06 October 2013

Microsoft Malware? Microsoft Trying To Put Windows Phone OS On Android Devices

Why would anyone want an Android smartphone afflicted with Microsoft malware ( a/k/a Windows Phone OS)? If Microsoft wants to "try this," they should start with Nokia phones -- that might increase sales of the badly lagging Nokia Windows smartphones. On the other hand, Microsoft loves dueling operating systems on the same device (although users HATE the idiotic idea) --

Microsoft Reportedly Looking To Put Windows Phone On Android Devices, Starting With HTC | TechCrunch: "Microsoft has reached out to HTC to see if the company would be interested in adding Windows as a second OS to its Android handsets, a new report by Bloomberg claims. It isn’t clear exactly how the two operating systems would share the handset, in terms of allowing dual-booting or making a user choose a default at device setup, but it’s a sign Redmond may be thinking about pulling out all the stops to get people using its mobile OS. . . ."

BlackBerry Could Burn Through Most of Its Cash in Just Six Quarters - John Paczkowski - Mobile - AllThingsD: "Bernstein Research analyst Pierre Ferragu figures that BlackBerry will burn through most of its $2.6 billion in cash in the next 18 months, leaving it in a bad, bad way. “Because the company is losing users at a very high pace, has a stretched working capital and massive off-balance-sheet commitments that will turn into cash burn in the next four quarters, we believe BlackBerry is likely to burn close to $2 billion in the next six quarters on a standalone basis,” Ferragu said in a note to clients. And that, he believes, will lead the company into material liquidity problems." (read more at link above)

Ford: New Manufacturing Process Cuts Costs - The CIO Report - WSJ"Ford Motor Co. on Wednesday unveiled a new metal stamping process that replaces the use of custom, physical dies, or molds, with a software program and a robotic arm, cutting the cost of developing an automotive prototype part by 80% or more. The new process will not only slash some production times, but could provide the automotive giant with new opportunities for revenue growth, including allowing consumers to customize parts and “possibly” licensing the technology to companies in other industries. It is also helping the company pick up the pace of innovation and look past the immediate horizon." (read more at link above)

Google and the Transformation of Marketing - The CIO Report - WSJ" . . . Google in 2013, however, is sitting on a volcano. Its markets and products are growing at a dizzying pace. Google Analytics, a tool for monitoring website traffic and digital marketing activity, is a great illustration of the changes taking place in the marketing world, and of Google’s success at adapting to them. Some figures for changes in the recent past that were described at the conference include:
  • 2.7 billion Internet users—up from 1.5 billion 3 years ago ;
  • 4 billion videos watched on YouTube every day, up from 2 billion three years ago;
  • Mobile media consumption up 500% in 3 years;
  • 300% increase in video ads in the past year;
  • 200% increase in “programmatic buying” (algorithm-based matching of ads with websites and users) of digital ads in the past year. . . ."
Apple appeals e-books conspiracy ruling
It also noted that the court disregarded credibility issue with Amazon and Google witnesses. In a scheduling proposal, Apple said issues it could raise on appeal ...

Apple Insider

Amazon's another little example of the way that France and the French really don't get the points that were put across by Adam Smith. It's only been 238 years ...


Apple's Schiller, Forstall set to testify in retrial over Samsung damages
Apple and Samsung Electronics will return to a Silicon Valley federal court on Nov. 12 for a retrial of their billion-dollar 2012 patent battle, and Apple marketing ...
It just got easier to make a profit by trading in an old iPhone—and still buy the latest model. Wal-Mart (NYSE:WMT) and RadioShack (NYSE:RSH) are dropping ...

Apple Insider
PC Magazine
When Microsoft launched the "Bing It On" campaign more than a year ago, the company intended to break the "Google habit." But it doesn't seem to have even ...
If you had to guess what was the most popular Website in your country, most of you probably would have guessed Google and some of you might have thought ...

NPR (blog)

Amazon.com: Dangerous for Competitors—and for Shareholders
Investors give Amazon a free pass to operate with little or no profit. That's bad news for competitors like Netflix and Best Buy and good news for shoppers....
In short, Walmart still badly lags Amazon in eCommerce and they are playing catch up. You have to go pretty deep into the article before you see this excerpt:...
Long-time Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) expert Rick Sherlund has a plethora of suggestions for the company, including who the next CEO should be...


Plans Approved for Apple's Cupertino Campus | ArchDaily
James Taylor-Foster
Richard Nieva (CNET) reports that plans for Apple's new corporate headquarters have been approved by Cupertino's planning commission (the final, deciding ...
Danny Goodwin
Google Penguin 2.1 is launching today, according to Google's Distinguished Engineer Matt Cutts. The first update to the second-generation Penguin algorithm ...
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