02 October 2013

Europe vs Google, EU Stuck in the Past

What is search today? Apple's Siri? How about searching on Amazon for your next purchase? The problem with governments in the digital age is that they waste their time dealing with issues that no longer, or never did, exist -- prime example is the EU's obsession with Google search --

New York Times
BRUSSELS — Google's antitrust troubles in Europe moved closer to a settlement ... an industry group backed by Microsoft and a number of other companies that ...

Latest Google offer may end search engine antitrust case in EU
The Globe and Mail
An offer by Google to modify how it displays Internet search results could settle a long-running antitrust dispute with the European Union, the EU competition chief said on Tuesday. The world's most popular search engine has been under investigation for ...

FreedomPop launches free mobile plan with 200 minutes
The free mobile phone service includes 500MB of data, 500 text messages, and 200 voice minutes every month. FreedomPop has fired a shot over the wireless industry's bow. To commemorate ...

Apple bumps Coca-Cola to become world's top ...
Google claims second place, as IBM and Intel slip. ... with a 30 percent increase; Apple, at 28 percent; and Amazon, which rose 27 percent to take 19th place on ...


Amazon Creating 70000 Full-Time Seasonal Jobs in the US to Fulfill ...
Wall Street Journal
Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) is creating more than 70,000 full-time seasonal jobs across its U.S. fulfillment centers this holiday season in order to meet ...


Google Web Designer Offered As Free Download
Google Web Designer Offered As Free Download ... Apple also offers similar free software, iAds Producer, though its license agreement limits content created ...


Apple's Continuing Travails With The Patent Troll Lodsys
Things are not looking good for Apple and its apps developers in the ongoing battle against Lodsys the company generally agreed upon to be a patent ...

Apple Insider
Dallas Morning News
Walmart.com's new fulfillment center in Fort Worth shipped its first order Sept. 23 The 800,000-square-foot distribution center is the first in Texas for Wal-Mart ...

Dallas Morning News

Microsoft Expands Power BI, Translation For Office
Microsoft Office is becoming adept not only at creating data but also manipulating and ... Although most attention paid to Microsoft in recent days has involved its ...
CBS News
Here's to hoping that Microsoft follows the Apple iPhone/iPad model, though, and lets Windows Phone apps run on Windows 8 -- perhaps in a window zoomed ...


Google paid £11.6m in UK corporation tax last year
The Guardian
A Google spokesman said it was only right the majority of its tax should be paid in the US, and argued the company made a significant contribution to the UK ...

The Guardian

Microsoft's Surface to be under revenue microscope
Computerworld - Microsoft will make it easier for Wall Street and industry analysts to track revenue generated by the company's struggling Surface line of tablets, ...

Google Launches Public Beta of Web Designer - The Next Web
Emil Protalinski
Google today launched a new advertising application in beta called Google Web ... Apple overtakes Coca-Cola to become 'Most Valuable Brand' of 2013.The Next Web Top Stories

Obsoletive: Revolutionary Products in Tech Don't Disrupt-They Obsolete: "Christensen’s theory of disruption remains an incredibly elegant and insightful framework for understanding why some companies – like Microsoft, to name the best example – decline. But it’s dramatically over-applied in technology. Most new products are simply better – stop calling them disruptive! – while the most revolutionary products – all of them, ever more personal versions of truly personal computers – are obsoletive. They are more expensive, more capable, and change the way we live.4"

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