22 May 2013

Microsoft hits home run with new Xbox

Microsoft shows the magic again! -- new Xbox is a massive win for the giant from Redmond--

Can the new Xbox One save gaming? | Fox News: "The software builds on the tile interface of previous versions, and it includes not just the Xbox operating system but also the Windows 8 kernel, meaning that the possibilities of expanding it with online apps will be greatly enhanced (although the company made no mention of future apps in the presentation save for the SmartGlass program that works with smartphones and tablets). Indeed, the Xbox One demonstration was so impressive it made me wonder, why the heck didn't they do this with the disastrous Windows 8?"

Xbox One Doubles Down on Kinect
PC Magazine
Microsoft has blown the lid off of its new Xbox, and it looks promising. It also looks uncomfortably familiar, with a camera control system we've seen before. Yes, the next Xbox is getting a next Kinect. We heard a lot of promises about the old Kinect, and the new ...

'Call of Duty: Ghosts' to launch on Xbox One with exclusive content
"Call of Duty: Ghosts" will be released as an Xbox One launch title along with some exclusive content for Microsoft's new console. Turns out, the ghosts are indeed real. And they're coming to Microsoft's newly minted Xbox One in a big way. Activision's ...

Dinosaurs Levin and McCain shut down by Cook and Rand--
Views under the Palm: Tim Cook and US Senator Rand Paul shut down Carl Levin 's (and John McCain's) attempt to vilify and harass Apple for its prudent tax planning-- Senators, the problem is with Washington--not Apple, Google, Microsoft et al -- Reform your tax code and quit vilifying successful companies!  http://www.apple.com/pr/pdf/Apple_Testimony_to_PSI.pdf

Yahoo! Granted Favorable Ruling in Mexico City Superior Court of Justice (NASDAQ:YHOO):
May 16, 2013 - Yahoo! Granted Favorable Ruling in Mexico City Superior Court of Justice - SUNNYVALE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ: YHOO) today announced that the Superior Court of Justice for the Federal District in Mexico has granted the company's appeal and reversed the ruling of the 49th Civil Court of Mexico, which had entered a non-final judgment of $2.75 billion against Yahoo! and Yahoo! Mexico on November 28, 2012. . . .

Chinese hackers who breached Google gained access to sensitive data, US ...
Washington Post
Last month, a senior Microsoft official suggested that Chinese hackers had targeted the company's servers about the same time that Google's system was compromised. The official said Microsoft concluded that whoever was behind the breach was seeking to ...

Google faces new pressure over tax claims
The Guardian
During a speech yesterday at a London event organised by Oxford University's Said Business School, Carr said: "It is only in recent times that tax has become an issue on the public agenda – Starbucks, Google, Amazon – businesses that the general public ...

Amazon cloud soars far above Google and Microsoft
Analysis With last week's gale of Google cloud announcements, it'd be easy to think that the Chocolate Factory has a competitive offering compared with Amazon Web Services. But when you look at the number of services Google fields versus Amazon, that ...

Google tweaks products to take on rivals
Hindu Business Line
Google has announced a host of changes across its various online services. The tweaks were made public during the sixth annual Google I/O developers' conference in San Francisco. The company mostly focused on its Web services such as Maps, Search, ...

Google Hangouts To Support Voice Calls
At its annual developer conference last week, Google took one of the most well-regarded features in Google+, Hangouts video chat, and turned it into a stand-alone cross-platform messaging application. The revised Hangouts combines video chat with ...

Sony vs. Microsoft game console wars reignite
It's an amusing tease given that Microsoft's director of Xbox Live programming, Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, has taken a jab at Sony for not revealing the final PS4 design yet. “Announce a console without actually showing a console? That's one approach ...

Google Checkout Nixed In Favor of Google Wallet | TechCrunch
By Catherine Shu
Google Checkout is being sunsetted as the company focuses on shaping Google Wallet into a viable PayPal rival. Google Commerce announced today that Google Che..

Apple Tax Dodging Techniques - Business Insider
By Henry Blodget
 ... Apple, meanwhile, has released its own testimony, in which it points out that it is one of the largest U.S. taxpayers and explains that it does not resort to some of the "gimmicks" that other companies use to avoid U.S. taxes. These positions, importantly, are ...

Tim Cook urges tax reform for US businesses — even if Apple has to ...
By Erica Ogg
Apple CEO Tim Cook is going before Congress on Tuesday to defend his company's tax-paying practices. On Monday, the company published his planned testimony, including his recommendations for “a dramatic simplification of the ...

Apple Stores Are Bringing In More Money Per Visitor Than Ever ...
Apple's stock has taken a brutal beating since last year, but a report says the company's retail stores are bringing in more money per customer than ever. Read more…
NYT Bits

VMware launches network-savvy cloud service
VMware has launched its long-anticipated public infrastructure as a service (IaaS), touting its virtual networking capabilities as a differentiator from other established hybrid cloud offerings. VMware's vCloud Hybrid Service will be based on the company's ...

Could 3D Printed Food End Hunger Once and for All?
PC Magazine
It's not quite the replicator from Star Trek, but Anjan Contractor's idea for a 3D printer capable of synthesizing food could point the way towards a future in which hunger and food waste are nearly eliminated. Contractor, a mechanical engineer employed by ...

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