14 May 2013

Best iOS apps, and more Google I/O rumors

Google I/O begins Wednesday!--

One more Google I/O rumor: A new smartwatch?
Does it make any sense for Google to unveil a new piece of wearable tech this week? Does it have to make sense? Could Google be looking to wrest your wrist away from Pebble and ...

Google Drive triples free storage to 15GB
Google announces just ahead of its I/O conference that free storage across Google services -- Gmail, Google+, and Drive -- is leaping from 5GB to 15GB....

20 best iPhone and iPad apps this week
The Guardian (blog)
It's time for our weekly roundup of brand new and notable apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It covers apps and games, with the prices referring to the initial download: so (Free) may mean (Freemium) in some cases. Looking for Android apps? Check this...

The Guardian (blog)

Rumor: AT&T Discontinuing HTC First Amidst Lackluster Sales
PC Magazine
Sluggish sales of the HTC First have reportedly prompted AT&T to discontinue sales of the smartphone, the first to come pre-loaded with the Facebook Home experience. According to BGR, which cited a "trusted source," sales of the HTC First have been ...

No Chrome-Android merger, at least in the next year or two
Computerworld - Android's new boss hinted of an eventual merger of Chrome and Android but said the two will remain separate "for the short term," in an interview posted prior to Google I/O's opening keynote on Wednesday. The comments by Google's ...

ItsOn's Zact: A Contract-Free Wireless Carrier With Custom Plans - eWeek
Zact is a new wireless carrier that runs on the Sprint network. It's contract-free and marketed to smart, savvy, value-minded users who want to customize their plans, have control of their devices and what they're spending, and be able to intuitively add or ...


Gates on Steve Jobs: 'We Grew Up Together'
PC Magazine
In a recent 60 Minutes interview, an emotional Bill Gates discussed his complex relationship with Steve Jobs, saying that the duo "grew up together." "We were within a year of the same age and we were kind of naively optimistic and built big companies," Jobs ...

Microsoft struggles to re-start Windows 8
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer gives his presentation at the launch of Windows 8, in New York on Oct. 25, 2012. With an upcoming fix for Windows 8, Microsoft finds itself in a strange position: It has to make the faithful happy by shaping the experience to be ...

Feds investigate 340000 Ford trucks for potential loss of steering
Los Angeles Times
An estimated 340,000 Ford Super Duty pickup trucks are the subject of a federal investigation into potential loss of steering in the vehicles. The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration said it opened the investigation on May 7 to look into ...

Google Quietly Shutters SMS Search, Irks Users
PC Magazine
Google apparently shut down its SMS Search function last week without warning, but the news barely made a splash outside of its niche group of feature phone owners. Starting Thursday, a handful of users turned to the Google Product Forums to ...

They're back: Cicadas emerge in the DC area
Washington Post
Cicadas are warm weather insects. They emerge only after the ground temperature reaches the mid-60s. The cicadas don't get fooled into emerging during January thaws or during early spring warm spells. News · Conversations. Video ...

Popular space station chief due back via Soyuz Monday - USA Today
Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield's to return to Earth ends five-month social media blitz. Canadian Space Agency astronaut and International Space Station Commander Chris Hadfield strums his guitar in the ISS Cupola. . . .

Nike Who? Runtastic Boasts 25 Million Mobile Users - Mashable
Nike+ is often the go-to app for active people. You can't beat its name recognition, after all, and it was the first athletic company to really dive into wearable and connected technology — the first Nike+iPod system predates even the iPhone. But some athletes ...

UN calls for insect recipes to fight world hunger
The 200-page report, released by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, on May 13 at the organisation's Rome headquarters, called for restaurants, chefs and food writers to promote the eating of insects, in a bid to fight world hunger and global warming.


Sony Unveils Waterproof Xperia ZR Smartphone
PC Magazine
Sony today added a new rugged smartphone to its Xperia lineup, the waterproof Xperia ZR. The device will allow for underwater photo and video capture, Sony said. With all the ports firmly closed, the Xperia ZR will work in up to five feet of water for 30 ...

