10 May 2013

Google Glass Gets First Update

Software update for Google Glass--

Google Glass Gets First Update
Google Glass, a wearable, network-ready computer and display screen packed into an eyeglass frame, has been in the hands of a small group of developers for just a few weeks, but Google is already sending the device its first post-release software update.

Microsoft yet to enunciate clear plan for Surface tablets in India
Economic Times
In India, where over three million tablets were shipped in 2012, the market is dominated by brands such as Samsung, Micromax and Apple. Indian brands such as Micromax, Lava and Karbon who have proven their ability to win market share in the feature ...

Economic Times

Microsoft Names Amy Hood as First Female Finance Chief
Hood, 41, becomes CFO effective immediately, succeeding Peter Klein, Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft said in a statement yesterday. The search had focused on Hood, finance chief of the business division, and Tami Reller, her counterpart at the...


Yahoo's Mayer Plans Search Revamp to Narrow Google Lead
Mayer, CEO since July, is seeking to revive growth at Yahoo through increased competition with Google in the $19.8 billion market for search-related advertising. She's also striving to make the most of the partnership with Microsoft after earlier ...

Google Invades Apple With Siri-Fighting 'Now': Rich Jaroslovsky
To test the service, I decided to go all in, even moving entries from my Microsoft(MSFT) Outlook and Apple calendars to the Google version to give Now the fullest view of my life. Accessing Now on an iOS device isn't as easy as in Android, where it's...


Microsoft: The Windows 8 learning curve is 'real and needs to be addressed'
While Windows 8 was Microsoft's idea of what the Windows platform should evolve into, the next version could be tailored to what users actually want from a modern operating system. According to the Redmond-based software giant, more than 100 million ...


Microsoft's most profitable mobile operating system: Android
In a statement to Dow Jones Business News, Google spokesman Matt Kallman said: "This is the same tactic we've seen time and again from Microsoft. Instead of building great new products ... I tried Apple and now I am convinced... This is a good OS for a ...

Microsoft seeks purchase of Nook Media LLC: report
If the Redmond giant takes over the content ecosystem, then potentially the company would secure a stronger position in the fight against content providers Amazon andApple. To date, over 10 million Nook e-readers and tablets have been sold. The Nook...


Google may roll out overhauled Maps at Google I/O
"Google needs to ensure that Google Maps is the premiere navigation service for mobile users. More and more people are relying on their phones as their primary navigation device. Google wants those eyeballs firmly on Google Maps, along with the ...

Microsoft mulling Nook Media LLC purchase for $1 Billion TechCrunch
By Eric Eldon,Ingrid Lunden
Microsoft is offering to pay $1 billion to buy the digital assets of Nook Media LLC, the digital book and college book joint venture with Barnes & Noble a.. ... The hardware, while in many ways superior to Amazon's, seems to have fallen behind in the race to market share and revenue. If Microsoft steps in, the dedicated e-reader race ... previous story. Google Framed As Book Stealer Bent On Data Domination In New Documentary. next story » ... Apple Supplier Pegatron's Hiring Spree ...

Microsoft Names First Female Finance Chief - NYTimes.com
Ms. Hood, 41, joined Microsoft in late 2002 and was most recently the chief financial officer ofMicrosoft's business division, the unit that oversees its lucrative Office suite of applications. She replaces Peter Klein, Microsoft's chief financial officer ...
NYT Bits

Report: Microsoft Wants to Buy Nook for $1 Billion - Gizmodo
By Casey Chan
TechCrunch explains the internal documents that show that Microsoft is interested in the e-reader ecosystem that is not named Kindle (which continues Redmond's trend of being the search engine not named Google, the phone not named ...

Apple Photographer Details the Process of Capturing Product ...
By Juli Clover
Apple is well known for the simple, no-frills product photos that highlight its lineup of mobile devices and as it turns out, a lot of work goes into... ... As the ongoing court battles between Apple and Samsung continue, Bloomberg reports that Apple has become more aggressive in pushing for Google to turn over Android-related documents that may be... MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors...

TechCrunch: Microsoft offering $1 billion to buy Nook Media
By Daniel Cooper
Microsoft has put forward an offer to buy complete control of Nook Media LLC, according to internal documents seen by TechCrunch. Redmond's joint venture.
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Amazon Is Developing Smartphone With 3-D Screen
Wall Street Journal
The Seattle e-commerce giant has recently been developing a wide-ranging lineup of gadgets—including two smartphones and an audio-only streaming device—to expand its reach beyond its Kindle Fire line of tablet computers, said people familiar with the ...

