07 October 2013

Google Is Fixing Windows 8

If you are one of those many, many Windows 8 sufferers, good news! Google is coming to the rescue --

Google is building Chrome OS straight into Windows 8 | The Verge: " . . . . Over the past few weeks, Google has been updating its developer version of the Chrome browser to run what's essentially Chrome OS within Windows 8's "Metro" mode. Chrome traditionally runs on the desktop in Windows 8, but you can set it to launch within the Windows 8 Start Screen into a special "Metro-style" mode. The new updates are very different from the existing stable channel version of Chrome in Windows 8 that simply presents a full screen browser. In the latest dev channel release the UI and functionality is identical to Chrome OS. There's a shelf with Chrome, Gmail, Google, Docs, and YouTube icons that can be arranged at the bottom, left, or right of the screen. Like Chrome OS, you can create multiple browser windows and arrange them using a snap to the left or right of the display or full screen modes. An app launcher is also available in the lower left-hand corner. . . . " (read more at the link above)

Trouble Using iOS 7? Here Are 15 Tricks To Make The Transition Easier - Forbes: " . . . Many people believed the changes in iOS 7 were not as innovative as features like FaceTime and Siri. A lot of improvements have been made in iOS 7 from previous iOS versions though. Some changes are apparent, but many of the best features are hidden. Here are 15 of the best iOS 7 tricks . . . "

U.S. Intelligence Defends Attempts to Break Tor Anonymity Network - Arik Hesseldahl - News - AllThingsD: " . . . Tor was invented at the U.S. Naval Academy as a project meant to help activists overseas evade surveillance by officials of repressive regimes. A good amount of its funding has come from the NSA’s parent agency, the U.S. Department of Defense."

Microsoft is quietly recycling Outlook email accounts

PCWorld (blog)
Like Yahoo, Microsoft is recycling email accounts, and apparently doing so without ... Google, meanwhile, has confirmed to Webwereld that it does not recycle ...
Google UK Ltd's Tax Rate Was Actually 83.8% Of Profits So What Were The Guardian ... A few days back we had The Guardian claiming that Google UK Ltd, ...
Google has partnered with the Indian Ministry of Culture and the Archeological Survey of India to bring Street View to over 100 monuments in the country, ...


Amazon's German workers threaten strike before Christmas
Chicago Tribune
FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Workers at Amazon.com's German operations could strike during the Christmas holiday season in a dispute over pay that has been ...


Apple's Most Important Branding Lesson For Marketers
Of all-important branding lessons markers can learn from Apple Apple, one stands ... That's how Apple made it to the top of Forbes Most Powerful Brands list and ...


Google hoping Nexus 5 can repeat sales success of the 4
That was simply to ensure they recovered the full cost of the phone they paid to Samsung or Apple. Savvy consumers cottoned on to whatGoogle was offering; ...


Apple iPad 5 Release Date Nears: 5 Features And Specs We're ...
International Business Times
Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) is rumored to introduce and release two new iPads by the end of this month, including the second-generation iPad mini and the ...

International Business Times
Washington Post
With Apple's latest iPhone launch in the rearview mirror, an Apple fan's thoughts turn ... sized tablets from competitors such as Google, Samsung and Amazon.
Seattle Post Intelligencer
In particular, Google Maps has blundered into a variety of geopolitical controversies in recent years, and this week it seems to have found another. Yes, Google ...

Business Insider Australia

CrunchWeek: Twitter's S-1, The Silk Road Shutdown, And The ...
Anthony Ha
Amazon.com, Inc. (AMZN), is a leading global Internet company and one of the ... Apple App Store · Download the TechCrunch App for Android in Google Play ...
Jon Russell
Microsoft can recycle your Outlook.com email address if your account becomes inactive. By Jon Russell, Saturday, ... Google Brings AdMob to Windows Phone 8.
The Next Web Top Stories
Microsoft's Bing search engine performs better than many give it credit for, but it still falls behindGoogle's.
Wall St. Cheat Sheet 
Paul Epsom
Paul Epsom visits Heller's Apple Orchard in Wapwallopen to see some of the latest techniques inapple growing....WNEP.com

Amazon's rumored Android set-top box slated for a holiday release ...
Stephany Nunneley
Amazon's set top box is slated for release around the holidays, according to a ... Apple TV....VG247
Aaron Crocco
Kick those Apple apps to the second screen and replace them with these killer upgrades.App Advice

Webmaster Tools - Google
Google Webmaster Tools provides you with detailed reports about your pages' visibility on Google. To get started, simply add and verify your site and you'll start ...https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/sougei.html 

Chart of the day: Apple gains more ground on Android in the U.S....
FORTUNE -- Apple's (AAPL) iOS may be losing market share to Google's (GOOG) Android worldwide, but in the U.S. its share continues grow, as the latest ...tech.fortune.cnn.com/2013/10/.../apple-ios-android-comscore/

Apple - iPhone 5s - Tips and Tricks
Burst mode. Capture multiple shots of the action — for as long as you hold down the button — by snapping 10 photos per second. And real-time analysis ...

Google Web Designer
One idea. Any screen. It doesn't matter how brilliant your work is if people can't see it. Now everything you create is accessible on any screen – desktop, tablet or ...

Apple's FaceTime, which lets you talk one-on-one via iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Macintosh computers, is a huge hit for the company. And many new apps (FriendCaller, Tango) let you video chat with friends for free. In May, Google ditched its old Talk ...
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