glass users invite three friends to Explorer program ...
Trevor Mogg
Google is about to hand out its high-tech Glass device to lots more people, but to ... Expanding Glass: Google lets Explorers invite three friends to try its high-tech specs ... Microsoft Surface 2 front start screen ... Amazon Kindle Fire HDX review.
Digital Trends

EU seeks comment on Google's latest anti-trust remedies (Update)
Google, under anti-trust investigation since 2010, submitted new proposals in ... 2010 following a complaint by several companies, including Microsoft. ... Apple on Monday reported that it raked in billions of dollars as iPhone sales .... iPhone iPad Apps · Blackberry App · Android App & Widget ·Amazon Kindle · PDA version.
Phys.org - latest science and technology news stories

Did You Miss Google Top Contributors Too? What It Means
Amanda DiSilvestro
Google Top Contributors help keep the Help forums going, and anyone can get involved. Learn if this is the right choice for you here!
Search Engine Journal

Samsung tops Apple in global smartphone shipments | Mobile ...
"Samsung shipped over two times more smartphones than Apple during the quarter," Neil Mawston,... If Google Glass could do this, it would start a revolution.

Another Way Samsung Can Copy Apple - NYTimes.com
Here's one idea that Samsung could safely copy from Apple: As a proportion of its $221 billion market capitalization, the South Korean giant's near $40 billion ...

Google Glass 2 is coming, finally compatible with prescription ...
The first version of Google Glass, with an internal-only glasses mod. A new version ... PlayingApple IIc games 30 years late through an online emulator museum ...

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