Nokia Unveils $99 Smartphone in India
Wall Street Journal
NEW DELHI—Nokia Corp. unveiled a $99 touch-screen smartphone for India and other emerging markets, seeking to regain ground in the sector. The Finnish company on Thursday introduced the Nokia Asha 501 phone and the Asha platform that will run on...

Wall Street Journal

Monitoring for Asian carp to increase in Illinois
Wall Street Journal
CHICAGO — Federal and Illinois officials said Thursday that they will intensify efforts to find Asian carp in Illinois waterways this year but cut back on DNA sampling that has scored positive hits without resulting In the discovery of the invasive fish. The $6.5 ...

Huggies TweetPee sends you a tweet when the baby pees
Digital Trends
Detailed on an official page created by agency Ogilvy Brazil, the Huggies TweetPee is a small, connected device that attaches to the front of a baby's diaper and alerts a parent when the baby urinates in the diaper and needs a change. Utilizing a humidity ...

Digital Trends

Huawei W1 With Windows Phone 8 Coming to Walmart
PC Magazine
Huawei announced today that its Windows Phone-based W1 smartphone will be available at Walmart this month. The 4-inch W1, which runs Microsoft's latest Windows Phone 8 operating system, will be available on Walmart.com and in select Walmart stores ...

AT&T Launches No-Contract Service, Aio Wireless
PC Magazine
AT&T today launched a new wireless service, dubbed Aio Wireless, that will provide customers with no-contract talk, text, and data. Aio Wireless, which will function as a subsidiary of AT&T Inc., is coming to "multiple markets" over the next year, but will initially ...

IT's Self Image Needs Work, Cisco Study Shows
In Cisco study of IT leaders, just 36% of respondents call themselves "innovators," while 15% characterized themselves as "firefighters." "Ghost" and "fortune teller" were each chosen by 7%. ...

Office Software Checkpoint
Tech Panel Results The desktop productivity space has been dominated for many years by Microsoft Office. Open source alternatives and cloud services like Google Apps have made some inroads, but most mainstream businesses are still hooked on Outlook, ...

Run away from bulls on Zynga's latest "With Friends" game
The social-gaming company releases "Running With Friends," a combination of its mobile franchise and the popular genre of running games. The title's set at the annual running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain....

Hail Mary: Microsoft Is in Talks to Buy Barnes & Noble's Nook
Microsoft is in talks to acquire Barnes & Noble's Nook Media unit for close to $1 billion, according to a report in TechCrunch, which Bloomberg Businessweek confirmed with a person briefed on the discussions. The markets seem to like that deal, at least for ...

BlueStacks Brings Android Games to the TV Via GamePop Console
PC Magazine
BlueStacks, known for bringing Android applications to Macs and PCs, today unveiled its GamePop console and subscription service. The Android-powered console lets users play Android games on their TV, using an Android smartphone, iPhone, or the ...

Standard Model goes PEAR-SHAPED in CERN experiment
It's only a small thing, but it could be big news: researchers at CERN have turned up the first evidence of exotic (and short-lived) atoms with pear-shaped nuclei. The reasons the boffins are excited is they believe the eccentric nuclei can help them probe one of ...

QuickPoll: Would you use Google Glass when it becomes available?
One of the first Google Glass apps, Winky, lets Glass users take pictures with the blink of an eye, leading some to start talking about potential privacy issues and social etiquette. Would you buy a pair of Google Glass when it becomes available? Would you buy ...

Source: Sony's leaked 13-inch slider laptop is very real
A source familiar with Sony's sexy upcoming 13-inch slider laptop, supposedly called the Vaio Duo 13, confirms its existence to CNET. Christopher MacManus. by Christopher MacManus. May 9, 2013 11:00 AM PDT Follow @sonyinsider. A leaked image of ...

Facebook in Talks to Buy Mobile-Driving App Waze
Wall Street Journal
Facebook Inc. is in talks to acquire mobile-driving application Waze in a deal that could be worth as much as $1 billion, according to people with knowledge of the matter. While these people characterized the discussions as serious, a deal may still fall apart, ...

Google's Earth Engine: A stunning time-lapse view of the planet
Los Angeles Times
Much has happened to the planet since 1984, and now Google has come up with a way to have a spectacular, bird's-eye view of the changes. In partnership with the U.S. Geological Survey, NASA and Time magazine, Google has put together a website that ...

