21 October 2013

What the New Microsoft CEO Should Do

  • Consider everything Steve Ballmer has done in the last 10 years as "suspect;"
  • Recognize that Ballmer has hung Microsoft with "losing strategies" in many areas (hints: 1. there's very little profit, if any, in "hardware" for the Redmond giant going forward; 2. Windows 8 was a huge mistake and major #FAIL);
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses within the company and the tech landscape in which it exists;
  • Stop the Google (and Apple) bashing -- those "Scroogled campaigns" only reinforce the impression that Microsoft is inferior, desperate, pathetic (and fire the Ballmer guys who are behind this);
  • Consider splitting up Microsoft into multiple companies--each focused on its respective business (this will give shareholders a "lift" who are otherwise probably doomed to a "go nowhere" stock for the next 10 years);
  • Acknowledge that Microsoft is not, and never will be, Apple nor Google, and that's OK.
  • Nurture the strengths, cut the losers, don't be afraid to make drastic changes, rediscover the Microsoft magic.
What Microsoft's new CEO should do
Microsoft isn't a consumer PC company anymore. It gets more than 60% of its sales and 70% of its profits from selling software to small, medium, and large businesses. Microsoft isn't Apple. Microsoft is a business software company – and a great one ...

Why Apple's claim that it can't intercept iMessages is largely semantics
Washington Post (blog)
This news is important because previous reports suggested that iMessage encryption was a major impediment to law enforcement, and Apple specifically described iMessage data as “protected by end-to-end encryption so no one but the sender and receiver ...
Version 1.3.0 of Hangouts for iOS adds outbound calling on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, and also lets US users of Google Voice receive calls in the iOS ...

TopNews New Zealand

Roadshow: Apple 'spaceship' has supporters
San Jose Mercury News
Q Gary, are you going to post any comments sent to Troy Wolverton following his article on the traffic impact of Apple's new headquarters in Cupertino?...

Mary Jo Foley
Microsoft has pulled temporarily its recently released Windows RT 8.1 update from the ... Thumbnail image of Apple decks out venue for iPad event next week.

Developments with Microsoft's new Windows 8 system
Las Vegas Sun
The launch of Windows 8 a year ago was heralded as the biggest change to the industry's dominant operating system in at least 17 years. It attempts to bridge ...

Pentagon Post

Google's jumps to No. 3, after Apple and Exxon, in market cap
Fortune (blog)
CORRECTION: Google did not overtake Microsoft on Friday, as the headline implies. ... During the same period, the shares of Amazon.com rose 830 percent....

Amazon author: Bezos' drive has shaped the company
The Seattle Times
A handful of authors have tried to write the Amazon.com story. But no one had put together a definitive account of the juggernaut's rise from a Bellevue garage to ...

San Francisco Chronicle

Apple's iRadio tries to stay in tune
It's also why Apple has jumped into the fray with iRadio. Now, nearly a month since launching the service, Apple's plans to take market share away from Pandora ...


Google rolls out new search engine changes
Washington Times
WASHINGTON, October 19, 2013 — Just when everyone assumed they had figured out how to rank higher in Google search results, the giant engine ...

Washington Times

Wall Street Journal
iPhone Sales Test Apple Strategy ... Apple has asked its suppliers to manufacture more of the new gold-colored iPhone 5S due to high demand, the constraints ...

Apple observes ask, Is iPhone 5C a hit or a miss?
CUPERTINO, Calif., Oct. 19 (UPI) -- U.S. technology giant Apple is remaining silent on sales data on its September launch of two phones, butApple observers ...


Google Stock Breaks $1000 Per Share Making Company History ...
Hot Hardware
Google's stock was the talk of Wall Street as the trading week closed, with its per-share price soaring (and staying) beyond $1000. The company's third-quarter ...

Hot Hardware

Google cracks open Project Loon's antennas, explains balloon ...
Timothy J. Seppala
Google has done an admirable job of demystifying Project Loon (that ambitious broadband-via-atmospheric-balloon initiative), but its latest video takes it a step ...
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This Is War (for a Game Industry's Soul)
New York Times
The Swedish Army drafted Patrick Bach in the early 1990s and tried to make a soldier out of him. No such luck. Mr. Bach couldn't see the point of pretending to protect a country at peace since the Napoleonic wars. The only part he liked was the shooting.

Orionid meteor shower this week: See if you can catch a fireball
Los Angeles Times
Looking for something to do tonight? Why not see if you can spot a fireball? The Orionid meteor shower will peak today and Monday. If you can stay up past midnight, or get up before dawn, you may be treated to one of the super-bright "fireball" meteors for ...

Gravitational Wavelengths Could Crack the Black Hole Code
Guardian Express
A paper published in the Science Journal details how a team of researchers is about to crack the mysterious black hole code. The research has been making waves within the science media community, with some claiming that the secret to how they grow has ...

Astronomers discover strange tilt-a-whirl planets
The Space Reporter
NASA's Kepler space telescope has discovered more than 900 confirmed exoplanets orbiting over 700 stars; just today, October 17, eight additional exoplanets were confirmed orbiting six different stars. Even so, Kepler's field of view in the region of the ...

iPhone 6: A Look At The Mistakes
Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has had a lot on its plate this week. Reports emerged a few days ago that the company was lowering its production order for the iPhone 5c by anything up to 50%. Apple clearly fumbled the launch of the phone, and though there is ...

Huawei firmly denies spying for the Chinese government
Chinese mobile and networking company Huawei has rebutted claims it's an arm of the Chinese government before, but now it's offered its firmest denial yet. It's never even been asked to hand over customer data, it says, let alone has it volunteered to do so.

Google's At $1000 Because Of A Wall Street Fetish
Or perhaps this should be phrased the other way around, Google's Google's stock is now at $1,000 a piece or so because Wall Street has rather gotten over an old fetish that is used to have. This isn't anything at all to do with the value of Google as a company ...

Elon Musk Reveals Plans to Upgrade James Bond's Amphibious Car – Well ...
Highlight Press
Elon Musk Reveals Plans to Upgrade James Bond's Amphibious Car – Well, Who Else Would Most of us have to make do with occasionally dreaming we're James Bond – Elon Musk however is anything but 'most of us'. Nope, when it comes to this eccentric ...

Large asteroid not likely to hit Earth in 2032: NASA
Hindu Business Line
NASA This diagram shows the orbit of asteroid 2013 TV135 (in blue), which has just a 1-in-63,000 chance of impacting Earth. Its risk to Earth will likely be further downgraded as scientists continue their investigations. (Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech).

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