31 May 2013

Moto X smartphone built in US will launch by October

Imagine that--an advanced smartphone--built in the US!

Moto X smartphone is real and will be launched by October | Mobile - CNET News: " . . . the company will be launching the rumored Moto X smartphone sometime between now and October. In fact, the entire product line of Motorola smartphones will be revamped, Woodside said during an the D: All Things Digital conference here. "We'll launch a handful of smartphones that aren't the end, but show where the company is heading," he said.  . . . The Moto X will be manufactured in the U.S., in a plant outside of Fort Worth, Texas, and employ 2,000 people, Woodside said. He added that carriers are excited about where Motorola is heading. . . ."

Google to challenge iPhone with Moto X
Financial Times
Google is preparing an attack on Apple's iPhone with a device that is more aware of its surroundings and smart enough to anticipate how it will be used next, according to the head of the internet company's Motorola subsidiary. The gadget, called the ...

Microsoft restores start button, adds search features to Windows 8
Washington Post
May 30 (Bloomberg) -- Microsoft Corp. is restoring some old Windows features and rolling out new ones in a bid to reignite interest in its flagship operating system, after customers complained about the software's usability. Windows 8 debuted in ...

Apple's Tim Cook drops hints about wearables, more collaboration
Washington Post (blog)
Is Apple making a wristwatch? What new products are in the pipeline? Apple chief executive Tim Cook, in answering those and other questions, executed a characteristically careful dance. But he dropped small hints about what the company may have on tap ...

Voters Speak, and Amazon Orders Shows
New York Times (blog)
The other three shows that won the audience feedback derby on Amazon are all shows for children. That means Amazon passed on such ideas as the “Onion News Empire,” a satire of a news network that starred Jeffrey Tambor; “Browsers,” another ...

Microsoft Unites Skype and Lync, Cisco Protests
The Cisco case isn't Microsoft's only legal headache related to Skype, but it's arguably the most intriguing. Cisco has taken proactive, if not pre-emptive, steps against Lync, somewhat evocative of Microsoft's recent feud against Google. In February ...

Apple Settles iPhone Water Damage Claims For $53M
Apple products, including the iPhone and iPod Touch, contain strips of paper inside them that change color when exposed to water. The strips are there to let Apple know when iPhones and iPods have taken a bath (or been dropped into a toilet), which ...

Apple Shifts Supply Chain Away From Foxconn to Pegatron
Wall Street Journal
As with other contract manufacturers, Pegatron's success is based largely on secrecy and tact as it juggles production of competing products from companies such as Apple, Microsoft Corp., Hewlett-Packard Co. as well as Dell Inc. At its sleek ...

When Google and Microsoft feud, customers pay the price
"By messing with users to play big company games, Microsoft and Google risk alienating their users and driving them into the arms of Apple, at least in this situation," he wrote on his blog. Moorhead acknowledged that in most cases, some kind of truce ...

'Login With Amazon' Tackles Single Sign-On
PC Magazine
Amazon Web Services's Jeff Wierer walks developers through the process of setting up Login withAmazon in an AWS blog post. Software Development Kits are available for the Web, as well as iOS and Android apps. Google launched a similar feature in ...

Google Calendar Update for Android: Custom Colors and More ...
By Unknown
One of the most requested features we've seen so far for Google Calendar on Android is the ability to customize event and calendar colors directly from your device. Today's update allows you to do just that. Now you can highlight those ...
Official Android Blog

Google Overhauls Gmail to Take On E-Mail Overload - NYTimes.com
Google has introduced a new version of Gmail that automatically sorts mail into categories like social and notifications. Read more… ... Microsoft Attacks Google on Gmail Privacy · Google Says Electronic Snooping by Governments Should Be ...
NYT Bits

Google Apps Admins Finally Get An Android App To Manage Their ...
By Frederic Lardinois
Google has continuously made its Google Apps Admin Console for IT professionals who manage large Google Apps for Business, Education and Government deployment..

Microsoft investing $1 billion into games on Xbox One | Joystiq
By David Hinkle
Microsoft is investing $1 billion into games on the Xbox One, financing not only new studios but also securing exclusives for Microsoft's next-generation console. This is an unprecedented investment forMicrosoft, much more than its most ...