NSA releases how-to guide for Internet espionage
Fox News
Want to surf like a spy? On May 7, the nation's top spy agency released a guide to “Internet Research,” essentially a how-to book for its agents looking to get the most out of Google, Yahoo and other Web search tools. The guidebook, which was stamped “For ...

Ouya shipping date delayed until June 25
Washington Post
The Android-based game console and Kickstarter darling Ouya is pushing its general release date back a couple of weeks to meet high demand. In a company blog post, Ouya chief executive Julie Uhrman said the console's original early June launch date ...

How Internet Explorer 10 was inspired by iPad users
Ars Technica
Microsoft has been heavily promoting its touch-centric browser since the launch of Windows 8. Internet Explorer 10 features a "chrome-less" interface intended to remove browser distractions and keep the user focused on the content. It's also gesture enabled, ...

Years Underground, Hatching an Invasion
New York Times
From North Carolina to Connecticut, billions of creatures with eyes the color of blood and bodies the color of coal are crawling out of the earth. Periodical cicadas are emerging en masse, clambering into trees and singing a shivering chorus that can be heard ...

New York Times

Google Translate for Android Gets Phrase Syncing
PC Magazine
Google this week rolled out an update for its Translate for Android app, making commonly used translations more accessible on the go. Google Translate lets you save your favorite translations into a so-called Phrasebook, but until now there was no easy way ...

Nokia Lumia 521 sells in T-Mobile stores May 22
T-Mobile and Microsoft will sell the budget Windows 8 phone for $150; or grab it at Walmart for $20 less. Jessica Dolcourt. by Jessica Dolcourt May 9, 2013 9:40 AM PDT Follow @jdolcourt. Nokia's Lumia 520 is the cheapest Lumia yet in video. If you're itching ...

As 'World Of Warcraft' Bleeds Subscribers, Free-To-Play Is Already Winning The ...
The days of subscription-based and pay-to-play online games are numbered as free-to-play games take center stage. Activision Blizzard develops and publishes some of the most valuable IPs in the video game industry. World of Warcraft, Diablo III, Starcraft II ...

Water on Earth and Moon May Have Same Source
Water deep inside Earth and the moon may originate from the same source: ancient meteorites, scientists say. The findings hint that water may have existed on Earth before the giant impact the planet received that created the moon, and that the moon ...

How Syrian Electronic Army Unpeeled The Onion
Satire site The Onion has offered a glimpse into the techniques used by the Twitter account takeover artists known as the Syrian Electronic Army. The campaign launched by the hacktivist group wasn't complex, although it did involve several waves of attacks, ...

Samsung Galaxy S4 Edges Past HTC One
The stakes couldn't be much higher for HTC than they are right now. The One, HTC's flagship smartphone for 2013, launched last month to critical acclaim. Unfortunately for HTC, so did the Samsung Galaxy S4, the Korean phone maker's flagship device for ...

Power plants: Researchers explore how to harvest electricity directly from plants
Ramaraja Ramasamy,right, and Yogeswaran Umasankar work together to capture energy created during photosynthesis. Ramasamy is an assistant professor in the UGA College of Engineering and Umasankar is postdoctoral research associate working in ...

For $300, a Utah Company Can Recover Vanished Snapchats
For the millions of people who use Snapchat to send sexy messages and whatever else with impunity, this news should make them very, very nervous. On May 8, researchers at Decipher Forensics, a company in Orem, Utah, announced that they have figured ...

Mozilla Starts Doling Out Phones To Developers With Brilliant HTML5 App Ideas
Just a week after rolling out the latest version of its Firefox OS simulator, Mozilla has announced that it's offering a nifty new proposition to would-be FFOS developers. If you've got an idea for a killer HTML5 application and the technical chops (or at least the ...

8 Things Microsoft Should Fix In Windows Blue
Microsoft has been busy lately defending Window 8's honor, and for good reason. The din of user gripes, focused mostly on the new operating system's tile-oriented Modern interface, hasn't lessened much since Windows 8 launched last October. Industry ...

Candace Bushnell Hacked! Parts of Sex and the City Author's New Novel ...
E! Online
Candace Bushnell is suffering from an unfortunate case of premature publication. A hacker going by the (apt) pseudonym of Guccifer apparently broke into the email account, Twitter feed and website of the Sex and the City author and subsequently posted ...

