02 May 2013

Google Glass review

Having lost a very useful (and widely used) tool, Google Reader, leads one to wonder about the future of Google Glass (and all Google products and services). Obviously, one difference is that Google Glass is not only software, but hardware, manufactured and sold directly by Google--but isn't this just a niche market?--

Google Glass: First Impressions
. . . Glass allows you to take pictures and videos, conduct Google searches, get directions, send text messages and Gmail messages, make and receive phone calls, participate in Google Hangouts and receive Google Now cards. If you have a functioning smartphone, you can do all this already. Where Glass excels is machine interaction while on the move...(read more at link)

Apple Sets a New Kind of Record: $17 Billion in Debt
The company's one-year likelihood of default, as calculated by Bloomberg, is 0.0018 percent. That's low, but Microsoft (MSFT), Google (GOOG), and even Yahoo! (YHOO) are considered safer. Appleshares rose after details of the debt were published today.

Review: Google Now Useful as a Supplement to Siri
ABC News
Google Now is often compared with the Siri voice assistant on Apple's mobile devices, but its power lies in giving you information you need to know before you have to ask. It works best as a supplement to Siri, rather than a replacement, now that it ...

ABC News

Apple's Ive Seen Risking IOS 7 Delay on Software Overhaul: Tech
Ive's expanded influence comes at a critical time for Apple. Investors are anxious to see what new products the company will debut without Jobs's leadership and as Samsung and Google improve their mobile products -- and hire Apple's employees to do it.

Amazon Cloud Revenue Mystery Persists
... Azure Public Cloud Matches Amazon Prices]. Those are impressive numbers, but earlier this week, Curt Anderson, CFO for Microsoft's Server and Tools business, said Microsoft had crossed the $1 billion mark in its own cloud revenues. ... Meanwhile, a ...

Microsoft shares hit five-year high despite Windows 8 flop
Microsoft shares have been moribund for the better part of the last decade. Investors have come to view the company, once the most valued stock in the world, as one with limited growth opportunity, particularly as rivals Apple and Google race ahead in ...

Windows 8 Adoption Limps On
Windows 8 is making only marginal progress and Windows RT continues to flop. That adds to the pressure on Windows Blue. Start The Discussion · Tweet; Mail Mail; Print Print · Michael Endler | May 01, 2013 01:39 PM. 8 Things Microsoft Could Do To Save ...

NASA Extends Crew Flight Contract With Russia
Unable to get funds from Congress, space agency pays Roscosmos $424 million to continue shuttling crew to International Space Station. 10 Space Technologies ...

Jonathan Ive's keen eye for design to cause iOS 7 delay?
Apple is expected to show off iOS 7 at the Worldwide Developers Conference, but the product design guru's desire to modify the software could cause a launch delay. Don Reisinger. by Don Reisinger. May 1, 2013 5:18 AM PDT. Apple's Jonathan Ive ...

Scientists make 'bug-eye' camera
BBC News
A digital camera that functions like an insect's compound eye is reported in the journal Nature this week. It comprises an array of 180 small lenses, which, along with their associated electronics, are stretched across a curved mounting. The prototype currently ...

BBC News

Activision Confirms 'Call of Duty: Ghosts'
PC Magazine
Activision has confirmed that the next game in its Call of Duty franchise will be known as Call of Duty: Ghosts. A promotional poster provided to IGN, as well as a GameStop pre-order page, tips a Nov. 5 launch date, but Activision has not made any official ...

T-Mobile, MetroPCS are now one
The combined company opens for business today, trading on the New York Stock Exchange as TMUS. Lance Whitney. by Lance Whitney. May 1, 2013 4:54 AM PDT Follow @lancewhit. T-Mobile CEO John Legere. T-Mobile CEO John Legere in March of this ...
Mozilla accuses Finfisher makers of "hiding" under name
BBC News
The Mozilla Foundation has accused UK software group Gamma International of falsely associating one of its products with the Firefox name. Finfisher is a legitimate surveillance software thought to be used by governments to covertly obtain data. It is installed ...