A new inbox that puts you back in control | Official Gmail Blog
By The Gmail Team
... an eye on the gear menu and select Configure inbox when it appears in the Settings options. Posted 1 hour ago by The Gmail Team · Official Gmail Blog. News, tips and tricks from Google'sGmail team and friends. Loading. Send feedback.
Official Gmail Blog

Google Maps brings biking navigation to six European countries
It's a good thing, then, that Google Maps' biking directions have reached six more ... Google may miss a hidden trail or two when it's crowdsourcing the data ...

Zigbee and Z-wave are out. Broadcom's new chips bet on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi ...
The wide array of wireless radio technologies used to get devices online may soon shrink as major players in the chip world start choosing the standards they will support for the internet of things. WiFi signal. photo: Shutterstock / Jiri Hera. There is nothing that ...

Atheer bringing 3D augmented reality and gesture control to Android
Atheer hopes to integrate its augmented reality and gestural control platform into existing mobile operating systems, such as Android, iOS and Xbox....

Microsoft outs the new features in Windows 8.1: Here's what you need to know
Desktop diehards will find a present waiting for them in Windows 8.1, the impending upgrade colloquially dubbed “Windows Blue.” A wonderful, horrible, oh-so-teasing present. The Start button is back—but the Start menu isn't. Instead, clicking the old familar ...

Salesforce.com preps intranet app
Salesforce.com plans to ship in the second half of the year a hosted application for companies to create intranets that are accessible via mobile devices and that offer enterprise social networking (ESN) capabilities to employees. Called Company ...

Google Brings Nutrition Information to Search
PC Magazine
Everyone knows that making healthy food choices and sticking to a diet isn't always easy. But Google wants to make the process a little less intimidating. The Web giant today announced plans to add nutritional information for more than 1,000 fruits, ...

Apple Patent Tips More Flexible iPhone Display
PC Magazine
A flexible display from Apple could be in our future, as evidenced by Cupertino's latest patent application, published today by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. The patent, dubbed "Embedded Force Measurement," focuses on an interactive touch screen that ...

AMD Aims Opteron-X 'Kyoto' Chips at Growing Microserver Space
Microservers will be a big part of Advanced Micro Devices' future. The chip maker sees the low-power, dense systems as a key growth area, and officials are expecting to become a significant player in the burgeoning market. The growth of cloud computing, ...

Verizon Releasing a Major Software Update for the Galaxy S3
Good news Verizon customers with a Galaxy S3: your phone is about to get a serious software update that will bring a host of fixes and new features to S3 users, including Multi-Window capability and the Best Shot camera feature. The Galaxy's Multi-Window ...

High sodium content may keep stars perpetually young
Ars Technica
We have no idea why younger stars aren't entering a phase of their old age. by Matthew Francis - The central region of the globular cluster NGC 6752, showing a few of the "blue straggler" stars. Those stars ...

Opera Software sets up three release channels for Webkit based Opera
WEB BROWSER DEVELOPER Opera Software has announced that it will offer three versions of its recently released Webkit Opera web browser, similar to rival web browser outfit Mozilla. Opera Software's decision to ditch its own Presto rendering engine and ...

Safety regulators recommend licenses for self-driving cars
DETROIT | Thu May 30, 2013 12:57pm EDT. DETROIT (Reuters) - Auto safety regulators outlined plans on Thursday to analyze the safety risks and benefits of self-driving cars over the next four years. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration urged ...

Cheap leases offered to spur electric car sales
DETROIT (AP) — Auto companies are lowering lease prices for electric cars as they try to jump-start slow sales in a competitive market. Honda announced Thursday that it's slashing the monthly lease cost of its tiny Fit EV by one-third to $259 a month. Honda ...

Collapse of High Flying Israeli Firm Better Place Raises Doubts in Start-Up Nation
Wall Street Journal
The collapse of electric car venture Better Place marked a setback for proponents of green energy automobiles as well as French car maker Renault SA . For Israelis, the flame out of a start-up that raised $850 million after barely one year of sales has ...

The startup factory behind the hit game 'Dots'
(CNN) -- The failed-startup story is familiar by now. A pair of Stanford grads come up with a million-dollar idea, let's say Uber for cats. "Mewber" joins a startup accelerator, builds an iPhone app, gets a few million dollars from a venture capital firm, moves into a ...

Twitter acquisition Crashlytics launches Android version to help developers build ...
App-crashing analytics and diagnostics company Crashlytics, which Twitter acquired in January, just announced an Android version. The company, which launched on iOS just over a year ago to “deobfuscate” application crashes, helps developers find what's ...