E! Online

Facebook Phone Is Now Just 99 Cents - Mashable
This is not a good sign. Barely a month into the first "Facebook Phone's" life, the Facebook Home-sporting HTC First price has been slashed from $99.99 with a two year contract to just 99 cents with the same AT&T two-year agreement. AT&T's own web site ...

'Ring of Fire' Solar Eclipse: The Science of Today's Strange Celestial Event
A potentially dazzling ring-shaped solar eclipse today (May 9) will be a celestial show sure to amaze for those able to view it. Weather permitting, the passage of the moon in front of the sun will make the star look like a cosmic "ring of fire" for observers in ...

A one-way ticket to Mars? 78000-plus and counting apply by video
Los Angeles Times
Do you dream of living on Mars? Then turn on your webcam. You've got an application video to make. Mars One, a Netherlands-based group that wants to turn the colonizing of Mars into a reality television phenomenon, has started accepting applications for ...

Facebook exec who led Android initiatives leaving
SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) – The Facebook Inc. executive who led some of the social network's key mobile initiatives is leaving the company, it was announced Thursday. Bubba Murarka, who was head of product for the Android operating system at ...

Hubble Telescope Discovers 'Polluted' Dead Stars
Inside the Hyades cluster — a nearby collection of stars, 150 light-years away from Earth — the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has detected a pair of dead stars that are "polluted" with the stuff of planets like our own. "We have identified chemical ...

A case of mistaken identity: Big snail is beneficial, not bad
Houston Chronicle
A case of mistaken identity sparked a false alarm this week when word spread that the giant African snail - a voracious mollusk that poses a potential health threat to humans - had come to town. Turns out the big snail found in a Houston garden is beneficial, ...

Scientists Developing Glowing Plants
Voice of America
Could bioluminescent plants one day replace light bulbs? That is the goal of a group of California scientists who are looking to genetically engineer bioluminescent plants that could eventually be used as streetlights or bedside reading lamps. “We are using ...

Klout Experts Asks Members to Share Their Expertise
PC Magazine
Klout has served as a barometer of social media impact, calculating how much influence Justin Bieber or President Barack Obama have online. But what if you could tap into those peoples' expertise to get answers to important questions, like which mascara is ...

Microsoft Names Hood as New Finance Chief
Wall Street Journal
Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) named Amy Hood as its new chief financial officer, replacing Peter Klein as he prepares to leave the company next month. Ms. Hood, 41 years old, started working at Microsoft in late 2002 and currently serves as chief financial officer of ...

Brazilian 'Atlantis': Evidence of continent beneath the Atlantic - Digital Journal
A Japanese submersible has discovered a mass of granite rock structure beneath the Atlantic Ocean 900 miles off the coast of Rio De Janiero that could be evidence that a continent existed in the region that sank into the ocean millions of years ago. Scientists ...


Herschel finds hot gas surrounding the black hole at the heart of our Galaxy - Sen
Sen - Space exploration network
Artist's impression of the dense torus of gas and dust that orbits close within a few light years of the supermassive balck hole at the heart of our Milky Way galaxy. Image credit: ESA/C.Carreau. Click to view larger image. By Jenny Winder 09 May 2013 ...

Sen - Space exploration network

Morgan Stanley sees new iPhones by September
Morgan Stanley offers its latest take on the probability of new iPhones in the fall. Brooke Crothers. by Brooke Crothers. May 8, 2013 9:15 PM PDT Follow @mbrookec. Morgan Stanley chimed inWednesday with a note to investors about upcoming iPhone ...

Video games to keep guns, ditch gun makers
Fox News
With the nation bitterly debating gun violence and weighing gun control legislation, gun makers and video game developers are in the middle of a stand-off of their own. First-person shooters such as Medal of Honor, which depict very graphic violence and are ...

Spotify closes hole that allowed free music downloads
Music service Spotify has closed a flaw in its service that allowed free downloads from its song library through Google's Chrome browser. A Chrome extension called Downloadify appeared in the Chrome Web Store this week that took advantage of a hole in ...

Apple and Samsung tighten chokehold on mobile profits as others' hope fades
I knew things were bad for smartphone makers that weren't named Apple or Samsung, but I had no idea they were this bad. A new report out of Wall Street has a stunning conclusion: Not a single smartphone maker other than the two leaders made any profit ...
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