04 October 2013

Microsoft, Device Strategy Failure, Apple Envy

With Windows revenue falling and Windows Phone a distant third behind Android and iOS, with roughly 3% of smartphone sales, can this hardware quest possibly end well? (source infra)

Microsoft Should Get Out Of The Device Business
Microsoft must get over Apple envy and play in the real world of mobile. First step: Unchain Microsoft software from Windows.... The Surface Pro's 10.6-inch screen is too big, the price too high, the battery life too ... (read more at link above)

Alibaba Invests in a Search Engine for Apps
New York Times
The Chinese Internet company Alibaba Group wears a number of hats, with commerce sites, a payment system and a search engine. It is also a tech investor. Quixey, a search engine for apps, announced on Thursday that it had raised a $50 million financing ...

FBI Captures Alleged Silk Road Pirate Boss Using His Own Methods
For two years, cybercrime experts from the FBI pored over the secretive online drug bazaar known as Silk Road -- an underground operation that had become, by the time the FBI shut it down this week, the venue for $1 billion worth of illegal transactions, ...

Tesla Stock Falls on Crash Video
Wall Street Journal
Tesla Motors Inc. won a victory in its efforts to sell its electric cars directly in the U.S., where state dealers associates and lawmakers have fought its efforts to set up company-owned sales outlets. The Palo Alto, Calif., maker of $70,000 and up electric sedans ...

Apple acknowledges bug in iOS 7, promises fix
New Delhi: Following complaints from iOS 7 users who are unable to send messages through iMessage, Apple acknowledged that there was a glitch and promised to fix the issue. "We are aware of an issue that affects a fraction of a percent of our iMessage ...

Google to bring India's top heritage sites online
New Delhi: Technology giant Google on Thursday tied up with the government and the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) to bring online the country's major ...


Google buys Flutter, a gesture recognition startup
Google has acquired Flutter, a gesture recognition company whose technology lets people control music and movies on their desktop by waving their hands....

Times of India

How Google's Calico aims to fight aging and 'solve death'
(CNN) -- It is an age-old question: will humankind ever defeat old age? Plenty of skin care companies would like us to believe so. And now, the multinational ...
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Microsoft to Trial 'White Space' Wireless Technology in U.K. ... U.S. software giant Microsoft Corp. is one of the headline companies taking part in Europe's first ...

Wall Street Journal (blog)

Microsoft's Gadgeteer aims to make creating gadgets as simple as ...
Summary: Microsoft is hoping the 'Put tab A into slot B' simplicity of its Gadgeteer .... and are available direct from the manufacturers, as well as through Amazon.


Google Nexus 5
Even though Google hasn't made anything official quite yet (not even the launch ... 5 outperforming all other Android devices and rivaling Apple'siPhone 5S....

Technology Bloom News

Google and the Transformation of Marketing
Wall Street Journal
I spoke this week at the Google Analytics Summit in Mountain View, and couldn't help being impressed with the pace of change at both Google Inc. and the ...

Apple one step closer to building new 'spaceship' headquarters
Apple one step closer to building new 'spaceship' headquarters. Cupertino's planning commission approved Apple's plans to construct its brand new corporate ...


It's Not You - How To Know When Apple Services Are Down | Cult of ...
Rob LeFebvre
It may be you, but now you know, right? Apple reported some system outages early Wednesday, with multiple services going down between 9:30 and 11:00 am.Cult of Mac 
Quentyn Kennemer
Some good news has hit the wire for our friends in Canada -- Google Play gift cards are now available for your consumption! You can get them in denominations ...

Google Nexus 5
Rumors and conjecture have been floating around for much of the summer, and now details seem to be falling into place quickly for the updated flagship Android smartphone. Even though Google hasn't made anything official quite yet (not even the launch ...

NSA: Yes we 'experimented' with US mobile tracking. But we didn't inhale
Analysis The US National Security Agency has recently admitted to experimenting with bulk collection of mobile phone locations, but denied it ever actually used the information. This is unlike its European contemporaries, which apparently devolved the task ...

Snapchat lets photos live for a day with 'Stories'
The new feature allows the photos and videos you share with friends to live for a full 24 hours before disappearing. Lance Whitney. by Lance Whitney. October 3, 2013 8:32 AM PDT. Follow @lancewhit. (Credit: Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET). Snapchat ...

Flutter-BYE, we're all Google now: Ad giant slurps gesture-tastic app-maker
The machine vision technology outfit was co-founded by San Francisco-based Navneet Dalal and Mehul Nariyawala three years ago. CEO Dalal announced that Google had scooped up their firm, which specialises in controlling apps such as Apple's iTunes ...

Intel outfits open-source Galileo DIY computer with new Quark chip
With its first computer based on the extremely low-power Quark processor, Intel is tapping into the 'maker' community to figure out ways the new chip could be best used. The chip maker announced the Galileo computer -- which is a board without a case ...

Samsung HomeSync launching on October 6 for $299.99
The Droid Guy
Samsung's own Google TV alternative, dubbed as the HomeSync finally has a release date in the U.S. This home set top box/media hub can be yours for $299.99 beginning from October 6. This multimedia hub will connect to any television with an HDMI port ...

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