10 October 2013

Microsoft, Nokia, Windows Phone, Missing Apps

Missing Apps Means Missing Sales --

Microsoft's $7.2 Billion Nokia Bet Not Luring Apps
Microsoft, based in Redmond, Washington, currently has more than 175,000 applications for Windows Phone, compared with more than 900,000 for Apple iOS and more than 1 million for Google Android -- and even those apps that it does have typically come ...

Microsoft Charges Into Enterprise Cloud Market
Microsoft announced a variety of enterprise products and services Monday, including discounts to its Windows Azure cloud platform. The unveilings accelerate the company's effort to move its services to the cloud, and to compel businesses to build ...

Amazon Wins Ruling for $600 Million CIA Cloud Contract
Judge Thomas Wheeler of the U.S. Court of Federal Claims in Washington granted Amazon's request for judgment on the administrative record following a hearing yesterday, according to a minute order posted on the court's electronic docket. A written ...

Google teams up with HP to offer lightweight, $279 Chromebook laptop
Los Angeles Times
The Chromebook 11 goes on sale starting Tuesday and can be purchased from Best Buy, Amazon, Google Play and HP Shopping. An LTE-compatible version of the ...

Amazon offers perks to customers who buy certain apps
Amazon's app store has roughly 100,000 apps, but that figure is overshadowed by the 375,000 apps that developers have created specifically for Apple's iPad....


Amazon takes on PayPal, now offering Amazon login and pay service to online business: "For Amazon, that means a (unknown) cut in the sales margin by acting as middleman. For businesses, it means an easy implementation of a widely used system (a "set of widgets and APIs" are all that's needed to get the pay service running on your site). And for customers -- all 215 million active Amazon account holders -- it means their Amazon login will now work across the web (where implemented, that is)."

Google, Android, Malware
. . . the gist of a presentation at last week's Virus Bulletin conference in Berlin by Google's Android chief of security Adrian Ludwig, who reported that only 0.001% of apps downloaded by Android users pose any harm to their devices or data. ...

The latest update in the seemingly endless patent feud between Samsung and Apple finds that an Apple-won ban on the sale of certain Samsung phones and ...


Is Google next to make a smartwatch?
San Jose Mercury News
After Samsung's Galaxy Gear, rumors suggest that Google will be the next... firms within Apple's supply chain that they had received orders to build the device....


Amazon goes for PayPal jugular with 'login and pay'
SAN FRANCISCO -- Amazon.com stepped up competition with eBay's PayPal division Tuesday by launching a new service that lets its more than 215 million ...


Apple Moves Closer to China Mobile With Ad Seeking Network Skill
Apple Inc. (AAPL) wants to hire an engineer with extensive knowledge of China Mobile Ltd. (941)'s homegrown phone network, evidence it's moving toward an ...
New Delhi: Amazon.in announced the availability of its app for Android users in India. In other words, the company has now added India to its Android app....


Google Takes on TV Schedules (And TV Guide)
Google Takes on TV Schedules (And TV Guide). New feature in ... AGoogle logo is seen at the entrance to the company's offices in Toronto September 5, 2013....


Google Play adds HBO's Game of Thrones and 6 other shows
PCWorld (blog)
All Google Play prices are in line with those on other streaming services, including Amazon's video service. Also, as with other services, current season ...


Microsoft updating Skype for new Kindle Fire tablets, iOS 7 devices
Summary: Microsoft is rolling out new Skype updates for Android tablets, ... Fire HD and HDX tablets, as well as current support for Apple devices running iOS 7....

Apple Will Hold Fall iPad Event on October 22 - John Paczkowski ...
John Paczkowski
Worth noting: The date of Apple's fall event coincides with both Nokia's Innovation Reinvented showcase, and the retail debut of Microsoft's new Surface 2 in the ...

Dana Wollman
This is an "s" year for Apple, and no, we're not just talking about the iPhone. ... quite similar to whatApple already does with the iPhone, and what Microsoft does .... That's available now on Amazonfor $1,650 with a Core i5 processor, 8GB of .... to Financial Publishers · PHP On Google App Engine Now Generally Available ...
Engadget RSS Feed 
Brad Linder
Google's next-generation Nexus smartphone is almost certainly going to be built by LG, feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, full HD screen, and ...

Scientists Uncover First Ever Evidence of Exploding Comet Striking Earth
Science World Report
Scientists have uncovered the first ever evidence of an ancient comet that entered Earth's atmosphere before exploding in a spectacular display. The resulting shock wave rained down a wave of fire which obliterated almost every life form in its path.

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