13 May 2013

New Google Play Games platform coming

Google going full-tilt gaming!--A Google-built alternative to Game Center on iOS and Games Hub on Windows Phone--

Google reportedly readying new Google Play Games platform
Massive update will make games on Android more social with multiplayer functionality and cloud syncing, according to code reviewed by the Android Police.  ...

'Google Play Games' uncovered as Android's home for invites ...
By Richard Lawler
A Google-built alternative to Game Center on iOS and Games Hub on Windows Phone surfaced last month, and we know even more about it. Android ... Amazon releases Amazon Cloud Drive Photos to compete with Apple Photo Stream ...
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Google Opens Up Push Messaging for Chrome, Chrome OS
PC Magazine
According to Google, the company is now allowing developers to make use the company's GoogleCloud Messaging for Chrome feature throughout all Chrome channels – a long and convoluted way to say that Google's finally unlocking push notifications ...

Windows 8 woes spark questions over Microsoft chief's future
Last October, Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer was striding across a stage in New York hailing Windows 8 as the start of “a new era” for the technology empire. In typically gung-ho fashion, the former salesman said he was willing to “bet the company” ...


Nokia, Verizon Prepare for Lumia 928 Smartphone Launch - eWeek
The Lumia 928 is available in white or black at Verizon Wireless stores and online beginning Thursday for $99 after a $50 mail-in rebate. Handset manufacturer Nokia announced the impending launch of the Lumia 928 smartphone, the latest installment in the ...

Google Plus struggles to attract brands, some neglect to update
Rival services from Twitter to Amazon.com Inc are increasingly competitive in vying for corporate attention and marketing budgets, while technical shortcomings of Google+ have put off some companies accustomed to the flexibility of Facebook, marketing ...

Apple Rumored to be Enhancing AppleCare
PC Magazine
New changes are in the works for AppleCare, Apple's helpful service and support plan that combines hardware warranties and technical support for product purchasers — can you say Genius Bar, anyone? And in a bit of a departure from the usual way this ...

Ice Cores Reveal Green Arctic: Scientific American Podcast: "Analyses of sediment cores show that Arctic summers 3.6 million years ago were a good 8 degrees C warmer than they are today, and supported Douglas Fir and hemlock. Sophie Bushwick reports."

Google Glass not out yet, and already banned
Indian Express
A pair of lens-less frames with a tiny computer attached to the right earpiece, Glass is promoted byGoogle as "seamless and empowering". It will have the ability to capture any chance encounter, from a celebrity sighting to a grumpy salesclerk, and ...

Protect your privacy on Google
Fox News
Alternative search sites DuckDuckGo and IxQuick parallel Google Search in features and performance, but don't collect any private information about you. Microsoft's Bing Maps is a good replacement for Google Maps. Try using the venerable Firefox Web ...

Rumor: Microsoft set-top box in prototype stage, supports Kinect ...
By Mike Suszek
With the next Xbox reveal just ten days away, it's as good a time as ever to revisit a report that dates back to November 2012: Microsoft's reported interest in developing a set-top box, or "Xbox TV." Anonymous sources recently told the Wall ...

Amazon Cloud Drive Photos Syncs Your iPhone's Camera Roll
By Shep McAllister
iPhone: Apple's Photo Stream, which automatically backs up and syncs your last 1000 photos for up to 30 days, is a boon for iPhone photographers, but Amazon just rolled out an app that tops it with lots of free storage.

Microsoft: That Windows 8 “New Coke” Analogy is Silly - AllThingsD
By John Paczkowski
Will the launch of Microsoft's forthcoming update to Windows 8 next month be the company's “New Coke” moment? Is its rumored plan to revive the traditional “Start” button it killed when it debuted Windows 8 a massive and humiliating reversal ...

Official Blog: We're going live from Google I/O
That's why we look forward to bringing Google developers together year after year at Google I/O, our annual developer conference. In one week, we'll welcome ...

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