Google to unveil Moto X as it takes smartphone battle to Apple
The Guardian
Google has turned its guns on Apple by revealing plans for low-cost, futuristic smartphones assembled not in south-east Asia, but by 2,000 workers at a plant in Texas. A factory in Fort Worth that used to build Nokia handsets 15 years ago is to start work this ...

trio takes shortcut to space station
Sydney Morning Herald
An international trio flying in a Russian capsule docked with the International Space Station on Wednesday with a busy schedule full of space walks and an encounter with a pioneering US cargo craft. The six-month mission of Russian commander Fyodor ...

Dropbox suffers global outage: Communication handled well
Summary: UPDATED. The file storage service, open to SMB and enterprise customers, suffered an outage on Thursday. But it's a testament to the company that it communicated well and recovered quickly. Zack Whittaker. By Zack Whittaker for Between the ...

Apple iPod Touch Reaches 100 Million-Sold Mark
Nearly six years after the iPod touch first launched in 2007, Apple is celebrating a milestone: It's sold 100 million of the pocket-sized media players. Since Apple first introduced the first-generation iPod in 2001 — transforming both the portable music player ...

Tips for Buying a Used Hybrid Car
New York Times (blog)
Like any used car, a used hybrid vehicle can save you money, both on the purchase price and on the insurance you carry. But there are special factors to take into account when shopping for a hybrid, beyond what you'd look for when buying a traditional used ...

Ancient Egyptians Crafted Jewelry From Meteorites
Discovery News
An ancient Egyptian iron bead found inside a 5,000-year-old tomb was crafted from a meteorite, new research shows. The tube-shaped piece of jewelry was first discovered in 1911 at the Gerzeh cemetery, roughly 40 miles (70 kilometers) south of Cairo.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown puts a current console experience on iPad
San Jose Mercury News (blog)
When XCOM: Enemy Unknown was announced for iOS, it may have marked a turning point in gaming. It doesn't sound like much but getting a current-gen console experience on Apple's devices is a huge step for the medium. The move does two things: A) It ...

PS4: Is Playstation 4 Already More Popular Than Xbox One?
International Business Times
Could gamers be more interested in the PS4 than the Xbox One? The Xbox One was revealed during an event held by Microsoft last week. Since Microsoft took the wraps off of the Xbox One, many gamers have voiced concerns regarding the Xbox One's ...

Twitter CEO Costolo Says Investing 'Heavily' in TV
Twitter Inc. Chief Executive Officer Dick Costolo said he sees television companies as valuable partners for its microblogging service and is investing accordingly. “Twitter is the social soundtrack for TV,” Costolo said today in an onstage interview at the D: All ...

Strangely behaving neutron star confounds scientists, may help explain laws of ...
National Post
The unexpected behaviour of a distant neutron star has scientists scratching their heads. Neutron stars are formed by a supernova — they're what's left after star runs out of fuel and collapses in on itself. They're ultra-dense, gravitationally powerful (trillions of ...

Blood sample extracted from preserved woolly mammoth
Paleontologists recently found a 10,000-year-old Siberian woolly mammoth on the remote Lyakhovsky Islands off the northeast coast of the Russian mainland. This adult female mammoth likely died after getting caught in a swamp or other body of water and ...

The new Google Maps is here, and it could kill off the competition
TechRadar UK
Google showed off a new version of Google Maps at its annual IO conference earlier this month and is now offering the new system to a limited number of users as a preview. TechRadar has gained access to the new Google Maps and has taken a brief trip ...

Facebook pulls pages depicting violence against women
After an activist campaign and advertiser boycott, the social network deems any content that glorifies rape or domestic violence as hate speech. Several Facebook pages have popped up ...

Considerations On Fuse: What It Is, What It Isn't
Platform Nation
Reviewing games can be a tough nut to crack. There are a lot of temptations that you have to avoid to write something worthwhile and meaningful along with fun and easy to read. I'm not saying that I have it on lock, but I would like to think that I'm aware of ...

Cisco predicts massive data networking growth by 2017
There are three sure things in life – death, taxes, and the insatiable hunger of people for more and more bandwidth. By 2017, over 1.4 zettabytes of data will be flowing over global networks, Cisco said in its latest Visual Networking Index forecast, which it ...

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