BBC News

LG Optimus G Pro coming to AT&T on May 10th with 5.5 inch display
Summary: LG is coming out with some solid Android smartphones and the new LG Optimus Pro G looks like a fantastic alternative to the Note II, Galaxy S4, and HTC One. Matthew Miller. By Matthew Miller for Smartphones and Cell Phones | May 1, 2013 ...

Nasa telescope's close shave with Soviet satellite
On March 29, 2012, scientists working on the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope project discovered that their spacecraft was just days away from an unusually close encounter with the Soviet Cosmos 1805. "There was a defunct Russian satellite in orbit that ...

Tech City – believe the hype? | Technology | guardian.co.uk
Technology clusters in areas such as Cambridge, Newcastle and Brighton may have a better case for getting exposure – and cash. By Jay McGregor.
Blogposts | guardian.co.uk

Google and auditor recalled by MPs to answer tax questions
The Guardian
Google and its auditor Ernst & Young will be recalled to parliament to restate their evidence on the internet search giant's tax position following an investigation intoGoogle's advertising sales practices. Matt Brittin, Google's European boss, told ...

The Guardian

Apple, Samsung damages do-over trial set for November
Judge Lucy Koh, who has presided over the Apple v. Samsung patent spat, has given a management order that a new trial will focus on recalculation of the $450.5 million award given toApple in August. Due to begin November 12, the new trial will decide ...

Apple's Debt Market Foray
New York Times
It might not seem that Apple, with a $145 billion cash hoard, would need to raise money. But on Tuesday, the company issued $17 billion of bonds, a record amount, paying interest rates that hovered near those on the low-cost debt of the United States ...

Google Australia claims first profit in four years - Sydney Morning Herald
Sydney Morning Herald
The tax minimisation strategies of tech companies such as Google and Apple have come under close scrutiny by the Gillard government, which appointed a specialist taskforce to advise Treasury on the risks of erosion of tax revenue as well as some ...

Braintree Poaches Google Wallet Co-Creator Rob von Behren From ...
By Kim-Mai Cutler
Braintree, the Chicago-based payments gateway that's processing about $2 billion in mobile transactions per year, just poached one of Google Wallet's creators Rob von Behren from Square. Von Behren was one of the co-founders of Google ...

Our Google Search Autocompletes Are So Depressing - Gizmodo
By Casey Chan
If there is such thing as an all seeing eye of the Internet, it would be Google Autocomplete. It takes in what we type into Google's search box and fills it out with common searches. The results of Autocomplete can be stereotypical, sexist, ...

Apple's Tim Cook Returns to D Stage to Open 11th Annual ...
By Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg
There's lots to talk about, from the explosive growth of the mobile market to intense competition from a range of rivals, most especially Google's Android, as well as innovative offerings from Korea's Samsung. It will also be interesting to talk ...

Apple Risking iOS 7 Delays With Jony Ive's Design Overhaul - Mac ...
By Eric Slivka
While a public launch is said to currently remain on schedule for "as soon as September", Apple'sinternal deadlines have been pushed back as Apple's software teams race to complete their work and ready a preview for next month's Worldwide Developers Conference. Ive, 46, has begun revamping iPhone and iPad applications, shunning ... It's just minimalism (what Apple is known for in its hardware). I hate Microsoft as much the next guy but Windows Phone 8 has a great/fresh UI.
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors...

Google Glass review (Explorer Edition) - Engadget
By Tim Stevens
A heads-up display seems like a natural fit, and thus we have Google Glass. It's a headset with a projected display, a camera and a data connection that could revolutionize the mobile device industry. It could also cause a public uproar over ...
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Google Drive
With Drive, your stuff goes where you go. You can organize, edit and share it from any computer at drive.google.com, or on the go with the Drive mobile app.

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