Monday's movers: BlackBerry up ahead of conference
SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — BlackBerry rose on Monday for a fourth straight session as the company geared up for its annual conference in Orlando, Fla. Top Tickers Trending. $BBRY: BlackBerry (NASDAQ:BBRY) shares climbed 1.7%. BlackBerry ...

Microsoft Trashes Google Docs in New Commercials - Tom's Hardware
Tom's Hardware Guide
Microsoft hasn't been shy about criticizing Google over the last few months. The company's been telling users they're getting 'Scroogled' since November. However, this time around, Redmond is taking a different tack. The company has just released two new ...

Why Forbes Partnered With Google On Mobile Recommendations
Today Google rolls out mobile recommendations powered by Google+, with Forbes as the launch partner. I had been thinking about social filters and what constitutes a 'credible recommendation' when Google Google called in February. They had a new ...

Sony preps super-thin, flexible e-ink tablet for universities
Sony will soon launch a flexible e-reader device that is less than 7mm thick and weighs 358 grams, targeted for use in university classrooms. The company's grayscale "Digital Paper" device has a 13.3-inch touch capable screen, which it says is the size of an ...

Samsung Announces New '5G' Wireless Technology
On Monday, Samsung Electronics (005930) announced it had developed a new “5G” wireless standard that could be hundreds of times faster than today's 4G networks. The new wireless standard is at least seven years away, so you won't be streaming full ...

NASA sees giant solar wave erupt from the sun
NBCNews.com (blog)
By Tariq Malik, Space.com. The sun celebrated May Day with a spectacular solar eruption Wednesday, unleashing a colossal wave of super-hot plasma captured on camera by a NASA spacecraft. The solar eruption occurred over a 2.5-hour period ...

Lamborghini's new 'Egoista' supercar thinks it's a jet aircraft
If James Bond (or Batman) were Italian, you can bet that he'd be tooling around in the just-unveiled Lamborghini Egoista. Created to celebrate the Italian car maker's 50th anniversary, the Egoista was heavily influenced by the aviation industry.


Audi Sales in China Exceed BMW, Mercedes on Demand for SUVs
Volkswagen AG (VOW)'s Audi posted the fastest pace of sales growth among German luxury marques in China last month after it sold more sport-utility vehicles. Audi deliveries rose 13 percent to 38,710 vehicles in China and Hong Kong in April, the ...

'Junk' DNA Mystery Solved: It's Not Needed
So-called junk DNA, the vast majority of the genome that doesn't code for proteins, really isn't needed for a healthy organism, according to new research. "At least for a plant,  junk DNA really is just junk — it's not required," said study co-author Victor Albert, ...

Metro: Last Light refuses to let you go (review)
I was running out of time and ammo. Mutated wolves, freakish crustaceans, and a flying demon were relentlessly hunting me through the swampland. According to my watch, I only had 15 seconds left of breathable air in the gas mask. I had two choices: either ...

How long until your doctor is wearing Google Glass?
This story is part of a series exploring the themes of our upcoming health tech conference, May 20-21 in San Francisco. Read the full series here. Most of us wouldn't be excited about the prospect of a camera mounted on the side of our face. But then again ...

Nokia Publishes Video Teaser for New Lumia
Wall Street Journal
Nokia Corp. on Monday published a short clip on YouTube's video service intended to hype the launch of another new Lumia device, one day before the Finnish company has a Lumia product event scheduled in London. The company last week launched a ...

Teens who text and drive more likely to take other risks
CNN (blog)
High school students who acknowledge texting while driving are more likely to engage in other risky behaviors, such as riding with a driver who has been drinking alcohol; not wearing a seat belt; or drinking and driving themselves, according to a new study.

Square Enix Financials: Net Sales Up, ¥13.7 Billion Lost - The Escapist
The Escapist
Square Enix lost ¥13.7 billion ($134.8 million) in 2012, despite a net sales increase of 15.7% over the previous financial year. The fiscal year ending March 2013 - which saw the launch of Tomb Raider, a title that enjoyed exceptionally good sales despite not ...

Google Preps Update to Android Gaming: 'Google Play Games'
PC Magazine
If you're a Google Gamer – as in, Android gamer – then there's a bit of good news in store for you. A new leak in advance of next week's big Google I/O conference has revealed a host of gaming-friendly features set to arrive to the Android platform in the form ...

Flipboard Enhances User Curated Magazines with Profile Pages and 'Friends ...
Mac Rumors
Flipboard for iOS has been updated to version 2.0.2, adding profile pages for its users along with a new "Friends" category and the ability to share articles via SMS. Profile pages are designed to work in conjunction with the Magazine functionality that was ...

Mac Rumors

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is Ubisoft's homage to action flicks of the 1980s
New York Daily News
LOVED IT: The perfect 1980s action movie vibe, terrific writing and voice acting, great value. HATED IT: Autosave issues. GRAB IT IF: You loved the 1980s. It's not “Rambo: First Blood” or “Bloodsport.” It just feels that way. Welcome to Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, ...

New York Daily News

US Revises Down CO2 Reading That Showed Key Threshold Passed
The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration revised down readings that showed the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere surpassed a threshold not seen for 3 million years. Preliminary data published May 10 showed the gas reached a ...

Silent ride to raise awareness about bicycle safety
Bicyclists head out from the Holland Civic Center for the Ride of Silence in 2011. Jim Hayden/Sentinel staff. Events Calendar....

AppleCare Minus: Apple changes AppleCare for the worse
Mind Of The Geek
Apple is revamping their AppleCare plans to have more devices repaired rather than replaced. But is the change really a genius move for Apple and its customer loyalty? Since purchasing my first iPhone 3G in 2008 (and owning every iPhone since then), I've ...

Scientists measure LA's carbon footprint - USA Today
A project at CalTech and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory is trying to measure the carbon footprint of human activity in the Los Angeles basin. (May 13). Post to Facebook. Posted! A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. Tweeted! A tweet has been ...

Musical Chairs: Ted Ullyot Is Leaving Facebook
Above the Law
If you have a friend who might be interested in serving as the general counsel to a leading technology company, you might want to give that person a poke. As we mentioned earlier today, a top job is about to open up: Ted Ullyot plans to step down as GC of ...

City's Bike Share Program Nearly Ready To Roll
As the city prepares to launch its much-anticipated bike sharing program in two weeks, NY1 this weekend got a first-hand look at the bikes and their docking stations. NY1's Arlene Borenstein filed the following report. Insert a special key and green light means...


Half-Life 2 Now Playable On The Oculus Rift
Valve has some good news for all the Gordon Freeman fans out there. And no, it's not Half-Life 3. Valve has released an official update for Half-Life 2 that offers Oculus Rift support for the popular first-person shooter. The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality head set...


North Country bird walk will celebrate International Migratory Bird Day Saturday
GORHAM — The public is invited to join White Mountain National Forest biologist Lesley Rowse on Saturday in the North Country for an early-morning bird walk to celebrate International Migratory Bird Day. The two-hour walk will begin at 7 a.m. at the parking ...

Study: Climate change will cut habitats by 2080 - USA Today
Climate change leaves many plants and animals only a few decades to adjust. A study warns that losses of living space will afflict plants and animals worldwide, raising extinction worries. GLOBE. Top two maps show how plant (left) and animal (right) species ...

Museum to unveil bison fossils
NaturalHistoryMuseum SAN DIEGO — Paleontologists at the San Diego Natural History Museum today will unveil the fossilized bones of an Ice Age bison — bones that turned to stone and then rested in what is now North County for 200,000 years. Caltrans ...

PS4 leaked: a well-produced fake, or the real deal? You decide
PlayStation Universe
Moments ago, Netherlands-based website PSX-Sense posted a supposed leaked teaser trailer for the PlayStation 4. There are at least three reasons to take this with a massive grain of salt. 1) No source, except for an anonymous tipster, is provided. 2) The ...

Amazon Coins arrive for Kindle Fire users
The e-commerce giant and tablet contender is marking the launch by disbursing 500 free coins -- the equivalent of a $5 bill -- into the Amazon accounts of existing and new Kindle Fire customers in the U.S. Amazon unveiled its virtual currency in February.
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